Tribulation of Myriad Clans Chapter 922


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(Cawen, headache)

Looking at the star in front of me, Su Yu a glowing smile.

Don’t worry about asking Great Zhou King, waved a hand, a few cases appeared, said with a smile: “Sit down and talk, Senior, you are welcome!”

Xing hesitated for an instant, still sighed, and sat down.

“Senior is only 18, is it too weak?”

The star is speechless, said after a long time: “It’s still acceptable, Era of Heaven-Creation, if you step into 16 or more, you can count it down!”

“Eight heads, 18 Dao, still weak!”

Star silent for a moment, spoke after a long while: “Human Kings of the Four Poles are also strong and weak.”

Why keep asking me about my weakness?

How normal!

It’s not that everyone can keep improving when they reach the late stage.

Su Yu smiled: “Fortunately, Perception King is not here!”

Xing did not reply.

Su Yu smiled and asked: “Then Senior came to Myriad Worlds 18 years ago?”


Xing did not deny it, Su Yu asked: “You said that day, you thought Tome of Time was looking for Human Sovereign, right?”


“Why did you look for Human Sovereign?”

Human Sovereign, who took a look and didn’t speak, said only after being silent for a moment: “I’m going to tell him to save Wen Yu, do you believe it?”

Su Yu smiled: “Go on!”

You guess I believe it or not?

Xing is a little helpless, said again: “I have something to find him, and by the way, I also intend to investigate his injuries. In addition, I want him to cooperate with Human Dao Sacred Land!”

At this moment, Xing did not hide anything anymore: “At that time, I discussed with Wen and them. If Wen Yu is willing to give up Tome of Time, we can send Wen Yu out, including others…”

He was talking about Civil King and them.

Star said tranquilly: “Our goal at the time was to make the law become more powerful, and Human Dao Sacred Land… In fact, there is not much malice! Human Dao Sacred Land, from the very beginning, is people-oriented! But you also know , Within the Heavenly Gate, these people such as Qiong, Shi, and Kong are not in the same group with us!”

He said sincerely: “In fact, including the leader, there is no malice for Human Clan! Myriad Worlds, and many of our descendants, can cooperate…”

Su Yu smiled: “You can cooperate, why did you lure Wen Yu to enter?”

Xing solemnly said: “The leader is strong, and the threat inside the door is not resolved. It cannot be suppressed inside the door. Once the door is messed up, the three doors open, Myriad Worlds Human Clan is even more dangerous!”

“In other words, you are all for Human Clan?”

“Not bad!”

The devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence said by the star, Su Yu looked carefully and repeatedly, but found no clue.

He looked at Human Sovereign, Human Sovereign said tranquilly: “Don’t look, these people, who have been in contact with Heavenly Gate for a long time, have long been brainwashed! This is their belief, you can’t say they are wrong, you can only say , They are too deeply affected!”

Su Yu thought of seeing Sun and Moon for the first time that day. Sun and Moon were so fanatical, so fanatical that they were not afraid of death. He also told Su Yu that the goal of Human Dao Sacred Land is to be human, for the Human Clan to be unified!

Su Yu started to laugh, looked towards Xing: “Some understand, what you mean is that you have no intention of targeting Human Clan, but for Heavenly Gate to control the situation, you can sacrifice Human Clan, or…including yourselves? “

Xing was silent.

This also means that he acquiesced.

Yes, you are right!

Su Yu sighed: “I originally thought that you would tell me, because your conscience found out that Heavenly Gate is not a good thing, so in private you are actually on Myriad Worlds Human Clan’s side… Now I understand , No, I misunderstood it! You merged the copy of Tome of Time into me within the body… because you think this is also growing Human Clan… Is that true?”

Yes, he was thinking before, Xing, whether it is the kind of existence that secretly supports Myriad Worlds Human Clan, so there are some weird actions.

Now Su Yu understands!

To sum up, good for you, good for you!

Yes, even if you sacrifice all of you in exchange for the revival of Heavenly Gate, it is actually for your good, because the revival of Heavenly Gate is the hope of Human Clan and the future of Human Clan.

