Tribulation of Myriad Clans Chapter 921


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Su Yu is still very decisive.

He made up his mind, and few people can change it. Besides, he doesn’t think Heaven Supervising Marquis will help him with 28 channels. The strength of Destiny with 28 channels, the stronger Destiny, once it collapses, it will be better for Su Yu. The greater the impact.

Someday Heaven Supervising Marquis will be super-class. When it reaches 32, the opponent may collapse and Su Yu will suffer an incomparably colossal loss!


At the insistence of Su Yu’s.

I was still observing the Human Sovereign of Civil King Heaven and Earth in the Lower World. At this moment, Human Sovereign suddenly changed his face. Next moment, his body began to rise up!

Followed by, the breath is much stronger.

strength of Destiny, can’t bring direct strength in strength, but Human Sovereign is already strong. Just In a flash, the injury was suddenly healed by oneself!

Human Sovereign was disconcerted, what did Su Yu do?

At this moment, the Civil King who has just completed the integration of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth is still a bit unstable. Feeling the change in the breath of Human Sovereign, I can’t help but raise his eyebrows: “Dao 31?”

Recovery is much faster.

Human Sovereign was originally strong, but the injury was too heavy that year. It was not easy to recover to 30 channels before. In the blink of an eye, he actually recovered to 31 channels, and obviously the child is continuing to recover.

Human Sovereign nodded, I just wanted to say something.

a person’s shadow shot through space and arrived here!

In a flash, a golden strength of Destiny flooded into Civil King Heaven and Earth. The Heaven and Earth that Civil King had just merged, was originally turbulent, but at this moment, it began to calm down instantly.

Help the Civil King quickly merge the two Heaven and Earth!

Civil King had some Great Dao who had not been able to fuse before, and they are all fusing now.

Civil King hurriedly looked towards the person, with something strange.

And Heaven Supervising Marquis, at this moment, is also a little sluggish, slightly bowed: “On the order of Your Majesty the Cosmos Sovereign, send a strength of Destiny to several adults!”

In the past, he was also a subordinate of Civil King, and it was the Civil King who transformed his spirit.

And today, he is no longer the Heaven Supervising Marquis of the year.

Strength of Destiny blends in, and the Civil King breath is firm.

Soon, two Golden Dragons flew out of Heaven Supervising Marquis again.

Human Sovereign said hurriedly: “What do you do?”

Heaven Supervising Marquis did not speak, and the two Destiny Golden Dragons went straight to Martial King and Wen Yu.


When a Golden Dragon enters the Martial King within the body, the Martial King instantly digests all the Great Dao that it had swallowed, and instantly reaches 32 breaths, a Great Dao, directly incorporated into the body, that is from Su Yu Oneself within the body is included in Heaven and Earth!

Martial King was surprised and looked towards Heaven Supervising Marquis.

Wen Yu was also integrated by Destiny Golden Dragon, In the blink of an eye, after the previous swallowing of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth was a bit unstable, and it was instantly stabilized at this moment.

Strength of Destiny cannot help you directly improve, but it is a good thing to help you stabilize Heaven and Earth. It helps digestion and integration, and it is also very smooth.

How strong is Su Yu Destiny?

Simple Destiny has formed the Heaven Supervising Marquis of 28 powers.

Integrate Myriad Worlds Destiny in one!

I don’t know if it’s the real choice of the times, or someone deliberately plot against, and Su Yu doesn’t care about all of this, and it’s useless for me to plot against, the strength of Destiny is half away!

Human Sovereign couldn’t bear from saying :”Supervising Heaven, what about Su Yu?”

What is that guy?

Is it bad to integrate Destiny?

Why disperse Destiny?

Heaven Supervising Marquis bowed: “Your Majesty will be here soon, there is still a task to humble, let me say goodbye first, and a few adults forgive me!”

The words are over, instantly vanished, it seems to have entered the Death Spirit Domain.

Civil King several people, could not help looking at each other, Civil King suddenly said: “It feels…some of the depression and black fog in my heart have disappeared!”

Human Sovereign nodded slightly, frowned: “It was indeed touched by someone!”

Someone definitely made some tricks on their Destiny during their Peak moment. .

Good at strength of Destiny…Do you do it?

