Transcendent Journey Chapter 869


2nd day afternoon.

Although Tiangong is a bit unsightly.

The sporadic snow last night has evolved into big snowflakes.


But for Ivan, it was nothing. He just waved his hand gently, like a eraser, and had wiped out the plume that covered half of the duchy on the top of his head.

Except for Anita and Livina.

Also led a group of wizards in Duchy, including “Life Tree School”, “Mechanical Immortal School”, Witches, and Garrett National University engineering students and professors, gathered on a small hill in Long Island .

However, until near the evening, the scheduled test time.

A group of [Electrical Engineers] who have graduated from the Garrett National University Engineering Department, finally brow beaded with sweat to complete the last debugging of the signal transmitting equipment located in Yuanfanling, and send a signal for completion.

Ivan watched the whole process without intervening.

In order to continue to replicate and grow the future “electric age trend”, it is still tolerable to temporarily sacrifice a little time for military training.

“Wireless Electronics technology” is a technology that propagates signals through Wireless Electronics waves. The principle is that changes in the current strength in the conductor will generate Wireless Electronics waves.

Using this phenomenon, information can be loaded into the Wireless Electronics wave through modulation technology.

When the electric wave propagates through space and reaches the receiving end, the change of the electromagnetic field caused by the electric wave will generate electric current in the conductor. Then the demodulation technology is used to extract the information from the current changes to achieve the purpose of information transmission.

This is an extremely practical and important branch of electric power. Ivan from the information age knows the hidden power behind it!


Then Ivan took out a suitcase the size of it, which seemed to be an exquisite wooden box made of brass and walnut, and placed it on the ground. It was an enlarged version of…radio.

Wireless Electronics wavelength can be divided into: long wave, medium wave, short wave, ultra short wave, microwave.

Ivan adopted the shortwave broadcasting mode of the AM system.

Because there is an “ionosphere” in the planet atmosphere.

It can resemble a mirror, refracting the Wireless Electronics wave that is emitted at the speed of light back to the surface, instead of going straight to space, and also allows radio stations that are far away to communicate with each other.

In the “short wave” frequency band, the ionosphere in the atmosphere can reflect relatively stably.

Moreover, short-wave penetration is strong, and it is not easy to be interfered. After the signal is reflected by the ionosphere, it can propagate hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away.

Therefore, shortwave broadcasting is suitable for far-area broadcasting, and can even be used as international broadcasting, which has extremely high strategic value.

Even the time and space of Ivan is generally considered by engineers as the most effective way to transmit information on a large scale worldwide, safe, cheap and fast.

However, shortwave broadcasting is mainly based on “sky wave” propagation. Affected by atmospheric conditions, the propagation distance at night is much longer than during the day.

Since it is the first test, of course the most convenient conditions must be created.

Turn on the knob of the radio, and there is only a low electric tone inside.

Ivan took a look at the time, and said gently through [Spirit net network]:

“Hesse, the test begins.”

At the same time.

Located on the top floor of the Orange Leaf Fort of the Emore family in the southern far sail, next to the towering signal transmission tower and special radio equipment, there has been a black piano that seems to be expensive to build.

Nymphs and Olivia mothers and daughters, wearing the same dark Ye Xingkong-like one-shoulder evening gown, with slender necks and slender arms, are already sitting side by side by the piano.

Looking at each other, he lifted the slender jade hand and tapped lightly on the black and white keys made of ivory.


In the eyes of Ivan on Long Island, a radio wave broke through the air, and then a moving piano melody sounded on the radio.

Beep, bang, bang…

It seems to be a cool moonlight flowing quietly among the mountains and forests.

That was “Moonlight”, the third song of “Bergamo Suite” by the music master Akhil Crowder.

In fact, when the first note is sounded, it means that the first Wireless Electronics broadcast test in human history has been successful.

However, the wizards, students, and technicians all seemed to have forgotten the original intention of this trip. Elder sister and Livina both closed their eyes slightly and reveled in the beautiful music.

A picture of silence and moonlight slowly unfolded in everyone’s hearts. There are paintings in the tunes, tunes in the paintings, tunes are flowing time and space, and paintings are instantaneous scenes that are frozen.

Before their marriage, Nymph and Olivia were both born of Eldest Miss from a noble family, and their artistic qualities were impeccable. It is indeed fiercely that raised the overall artistic level of the Garrett family.

Well, if they have one.

At this time.

Even though there is a distance of thousands of kilometers between the two sides, the audience seems to be sitting at the same piano, holding their breath and listening quietly, for fear of disturbing their performance.

It’s so overwhelming that people forget even the applause.

This is probably where the charm of art and radio is superimposed, and the fusion of the two has produced a qualitative change.

Even the revisited Ivan is somewhat intoxicated.

Although there are many magic items that are more magical than radios, this thing is a technological creation that can be replicated infinitely using basic materials such as brass, steel, wood, and so on.

The most terrifying thing is not the radio itself, but the scale effect behind it.

The whole village, old and young, all carrying horses and surrounding a box on the threshing floor, seemed to reappear in front of Ivan’s eyes.

Then scrambled to accept their own values ​​instilled, determined to become a loyal supporter of [King Power].

In contrast, theaters, newspapers, concert halls, bards with various inherent defects… are not even worthy of shoes.

In addition.

There are no obstacles to the technological advancement.

If the short wave is replaced by microwave, and the seagulls of the [Spirit Net Network] are used as relay stations, the signal strength can be quickly increased and converted into ultra-long-range high-quality military signals.

At the end of the song, the lingering sound of the beautiful piano still echoes in the night sky.

pa! pa! pa!…

After came back to his senses, the wave of applause had obliterated the hillside, and Nymph and Olivia walking out of the air on the light butterfly holding hands.

Livina is most excited.

A series of subversive activities in the Lowlands Republic has been enough to prove:

As a medium for disseminating information and a communication channel for exerting influence, “media” plays a key role in shaping national soft power and international power. No matter how good it is, it is not as good as it is said.

The “right to speak” is truth, knowledge and power!

“Wireless Electronics Broadcasting”, the influence of the birth of this new media, is absolutely topped by several “Gods of Music and Opera”!

At this moment.

xiu! xiu! xiu! Shoo!

The four streams of light suddenly crossed the horizon.

Angie sounded in Ivan’s heart with excitement:

“teacher, I think you’d better take a look at this!”

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