This is similar to some of the Myriad Clans Cult Pies of Human Clan back then!

We cooperated with Myriad Clans, also for the sake of Human Clan!

We sacrificed you for the sake of Human Clan!

Everything is for your own good!

This is also Xing’s idea. In his idea, the goal of human beings is the supremacy of Human Clan, which is in line with the minds of these eight leaders.

Su Yu said with a smile: “If that’s the case, why did you plot Human Sovereign?”

“It’s not us who calculated it!”

Xing explained very seriously: “Xing Yu’s matter was a secret calculation by the people! The only thing Sacred Land did was to lure Wen Yu in, which was actually for your own good, for Human Clan! At that time, Xing Yu and they wanted to break into the three, but they didn’t have the ability to break into it at that time!”

“Once you attack the three gates, you know the strength of Heavenly Gate. According to the situation of the year, they dare to enter the Heavenly Gate and they will die!”

“Over the years, our attitude towards Wen Yu has always been friendly, you can ask Wen Yu, we have been saying, give up Tome of Time and send her out of Heavenly Gate in its entirety…”

Aside, Wen Yu laughed, “That’s what I said, but…why should I let it out?”

Xing is very serious and didn’t feel wrong: “Because you can’t make the law strong, he succeeded, and the law can become an expert at the level of Qiong and Kong. Together with several others, he can grasp the situation in the entire Heavenly Gate. ! At that time, Heavenly Gate completed the unification, the leader after reviving, can lead Human Clan to rise…”

Su Yu frowned: “Are you serious?”

“What’s wrong with what I said?”

The star looked at Su Yu with no fear, but with a heavy look: “Sacrifice the interests of some people to achieve greater goals! From the result, the leader recovers and the law devours Tome of Time. This is actually It was the best result! At that time, the sword, martial arts, law, sun, moon, plus the leader, if Myriad Worlds is willing to follow the leader, then Xing Yu, you, count them all, only with such strength, there is hope for success! Let Human Clan really become stronger!”

“Why should we sacrifice our interests?”

Su Yu lightly said: “why cannot let Wen Yu swallow the law?”

“If Wen Yu is stronger than Dhamma, it is not impossible!”

This is the answer given by Xing!

Su Yu’s face was ugly for an instant, but Human Sovereign, laughed, persuaded: “Su Yu, OK, what does Life Qi do? You have to understand that every age has faith in every age! Just say This era, I have followers, and you have followers. Everyone believes that only we can lead Human Clan to glory! If we were sealed and our people were still active outside, at that time, treating new people and future people might be the same Attitude… Sacrifice their interests, release the seal us and strengthen us!”

He was not surprised by the choice of these people.

So, at this moment, I am also calm towards Su Yu, without anger, with a smile on his face: “Man, at that time, it was you and me! You, why bother to say that after a few years, you and I were sealed Wan Tiansheng told the latecomers that only you can save Human Clan and sacrifice the interests of future generations. Do you think the probability is great?”

The era is in reincarnation.

Human Sovereign understands this situation very well. There are beliefs and leaders of one era in one era. In the era of stars, people are everyone’s faith!

And Su Yu, at this moment while lost in thought.

If oneself is sealed, after countless years, Wan Tiansheng and the others are still alive, what choice would they make?

Will they be the same as the stars?

Su Yu dare not say, dare not guarantee.

At that time, today’s extremely wise Wan Tiansheng, perhaps in the eyes of others, was also a stubborn generation!

Wan Tiansheng at that time may be the same as the current star, in the eyes of people later, he was an idiot!

Why sacrifice everyone’s interests to make you perfect?

At that time, Wan Tiansheng might not think so, because he has experienced, felt, trusted, and believed in, because in his eyes, only Su Yu can save the world!

Even if the latecomer is outstanding, Wan Tiansheng may feel that it is useless. The only one who can really save the world is Su Yu!

Su Yu laughed!

At this moment, suddenly no longer Life Qi, he suddenly understood the stars!

People like Xing have faith!