Normal person, who doesn’t have the ability to do things on Human Sovereign.

He looked at Civil King: “How?”

Civil King nodded slightly: “We barely reached 34 channels. The Heaven and Earth opened inside the Heavenly Gate is too weak to stack up!”

He created a Heaven inside the door is too late. You know, Heaven and Earth outside the door has 32 powers. Create a Heaven inside the door, he also has the calamity of create a Heaven, stone Suppression is catastrophe.

As a result, Heaven and Earth was brought back. After fusion, it barely reached 34 that’s all.

Same as Wen Yu on the side.

After Wen Yu came back, there was no improvement. Her Tome of Time was the Yang Sector Dao. Even if the two heavens were united before, it was just one belonging to the Dharma, and had long been integrated with her.

The two siblings are quite equal at this moment.

Martial King also entered the 32nd channel.

Human Sovereign suddenly a forlorn sigh: “We have been squandering for many years. Until today, we have made up for the things we missed in the past…”

The essential is, it’s not completely made up by them oneself, but Su Yu is the main contribution.

Civil King nodded slightly.

suddenly looked at far away, looked towards the land of hell.


A Life and Death’s power seemed to penetrate the World Barrier. At this moment, a torrent of strength of Heaven began to rise up, and a loud voice to spread throughout: “What? Who asked you to give this Eminence strength of Destiny’s? fucking bastard!”

hong long!

There was another deafening noise, next moment, Heaven Supervising Marquis was hit and flew directly, penetrated the World Barrier, flew back to Myriad Worlds with a whistle, and after a while, penetrated Myriad Worlds and flew to Upper World.


Lord of Death Spirits coldly snorted sounded, and soon the torrent of strength of Heaven disappeared!


Human Sovereign several people looked at each other, Su Yu, this guy, even this one was given away.

And this one’s strength… is really terrifying!

Civil King looked towards Human Sovereign :”Your Peak Period…”

“No enemy! Far from enemy!”

Human Sovereign shook his head directly: “He probably has 39 powers, or even close to 40 powers! The real All-Heavens Overlord level existence! Although I was about to enter 36 channels back then, I was actually hit by plot without success. against ……”

Civil King nodded slightly, and said: “Do you have any way to recover quickly?”

Human Sovereign has now recovered to 31 channels very quickly.

However, the injury was too serious.

Civil King frowned: “Why was it hurt like this back then?”

A top-level person exists and almost died!

Such injuries are too serious!

Even if Human Sovereign merged Heaven and Earth, to merge with a Great Dao, and transformed into Spirit of Heaven and Earth, he has not recovered to Peak until now.

“Luck is too bad.”

Human Sovereign didn’t say much, it’s useless to say it.

Speaking of this, said quickly: “If you want to recover, there is still a way, Myriad Daos Stone!”

Civil King look in ones eyes slightly shifted: “How to say?”



“Wait for Su Yu to come, so I don’t say it twice!”


Civil King watched him, just so silently looked at, you have changed!

Back then, the boss of my family trusted me so much, he would tell me everything and let me give him ideas.

Now, he has changed his heart!

On the side, Martial King looked at the boss, and then at the second, without saying a word.

Wen Yu, touched the head of Fat Ball’s dog who was still sleeping, and didn’t say a word, oneself big brother…It seems that his status has declined!


Human Sovereign ignored it, looked at the Old Brothers behind him, opened one’s mouth and said: “There are some brothers, the Great Dao’s strength in Heaven and Earth is not strong, should I move to your side?”

At this moment, enhancing everyone’s strength is also the essential.

Although the top-level expert is the essential to determine the fate, but at the critical moment, someone has an advantage at the Lord of Law level, and it may also cause some changes in the battle.

Civil King nodded. In the early years, he wanted to hide Heaven and Earth and give the enemy an ambush. Now his situation is almost completely exposed, and it doesn’t make much sense to hide.

The two were talking, a shadow suddenly appeared.

Like teleporting!

It seems to be transferred here directly from Chaos.

Civil King was slightly startled, Human Sovereign was also an accident, very quickly said with a smile: “You are…35 times?”

Su Yu nodded slightly.

“No wonder!”

Human Sovereign said with a smile: “I said Supervising Heaven is so powerful.”

