Transcendent Journey Chapter 868


The old continent is the easternmost, adjacent to the “wall of the world”, the desert kingdom of Heymar, which guards the passage of western countries and the Peacock Islands.

The royal capital-ancient city Medina, sand dune palace.

In the expansive cluster of palaces, the huge white circular dome, pointed arched doors and windows, and sophisticated decorations with intricate patterns make this cluster of palaces solemn and varied, majestic and elegant.

Compared with the architectural art of Western countries, it is full of exotic style.

The current King Melvin II, wearing the Golden King crown, is sitting high on the throne, which is luxurious but looks old, holding a can of black liquid and concentrating on it.

With a serious look, it seems that he wants to see the black and smelly stuff.

Even if the prime minister was standing in front of the throne, bowing and reporting to him, he did not ask him to raise his eyelids:

“Your Majesty, although the domestic situation is still stable, many of the same sect countries within the diocese of the most holy ‘Bright Starry Night’ have been in turmoil.

And after the winter, the deceived civilians not only did not calm down, but became more and more troublesome, you see…”

Speaking of this, the Prime Minister’s face couldn’t help but show embarrassment.

Two hundred years ago.

The Kingdom of Heymar at the time was undoubtedly at the peak period of history, and it was also the first power of the origin continent.

Because it controls the only road trade channel with the Eastern Peacock Islands, many more western continent countries have to rely on it for tea, spices, porcelain and other daily necessities.

Both the territory and the Shadow Transformation are much stronger than they are now.

But today, 22 relatively independent countries and regions have formed from the original vast territory.

Only influenced by the belief of the “Starry Night Religion”, they have a unified language, a unified culture and customs, and they also have close political, economic, cultural, and religious ties.

In the “democratic torrent” at this time, this area that has received a lot of assistance from the lowlands has also become a hard-hit area. The royal families of many countries have turned to the center of the “Bright Starry Night” diocese-Heymar The Kingdom sent a letter for help.

After listening to the Prime Minister’s report, the Elder King gave an “um” and looked towards a youngster behind the Prime Minister.

A handsome young woman with golden long hair, a pair of crystal glasses on the bridge of his nose, diamond earrings, shiny lip rings, gemstone arm rings, and gold ankle rings are all available, even ten fingers They were all covered with rings.

Such a distinctive decoration is the official Peak wizard who is now in charge of international docking affairs, and it is also Prince Aliyi.

“Your Majesty, through the previously signed ‘Golden Pound Bundling Agreement’, the [High Pressure Steam Gun] that Garrett Your Majesty previously traded to us is enough for the ‘Hump Knight’ of the Guardian Capital to complete the changeover.

At least there is no problem with maintaining the stability of the kingdom.

It’s just that you still need to sign the package agreements that are said to be able to cure the root cause. Even when necessary, Garrett Your Majesty is willing to come to consult with you in person. “

Melvin II did not directly reply to him, but first glanced at the beautiful dancers around him who were responsible for dressing himself.

All of them are lithe and graceful, with cool and sexy clothes.

A short red blouse interlaced into pieces. The lower body is a red dance skirt made of light and transparent tulle. The waist of the highly slit gauze skirt falls below the belly button and above the hips, just showing the soft and slender waist. .

Of course.

Although these dancers are beautifully dressed, they are traditional desert styles and cannot be dazzled.

It’s just that every dancer’s slender and straight legs are wrapped in a layer of shiny fabric to conceal subtle imperfections and line up the perfect curve of the legs.

Seeing the beauty of this, only trifling is the official Knight strength, and the old king who has been “worked” all the year round, can’t help but feel enthusiastic in his heart.

Slowly raised the pot of thick black liquid in his hand.

“It’s really a magical technology that can turn stones into gold.

Although the huge benefits of the “Peacock Islands” are gone forever, most of the underground of the “Bright Starry Night” parish, this kind of “black gold” like the night sky is Goddess’s new gift and a brand new future for the kingdom what!

Aliyi, my son, reply to Garrett Your Majesty, I agree to the “Monarch’s Shield Project”. “


The new continent in winter There are scattered snowflakes in the north, but the beautiful white schwanstein castle is warm as spring.

“gē gē gē, realize it!”

“You should be awakened, take the move!”

pu! pu! pu!…

After soaking in the hot spring in the luxurious bathroom of White Swan Castle, Livina, Anita, and Olivia wore the same thin white nightdresses and played a pillow fight on the luxurious bed in Anita’s room.

It seems that all the turbulence on the old continent has nothing to do with them.

Of course, it is not that they are heartless, unaware that there is a crisis behind the continuous expansion of democratic influence.

But because the sense of crisis is the same as the sense of happiness, they are both contrasted. Earnest and well-meant advised 10,000 words of persuasion is not as good as letting them suffer the last boring loss.

This move Ivan was used once during the “spiritual tide” period. Based on the comparison between the Safety Sector and the region where the “spiritual tide” is raging, the people’s sense of belonging is greatly enhanced, and it is easier to attract foreign populations.


Although the monarchs of several countries were ousted from power, this situation is not only for the “Eye of Wealth”, but also for their monarchs or members of the royal family.

Such a disturbance in the lowlands is more conducive for them to tap potential allies.

“Melvin II agreed? Yes, not bad, a dying, starved camel is still bigger than a horse. Heymar’s overall strength is still the top six in the world and there is no problem.

The gold pound is linked to their oil, lying at home, there is an endless stream of small money, happy! gē gē gē …”

Livina was arguing with Anita and Olivia, while chatting with Ivan who was still working overtime in the study.

Previously, in response to the doomed “democratic torrent”.