After countless years, if Wan Tiansheng also has descendants to rise, maybe Wan Tiansheng will face the descendants of own and tell them seriously, you can’t, only Su Yu can save the common people!

His descendants will probably be speechless!

At that time, Wan Tiansheng was now the star in the eyes of others!

“So, you incorporated a copy of Tome of Time into my body, but you don’t want to waste this treasure, and hope for a good result… You want Human Clan to be an expert, but you also feel that this World, only Can someone save the common people?”

Xing solemnly said: “could it be that it isn’t so? You don’t understand. If Zhou hadn’t betrayed back then, we might have defeated the gate and continued to spread that era, but the leader just lost Zhou betrayed!”

Talk to such an expert who regards people as beliefs. Besides, people are not good at it. In fact, they are not of much use.

Faith is deep-rooted!

Formed over countless years!

Sun and Moon are the same. Su Yu met him for the first time and he also had this attitude.

People like Wu and Dao are actually the same.

It’s the law, it seems to be out of this belief. .

Su Yu stopped taunting. Hearing the star say so, laughed: “Maybe! Maybe you are right! If Zhou didn’t betray then, maybe people would not lose and continue to spread Era of Heaven-Creation… Unfortunately, Failure means failure, so we don’t trust him and there is no problem, right?”

Star was silent.

While Su Yu thinks he is unreasonable, he may not think that Su Yu is stubborn.

“So, when you came out, you wanted to talk to Human Sovereign and talk about cooperation? Or, if possible, it would be better to cheat?”

Star silent for a while, nodded: “We hope that Xing Yu can understand our purpose, and it is best to reach an agreement. He was attacked and seriously injured that year. In fact, it is not the result we want to see!”

Su Yu laughed: “It’s just that you think like this that’s all, really unwilling, why keep the Civil King inside the door? Forget it, you might say that this is the Civil King and they have to enter, anyway. There is a reason!”

a forlorn sigh, Su Yu quickly left these behind and asked: “Why did Tome of Time fly to Starfall Mountain back then?”

Star said while thinking: “I at first thought I would go to Xing Yu, but the result was not. As for why I fell in Starfall Mountain, I thought for a moment afterwards… If Wen Yu did it oneself, or someone secretly did tricks.”

Su Yu nodded, then said: “You saw a person that day, but in desperation, you chose to incorporate Tome of Time into my body, what is the strength of that person?”

Xing seems to have remembered this too, called, said after a long time: “The expert of the Seventeen Paths, at the time the other party seemed to have some seals vaguely, and I couldn’t see through the specifics. Generally speaking! It is better than my projection entry some……”

Su Yu frowned: “Really? 17, Do you call someone extremely powerful expert?”


Star with some doubts: “Although 17 Dao is strong, it is not an extremely powerful expert. In my eyes, if there are less than 32 Dao, how can it be considered the strongest?”

Su Yu suddenly furrowed one’s brow: “Are you serious?”


Xing is helpless: “I don’t understand what you mean, please speak up!”

What are you talking about?

Su Yu waved a hand, a picture of the day appeared.

Shadow of the star emerged, and he said: “The dignified seven strongest, they fled without even seeing the enemy… If this person was in my time, he would be a villain… Must be killed!”

Xing suddenly frowned: “This…it seems to be what I said, but I didn’t say Seven Dao Xeon, Seven Dao Xeon… What is Seven Dao Xeon? I think about it…”

He recalled, opened one’s mouth and said: “What I said should be dignified seventeen expert…it should be so. I am not a cultivator who has never seen the world before. How can I say the seven strongest things? “

Su Yu the look in one’s eyes twinkled: “Also, you also said at the time,’He’s got him, Heavenly Gate can’t be suppressed, I have to go.’ You and Heavenly Gate are a group. Still need you to suppress Heavenly Gate?”

Star recalled, sighed: “Heavenly Gate is Heavenly Gate, and the leader is the leader!”

When these words came out, Su Yu was taken aback.

Human Sovereign, they were also taken aback. What does this mean?

Isn’t Heavenly Gate just human?