Speaking, opened one’s mouth and said: “Strength of Destiny, you gave me points, dislike oneself Destiny is too flourishing?”

Su Yu, this guy actually divided him more than once, he also divided him last time, but his Destiny is still growing rapidly, it seems that he is really gathering Myriad Worlds Destiny, this guy is a typical Child of Destiny!

Human Sovereign and their Peak period are actually not as prosperous as Su Yu Destiny.

Destiny’s prosperity is reflected in many aspects.

For example, Su Yu can often turn good times when bad things happen, create a Heaven smoothly, plot against smoothly, and can often avoid exposure when it may be exposed. These are enough to change the entire battle.

Su Yu laughed: “Destiny is not strength. When it comes to our level, does it still depend on luck? One point of luck, three points plot against, six points of strength!”

Speaking, took a look at several people, said with a small laugh: “Congratulations!”

After this time Heavenly Gate returns, everyone’s strength has improved.

Su Yu has the fastest improvement, it goes without saying.

Civil King is much stronger than the door, Martial King finally succeeded, and Human Sovereign is also vaguely fast enough to be super.

Human Sovereign sighed with emotion: “Thanks to you!”

“It’s not me alone!”

Su Yu started to laugh: “Actually, the main core of this time is two people, one is Lord of Death Spirits and the other is Qiong! Qiong, but the contribution of Human Sovereign, has little to do with me.”

Don’t look at Human Sovereign. Actually, without his efforts, I want to play Combat Achievement like this, impossible!

Human Sovereign is the existence of terrifying!

Even now, Su Yu feels so.

A 36 expert who was influenced by Heaven and Earth through him, this one is really terrifying.

But even so, this one was actually plotted against by someone.

This means that plot against his people is more terrifying!

Human Sovereign looked at all around and didn’t say anything. He pointed to Civil King Heaven and Earth, “His Heaven and Earth boots are too stinky. Go out and find a place to sit and talk about the next thing. .”

For Su Yu seclusion to leave the customs in one day, he was not surprised.

Hey, it’s weird to be free!

Civil King also laughed, boots Heaven and Earth? smelly?

It’s better if you go further!

Although Human Sovereign said that he would not give it to him now, he was also afraid that he would forcibly give it to oneself.

Su Yu nodded slightly: “Go to Human Realm, I haven’t returned to Human Realm for some time!”

The entire group is nodded at the same time.

next moment, a few people instantly vanished on the spot.


At the point where Su Yu and the others, they don’t need to go to the Human Realm Connecting Dao, they just move forcibly and instantly merge into Human Realm.

Speaking of Human Realm, Su Yu is more familiar with it.

For too many years, they have never returned. Human Realm is already the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, which is completely different from the past!

In a flash.

Su Yu appeared above the Southern Origin town.

Civil King took a look, somewhat familiar, but it was only familiar with geographical location. In fact, Southern Origin today is completely different from his time.

“Southern Origin ……”

He was in Human Realm and was also named the Southern King. He lived in Southern Origin, and Starfall Mountain in the distance was his mansion.

Wen Yu also missed a little, took a look at Starfall Mountain in the distance, opened one’s mouth and said: “Is my house moved away?”

Su Yu nodded: “It was necessary to suppress the River of Time Connecting Dao that I got through, so I needed treasure to suppress it!”

Speaking, Su Yu looked at them: “The copy of Tome of Time fell on Starfall Mountain that day and was picked up by my father. Star followed my father back to Southern Origin town, and I was there. At that time, I was forcibly integrated into Tome of Time by the star!”

Wen Yu is a little strange: “You father, can I meet you?”

Su Yu smiled: “Why, suspect that my father has a problem?”

Wen Yu said while thinking: “It doesn’t count, but my Tome of Time was originally from the Xing Yu big brother, but he suddenly flew back here. It’s actually not normal! As for the stars…”

Wen Yu said while thinking: “There may also be some problems.”

Su Yu looked at Human Sovereign: “Is there a problem with Great Zhou King?”

Human Sovereign knows what Su Yu is guessing, and think about it: “I don’t think he has a problem, it’s really hostile. My fleshly body has been hidden in Human Mountain for many years, and it’s been solved by him. If you rise to the initial stage, he will kill It’s you!”