After discussing with Goddess, the two of them mainly launched the “Monarch’s Shield Project”, also called the “Royal Power Reform Project”.

Nowadays, facing the increasingly fierce, “democratic torrent” that is about to change overnight, everyone in the world’s main feudal monarchy is in danger.

The time has come to implement the plan.

For those feudal dynasties, the top-level design of the country was re-designed like the tulip countries. Although it was difficult, it was not impossible.

Because in the “Royal Power and Navigation Goddess”, “Royal Power” does not mean “totalitarian”. It was not in the past, it is not now, and it will not be in the future.

Take the most typical representative-Falitis Kingdom.

After hundreds of years of active and passive adjustments and adaptive reforms.

The ruling class of this country has become the queen and a large group of interest groups that share the same ideals and goals with her.

It’s just that the queen controls most of the armed forces, uses human rights, rewards and punishments, and acts as the substantive head of state.

Contrast with the “democratic state” established by bourgeois and bankers.

The countries of the “Tulip Alliance” after the reform are currently adopting the model of “big government and small society”.

As the agent of [Royal Power], the government manages more, but it also assumes more responsibilities, especially in the field of people’s livelihood, which is clearly opposed to all domestic capital that is on par with money.

In the country established by the bourgeoisie, the model of “small government and big society” is adopted. The power of the government is relatively weak. The big capitalists can more accurately say that the “eye of wealth” is the master of this country.

The people are a crop of leeks that have been cut off. If they can’t create value for the capitalists, they have no meaning!

Therefore, if you want to fight against the absolutely self-interested [capital] and the “democratic torrent”, it is useless to be reasonable.

You reason with him, he plays hooligans with you; you play hooligans with him, he talks to you about the legal system; you talk to him about the legal system, and he talks about politics with you…

In response to that sentence, “If you are poor, don’t force it!”

At present, in the entire material world, the only incumbent monarchs with fourth rank are Ivan and Livina, plus the [Royal Power and Navigation Goddess], which is the natural banner in [Royal Power].

They have a long lifespan and are already detached. They have enough mind and courage to not compare the worldly wealth, and understand the relationship between social wealth redistribution and long-term stability.

He was also a well-deserved leader of many feudal kings in the Imperial court.

And those monarchs that everyone is in danger are their potential allies.

The “Monarch’s Shield Project” proposed by the two is not complicated, but it hits the key to “democracy”.

Through the establishment of a “mutually beneficial and win-win” world joint monarchy-[Monarchy’s Shield], it provides protection for many monarch countries and turns them into “stability anchors” in the “democratic vortex”.

Then, we will fight against the “democratic torrent” in the three aspects of religion (divine royal power), economic method (social wealth redistribution), and power (transcender) to ensure the continuous rule of [king power].

The political culture of “respect for gods-loyalty-order” has always been the mainstream value of monarchy countries.

At the same time.

In terms of economy, take the Kingdom of Heymar as an example.

With the rise of the oil industry and the internal combustion engine in the new continent, Duchy also gave them huge oil orders.

A large number of large-scale enterprises, mines, land and other state-owned assets related to the people’s livelihood form land rent income and maintain state expenditures.

It’s the same as the agricultural tax that a large industrial country has already despised.

Some people have already proposed not to levy taxes on citizens, or even set up no taxation department at all, forming a situation of “no taxation and no representation”, completely breaking the foundation of so-called “democracy”.

Of course, there is a reward for what you pay. Joining the tulip-led international gold pound system is just one of the thresholds.

“To be honest, we also want to thank the lowland for assists.”

“Well, indeed, at least Vulcan’s arms are selling well now!”

“The same goes for the kingdom, gē gē gē …”


After all, Livina does not have the ability of Ivan doing two things at the same time.

When I was chatting with Ivan about private messages, it was a distraction that was knocked down on the bed by Anita with a goose feather pillow, and took the opportunity to hug the slender waist of Olivia next to him.

“hahaha …”

After making a fuss, Olivia took the small bottle from the night spirit maid.

“The lotion produced by’Sekhmet’ is super good for your skin, elder sister, let me wipe it for you.”

In this world, of course, women’s business is the most profitable. Various cosmetics, lotions, lipsticks… are the most profitable section of biomedical companies.

In contrast, the restricted sales of [active enzyme preparations] are not comparable.

“Hesse, give me a try too!”

“Don’t give, don’t give…”

“I advise you to do it yourself, don’t force me to beg you!”

Livina grabbed the girl’s ankle with her backhand, scratching her pink feet.

“hahaha, I give, I give,…”

I don’t know what I touched, but the Queen Your Majesty suddenly cry out in surprise:

“Wow! Little Hessie, usually not showing the mountains and not revealing the water, didn’t expect it, Ivan …gē gē gē …”

“Hate, elder sister, save me!”

“Hahaha, don’t be afraid of Hersie, I’m here! Wow, Wella’s is even better!”


The connection did not break, and Ivan, who was sitting alone in the study, suddenly raised his ears.

pa! pa!

After a trembling of the flowers, the elder sister, the most powerful adult giant dragon military force, suppressed them all and patted their ass.

“oh he he he ….”

Afterwards, Wenxiang Nephrite hugged left and right, kissed this side once, and then kissed the other side again. It is really complacent and happy (brain supplement).

Ivan looked at the cold study next to him, feeling sad.

Well, in fact, it’s jealousy that has made me completely different, and the overtime dog splits!

“cough cough, don’t forget that tomorrow is the day when our first generation of Wireless Electronics is tested.

The “God of Music and Opera”, newspapers, theaters… are all clouds. New media broadcasting and remote instant messaging will be the position of Garrett in the future. “

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