“You said… you went to the first university in the kingdom? Teacher or James?”

In the campus, Sulu came to the final formalities, and also to say good-bye to friendly George.

And George’s face is exaggerating: “Is that James with the ice cheeks?”

“He’s all right.”

Sulu’s cynical laughed, feeling James’s subsequent attitude was very comfortable.

“You don’t know… he phased out all of our students except you, and there was a talented girl who was famous since he was a kid, who cried out.”

George’s face scares his face.


Sulu has this indifferent expression.

“And the James mentor, but a famous influential figure in the King’s capital, after coming to White Size, many high-ranking officers visited him… you wait.”

George suddenly showed a strange smile and ran back to the classroom.

Not long ago, silhouette, wearing school skirts, slipped back at the door.

But after a moment, it seems to finally inspire courage and come over.

It’s a doll like Kinny.

“Hello, Murphy. Congratulations on going to college.”

She disturbed her skirt: “Did I hear your mentor was James? That very influential gentleman?”

“Yes, bye!”

Sulu, with his forehead, looks forward to a lot of faces coming out of the window, with George.

Don’t worry, this message must have been put out by him.

“I’m not a child anymore, I’m so childish…”

He turned around and didn’t give Ginnie a chance to talk.

Needless to know, she certainly wants to ask for her father, and while she says, James, 80 per cent will promise, what is the point?

Look at his back, Ginny’s shoulder’s flying up.


Get out of the school door, George’s chasing out, and he says, “Why are you leaving?”


Sulu whispered his eyes, and after completing Murphy’s will, he looked at Kinny as a road man, so long as he couldn’t stand the way, he couldn’t even step on foot!

“I thought you might help her…”

George was suddenly silent: “As far as I know, Kinny’s father is in a bad position, and the family is bankrupt, and she’s probably out of school.”

Although he had previously denounced that woman with indignation, there was some sympathy at that time, after all being a teenager and being a classmate for so long.


Sulu shrugged’s bladder: “Are you going to consume my impression at James?”

“Murphy… you’ve changed.”

George’s ghost sighs a little bit.

Because I’m Sulu, not Murphy.

Sulu responded with a smile on his face: “People always change.”

That is why he left this place as soon as possible.

As for Joanni, the teenagers are lost, struck, and go to the new place, and make some changes that are not surprising, are they?

Black Rail Street, a cheap fast restaurant.

The Royal Investigator, the man named “bald”, sat on the couch chair and struck Harbour boringly.

In front of him, it’s local police officer John Sun, who’s enjoying black pepper sausage: “I don’t understand why you’re here.”

“Final list…”

The bald showed a smile: “The ‘righteous partner’ has no clue, but, although the possibility of passing through the case is high, the investigator’s instincts have left me free of any information… theoretically, every enemy of Claude Father and son has suspicion.”

“I don’t know if Claude has enemies who live on Black Rail Street… is he a worker in the factory?” John Sun puts the last roast in his mouth.

“No, the Rand Young Master, who recently had a special celebration, I like champagne!” I love bald lanes: “Although I visited his Teacher, he was not worth celebrating at all and deprived of the results of another student… Maybe the word ‘trade’ should be used.”

“You mean Murphy?”

John Johnson’s face is serious, apparently he doesn’t know anything about it: “I don’t think there’s anything suspicious about a teenager like that…”

“Bingo… this is your think-blind area, and my investigative experience tells me that no small possibility can be missed, of course, this may not be very small, so I put him in the end…”


bald angle has reached Silhouette, a teenager.

“You know, he has been recorded by the Royal Mechanical University, mentor or or James, and even the Administrator is going to visit influential figure… to pay attention to the impact.”

John Sun cough, remind me.

“Yeah, it’s a pity that we’re late, and if we take him into the black house for a while, or somewhat intimidating, and in my experience, this young man may say everything… Now, we have to take some trouble.”


bald stand up and say, “Don’t forget to settle the bill!”

“What are you going to do?” John Sun asks.

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen.”

The bald wore the jacket, walked into the streets and came up to that young man.


Sulu, who is preparing to go home, suddenly feels dangerous.

Even if the eyes are not spontaneous, they will be brought together to the man who affects him.

But the spin, he stopped his own instincts, and it was just a slight eye.

“The person who doesn’t know who I’m guilty is dead, and that’s only two possibilities, one of James’s enemies, and one of those who investigate Claude’s cases? The latter is more likely to be, and after all, I’m not even in school.”

At this moment Sulu decided to pretend to be a ordinary person.

next moment, he wiped his shoulders with that man, and the nose sounded like a furnace.

“Well, familiar and strange magic…”

Sulu’s heart is a stubborn, and he learns himself with bacon effects.

Spin, around the scene.

A woman with red lips suddenly pulled a dagger out of his bag and stabbed into his belly.

‘Oh, so I tested my fights? It’s not that creative.

Sulu looks forward to the lady.

That’s what nervous reactions and supersensors can do.

He tried to turn that hand off with a dagger, but Strength was not enough to move it slightly, looking forward to the dagger stabbing into his own belly.

“Ah, help me!”

Sulu fell on the ground, bleeding out.

Next second, everything around is getting dizzy again.

Sulu went back to the familiar streets, and suddenly there was a painful look on his face and fell down with his stomach.

At this point, his school uniform was clean and there was no wound or blood.

“Are you sick? My stomach hurts?”

And besides him, the woman with lipstick is concerned to go down and ask her.

“No, don’t come near me.”

Sulu’s face is shining out of horror, scaring even to run away.

“Nice reaction, unfortunately, but the consciousness and Strength are too bad.”

Horn position, bald shake head, turn around.

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