Su Yu nodded, this is the truth.

However, the integration of Tome of Time does have some problems.

Su Yu didn’t say anything. The historical remains, fake historical remains, and Civilization historical remains that stepped into this place were created by Su Yu and Wan Tiansheng together, and now they have become one of the real Sacred Lands of Human Realm.

The entire group stepped in one after another. Several Human Realm experts guarding the door didn’t feel anything at all.


Find a place and sit down.

Su Yu looked towards Wen Yu, Not just him, everyone else all of them looked at Wen Yu, Wen Yu was speechless, still took out some wine and dishes, depressingly said: “I didn’t eat oneself!”

Su Yu said with a smile: “It’s not good to eat too much, eat less!”

Civil King and Human Sovereign are both laughed.

Martial King was also grinned, and by the way, I continued to write a diary. Today, it must be a very memorable day. Su Yu, the boss, and the second are all joined!

“Has the lone cultivators solved?”

Su Yu spoke, Wen Yu shook his head: “No, a group of people have died, and many people have been sealed in Heaven and Earth!”

Su Yu started to laugh: “The guy in the Heavenly Gate… is really afraid of death, unless death is imminent! With so many lone cultivators, I really dare to punch, there are more than 25 of them, you still It may not be able to suppress them!”

Wen Yu nodded, this is true.

Thirty-four is strong, much stronger than 31.

However, there were hundreds of lone cultivators and many experts in the forbidden area of ​​the law. As a result, no one dared to attack. After a few of them were killed instantly, the rest of the people were behaved.

Without the backbone, and all of them don’t want to die, they are quietly waiting inside Wen Yu’s Heaven and Earth.

“Human Dao Sacred Land, I don’t know if anyone has come, mixed into lone cultivators?”

Su Yu laughed, waved a hand, Dharma and Sun and Moon appeared, Sun and Moon Su Yu did not give them, Dharma, a source flew to the Civil King them, Su Yu opened one’s mouth and said: “Fa Here, I don’t care! Yourselves handle it!”

In the air, the silhouette of Dharma emerged, with some helplessness.

Wen Yu has been trapped for countless years, and today, he has become a prisoner of the opponent!

Wen Yu didn’t say much, just grabbed the method and stuffed it into the entrance of oneself Heaven and Earth, “Find out the people from Human Dao Sacred Land among the lone cultivators, I can consider not killing you!”

The law was quickly stuffed into Heaven and Earth by her.

Human Sovereign just watched and didn’t say anything. When they finished processing these, they opened one’s mouth and said: “I’ll talk about Myriad Daos first! Back then, Lord of Time created a Heaven and created a Heaven, some Great Daos feels that it is too rich and condensed into Myriad Daos stone! And these stones, almost all fell into the door! Because the door is Chang He’s Foundation Laying!”

“The Myriad Daos stone formed during the create a Heaven period is called the Myriad Daos source stone!”

“There is also a Myriad Daos stone. Over the years, the River of Time has flowed, and the power of myriad Daos has gathered, separated, and then gathered… a pure Myriad Daos power, which is called Myriad Daos Laws!”

Human Sovereign continued to say: “According to the information I have received, there are people in Dimen who want to cooperate with Lord of Chaos, and Lord of Chaos made a request, hoping to get Myriad Daos stone, and the two sides will conduct a transaction!”

A few people silently listened with rapt attention.

Human Sovereign said again: “However, I have waited for many days and there is no result!”

He solemnly said: “Myriad Daos stone is very strong! Very precious! If the other party wants to trade, he or she will directly bring it out of the door and enter the door to trade! Otherwise, he will pass some cultivation. Cultivator, teleport… However, even if teleport, such a powerful treasure can’t be teleported by anyone!”

Su Yu silently listened, Civil King thought for a while: “Boss meant that the two sides have not completed the transaction until now, so they want to cut off?”

Human Sovereign nodded: “Yes! But, it’s also possible… This thing has been taken by Lord of Chaos, but I didn’t find out. Since the other party dared to trade, I also considered whether I would discover it, maybe Some powerful guys, such as Human Ancestor, opened the door and sent treasure directly?”

Human Ancestor!

Su Yu said at this moment: “According to the law, Human Ancestor may not be willing to serve for Renmen! Back then, for Renmen, perhaps because of poor strength or other reasons… But at this moment, he may not be I am willing!”

Human Sovereign nodded: “There is such a possibility! Now that I have talked about this, and also talked about the Myriad Daos stone, then I will tell you about the current situation in Dimen!”

“The gate of the earth was opened in the past, and the battle with Era of Heaven-Creation resulted in heavy losses. A large number of ancient Chaos ancient beasts were killed in the battle… In fact, there is also Human Clan in the gate of the earth! Before Heaven was created, there are also Human Clan’s. Exist, otherwise, there is no Myriad Worlds Human Clan!”

“Now, Lord of Chaos dominates the entire gate!”

He looked towards Civil King: “I didn’t fight Lord of Chaos directly. The second one had a fight with him. Tell me, how strong is he?”

Civil King said: “Very strong!”

he rapidly said: “If it is not strong, I would not give up the direct attack back then, but the moment I entered the gate, I was sensed by him. In fact, I didn’t fight very much. I played a few moves across some distance. , He was struck back…According to my judgment, he was probably 35 Dao or 36 Dao power, the specific is not clear. Because he didn’t really fight!”

Human Sovereign opened one’s mouth and said: “There is a high probability of 36 powers. I was actually outside Guardian back then. I felt the pressure, and that guy also felt my presence, so he will soon retreat! Somewhat dreaded , But it’s not so good that we can’t beat us…so it should be 36!”

Speaking, Human Sovereign continued to say: “Now, among the gates of the earth, the three powers are the strongest! First, Lord of Chaos! Second, Human Ancestor! Third, Hell!”

“The expert of the Dimen, many died, the super-class is almost pretty much dead…Now, these people are super-class, similar to the Lord of the Forbidden Land in the Heavenly Gate!”

“However, there is another point. In the gate, the human gate is not small, and there is even an own site, which is more public than the Heavenly Gate, that is, there are fewer experts in the gate!”

“Human Ancestor’s specific strength is unknown, but it is said that he has also discussed with the Lord of Death Spirits. It still has several points of ability. I think it may have entered 36 channels…”


Speaking of prison, Human Sovereign paused and said: “The strength of the prison should be between 32 and 34! Maybe 35, but not 36 is certain!”

“Her talent is not bad, and she is different from us in recent years. She was about the same strength as Tai Shan back then. Tai Shan has not made slow progress over the years. According to Tai Shan’s progress, she is now 32, but Tai Shan does not Over there, there is more time to cultivation……”

Human Sovereign spoke for a while, looked at Su Yu and said: “This is the general expert distribution of human sects. The specifics can only be known after entering! Continue to talk about the Myriad Daos stone, even if the Lord of Chaos gets it, It’s not consumed so quickly! And this thing is very helpful for stabilizing Heaven and Earth, repairing Heaven and Earth, repairing Great Dao, strengthening Great Dao… It can even make everyone feel the Great Dao of Lord of Time… “

Su Yu knew what he meant, and asked: “Dimen and us are said to be fighting each other, which has the effect of filling the origin. I am still not clear about this. Can Human Sovereign help me?”

Heavenly Gate, Su Yu knows, Yin Yang merging.

Where is the gate?

Human Sovereign explained: “The gate has always been standing in Myriad Worlds. Most of the cultivators are Chaos Great Dao, and they are also absorbing the Innate Source’s power of Myriad Worlds! You know the origin. Everyone has survived and survived. Rules, all have their origins! For us, the cultivator of the sect cannot be directly improved in strength, but killing the cultivator, swallow one’s innate source, can make us become more powerful!”

“The strong origin means that our potential is stronger, and the rising bottleneck will be broken!”

Su Yu nodded: “Same as Three Embodiments Method?”

“No, there is still a difference!”

Human Sovereign explained again: “Three Embodiments Method, three embodiments cultivation is actually the origin of the own, the origin in the gate of the earth, is actually the origin of the entire era, or the innate source’s power of countless people is gathered and extracted by the gate of the earth Some! It is actually good for us, Heavenly Gate, and even people!”

He gave Su Yu some logic: “So, the current situation is that the Heavenly Gate people come out, kill us first, Yin Yang merging, powerful oneself, and then kill the expert, seize the source, break the upper limit, and continue to improve ! And when the Dimen Expert comes out, it also kills us first, seizes the origin, strengthens ourselves, and then kills the three experts, Yin Yang merging……”

Anyway, just kill us!

Su Yu said again: “Where is the door?”

“I don’t know!”

Human Sovereign shook his head, and said quickly: “However, there is a high probability that people also have this effect, even…”

Human Sovereign contemplated, opened one’s mouth and said: “Even, the human gate is simply an era that has not been destroyed!”

Su Yu slightly furrowed one’s brow: “What do you mean?”

Human Sovereign laughed: “Human Gate is different from Earth Gate and Heavenly Gate. Those two eras can be regarded as the era of destruction! And Human Sovereign, perhaps a complete era, has not been completely It may be the same, they can only be said to be sealed…A true seal, even if they do not leave the door, they may not face the destruction of the world! Or, the door of the human, may itself represent the destruction of the world!”

“The role of River of Time, is it to create a Heaven, or for suppressing people?”

Annihilation again!

Su Yu thought for a moment. Heyue also mentioned this point once. The human gate may be related to locust eating.

Su Yu didn’t ask any more, said quickly: “Then Human Sovereign means, let’s enter the gate and see if we can take the Myriad Daos stone? The strength inside the gate is not strong. , Let’s enter together… There is hope for directly blasting the door!”

The ground gate, maybe it used to be difficult, but now it feels a notch lower than Heavenly Gate.

Su Yu and this group can be powerful now.

Forcibly punching in, seems to be able to smooth the gate.

Human Sovereign nodded: “There is hope… But now I still have to worry about whether there will be moths in the door! The Heavenly Gate is so dynamic and the expert knows the situation.”

Human Sovereign amused for a moment, then said: “So, I’m thinking, will I give people a chance to enter the gate now?”

A few people are while lost in thought.

At this point, Heavenly Gate is not weak, but they are not afraid, let alone the ground!

The threat mainly comes from people!

“About how long will the three doors open?”

Su Yu asked, Human Sovereign judged and said: “It’s coming! Everyone’s Heaven and Earth power, again and again riots, has actually accelerated the opening process! The ground gate has recovered a lot, and Heavenly Gate is also human The same goes for doors… The era of Four Directions convergence, I think it is coming soon!”

Do you want to slaughter one’s way into Dimen?

Su Yu is thinking.

Human Sovereign said again: “Entering the gate may also be risky! The biggest risk is actually the gate itself. Don’t look at this guy who talks very well now, but as the most expert of an era, he also wants to return and release The seal, I don’t want to be a gateway anymore…So, you have to consider the crisis of the gate! The gate itself has at least 40 powers! For safety, the best way is to let the Lord of Death Spirits deter the outside world. Ground gate…In that case, slaughter one’s way into the ground gate, the crisis will be great!”

Lord of Death Spirits, it is best not to enter, be careful to be plotted against.

At this moment, Human Sovereign counts Lord of Death Spirits.

Su Yu watched him: “Human Sovereign wants to go in with me?”


Human Sovereign directly nodded: “I want to regain my strength, so I can’t wait forever! But entering this time… is different from going to Heavenly Gate, because the news about our make a move at Heavenly Gate must be leaked! There is a door messenger in the door, and the news will be passed on! Therefore, regardless of the improvement in strength, there is no 36, but it is invincible to the door!”

Su Yu has 35 channels, but there is still a gap compared to 36 channels.

Su Yu thought about it and was talking, Wen Yu suddenly said: “Fa said, I found someone!”

Su Yu smiled: “The method is really…spare no effort!”

Have you really found out the people from Human Dao Sacred Land?

This guy is working hard to survive!

Next moment, Wen Yu suddenly probing his hand and grabbing at the void, In a flash, three silhouettes emerge.

At this moment, all three of them are face filled with anger.

The phantom of Dharma also appeared gradually, and the three looked towards Dharma, with anger and despair, they were caught out!

Fa looked towards Wen Yu, said softly: “These three people are all from Human Dao Sacred Land!”

Speaking, looked towards the three people, said tranquilly: “It’s all just to seek survival that’s all. It doesn’t matter whether you hate me or not!”

He looked at Su Yu several people, opened one’s mouth and said: “I have seen all three of them!”

After speaking, looked towards Human Sovereign again.

silent for a moment said again: “You…should be sensitive!”

Human Sovereign nodded slightly, looked towards one of the three of the old man, also nodded slightly, did not get up, just sat like this, “The descendants of the next generation, I have seen the ancestors!”

Three people, two men and one woman.

One of the old man, expression slightly changed, saw Human Sovereign speak, and it took a long time to sighed: “You… are Xing Yu?”


Human Sovereign laughed: “I didn’t expect Old Ancestor to enter Wen Yu Heaven and Earth. I knew I should have entered Wen Yu Heaven and Earth earlier to avoid Old Ancestor’s suffering!”

The old man looks very handsome, without the slightest sense of old man’s sloppyness, there is only one feeling, when youthful, he must be amazingly handsome.

Human Sovereign added: “Old Ancestor, would you like to introduce the other two Seniors?”

Xing sighed, nodded: “I am the star, these two are Ye and Wen Yi.”

Night, it’s the female cultivator.

Wen Yi…

Civil King and Wen Yu are very indifferent and don’t care too much.

Su Yu is also very calm, not looking at other people much, but always looking at the stars.

Xing now looked at Su Yu, a little suspicious, and a little…not sure!

Su Yu saw him, laughed: “it’s been a long time since we last met!”

Star was slightly startled.

“18 years ago…no, maybe it was only five or six years for you, when we met!”

The star’s eyes changed drastically, and it took a long time before he dared to say: “Really you?”

Su Yu smiled: “It’s me! Senior, remember me?”


Star stupefied, was extremely bitter and morose: “didn’t expect, really didn’t expect! Back then, it seemed…to be here?”

Su Yu nodded: “It’s here! There is no Senior and no Junior today!”

Su Yu started to laugh: “Over the years, I don’t know the existence of Senior, but a few days ago, when I Investigating the Past, I discovered some situations. I entered Heavenly Gate and my first purpose was to find Wen Yu. The second purpose is to find you! When Senior left that day, I asked me to find you after entering Heavenly Gate. I wanted to find it, but never found it, but didn’t expect, Senior is really here!”

Su Yu started to laugh: “I was thinking, Sun and Moon are super-class, and Wen is a think tank. If there is usually something to do, it should probably be done by Senior, the eight-part leader, didn’t expect, I really met!”

Xing Yi said with emotion: “I still can’t believe it!”

Su Yu started to laugh: “I have a lot to talk about with Senior. If Senior doesn’t mind, you can have a good chat with me! I am so curious about Senior’s attitude!”

Xing is somewhat helpless.

The two behind them both clenched one’s jaws: “You will not win, once the ancestor recovers…”


Su Yu smashed the two directly with one palm, all split up and in pieces!

Star expression changed!

Su Yu said tranquilly: “We are weak, and those who speak ruthlessly have no good end! We are weak and have been arrested again. Do you have to say a few ruthless words to show that oneself is very capable? I believe, Xing Senior is not as stupid as they are, right?”

Speaking, I looked at the stars again, and laughed: “No. 18, saying weak is not too weak, saying strong is just average!”

Xing is a little embarrassed.

Su Yu is muttered: “18 Dao, even if it comes, 15 Dao has the power?”

You are 18, you will call others seven extremely powerful expert?

Su Yu laughed!

This time, I was smiling brilliantly. I want to go upstream to see Great Zhou King, Great Zhou King. Last time I looked back on my memory, did you mess up?

And Xing, also very helpless, the two companions were smack to death directly!

he couldn’t bear from saying: “Wen Yi, is the descendant of Wen, you guys……”

A few of you, three of them are all descendants of Wen!

It’s too cruel to start!

Su Yu, Civil King, Wen Yu, are all expert, super expert.

As a result, this Wen Yi is considered to be of your ancestors by calculation. This is smack to death…too…terrifying!

And Human Sovereign, started to laugh: “Fortunately, I won’t smack to death Old Ancestor, Su Yu started too hard!”


Star completely speechless.

Is this a threat?

Don’t count it!

Is he really not able to smack to death, or is he too lazy to smack to death?

Anyway, these guys from Myriad Worlds don’t seem to be very kind to them, Old Ancestor.

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