People are Heavenly Gate, is there any difference?

Star sighed: “It’s not the same! The leader and the gate are one, not one! After the end of the era, Heaven and Earth got out of control, to naturally form the gate! In other words, the gate is actually the Heaven and Earth of the leader Formed! However, the opening and closing of the door is beyond the control of the leader! Only when it is completely opened and the new era ushered in the eradication of the world, the leader can control Heaven and Earth again!

He looked at Su Yu They: “Heaven and Earth formed a portal, in fact, it means the extinction of the world is coming soon! The leader did not understand, and only the portal can seal the era! Only Heaven and Earth formed the portal -Creator can protect an era at the last moment!”

“So even the leader can’t let the portal open at will!”

Su Yu the look in one’s eyes twinkled, “You mean that when the portal is formed, it actually means that This era has ushered in the last glory?”


Star nodded: “So even we can’t get in and out of Heavenly Gate at will! The leader and their sleep is actually a process of controlling the portal again, bringing Heaven and Earth into the control of own again! When he has completed the control, this It means that we hope to return again!”

Su Yu sighed: “Interesting, according to your statement, Heaven and Earth are the gates, is the only chance for the era to be preserved?”

“It should be!”

Xing doesn’t know much.

Su Yu smiled: “So, I am the last hope of This era?”

What do you mean?

Everyone looked at him, Su Yu said nonchalantly: “My Heaven and Earth has become a portal, and it can be regarded as the so-called fourth door! To naturally form, I did not deliberately become a portal, but Heaven and Earth oneself formed The portal… Then, if I hang up, this era won’t even have the chance to seal it?”


A group of people watched him, Human Sovereign was surprised: “You Heaven and Earth form a portal?”

Su Yu nodded, smiled indifferently: “So, treat me well in the future, otherwise, I will die, I will be defeated, and there will be no chance in the Sealed Age!”

Human Sovereign slightly raised one’s eyebrow: “No wonder there was some movement before, the door said, maybe the fourth Daos portal appeared, I will say who made the big movement, it’s your guy… Then there is no problem! “

The star is also incomparably surprised, quickly spoke with solemness: “Your Heaven and Earth have formed the fourth Daos portal… the portal… In fact, it also means… you have no chance!”

The star is very heavy: “This means that the danger of extinction cannot be eliminated! Now, I can only rely on the leader…”

Su Yu roll the eyes!


You can also take this opportunity to play!

Su Yu laughed a bit and then said: “You, don’t look at your old age, but you really don’t understand! What is a portal? If you talk about a seal… then treat it as a seal, can the seal seal the own era? ?”

Su Yu said with a smile: “Seal the three gates, seal all the characters who do not belong to This era, seal the troublemakers… Actually, the portal may have nothing to do with the seal!”

Su Yu said with loud laughter: “I’m thinking, the cultivation of this stuff came out, does it mean that you can summon Lord of Time?”

Su Yu laughed loudly, “You said, will Lord of Time walk out of the door?”

laughed, he saw other people looking at oneself and shrugged his shoulders and said: “Look at what? Maybe Lord of Time is very special. It takes several portals to gather before he can summon him?”

Human Sovereign sighed: “Don’t say this, what you said, it became true. At the end of the fight, suddenly this guy runs out, that’s trouble! Let’s assume that he is dead and does not exist, lest we look for trouble !”

How strong is Lord of Time?

Who knows!

One River of Time is enough to deter countless people. Even if Lord of Death Spirits is today, it is actually impossible to develop such a powerful Chang He. Maybe the gap is far away.

So, this kind of existence does not even need to be regarded as an imaginary enemy now!

Su Yu got up and said: “Okay, I generally know about the ground door! I generally understand about the star! I’ll go to Chang He upstream!”

Human Sovereign glanced at him, Su Yu said with a smile: “Human Sovereign going together?”

Human Sovereign thought for a while, “Forget it, you go! But…I still believe in him, he is fine!”


Su Yu rose into the void: “yourselves figure it out, the stars are the ancestors of Human Sovereign…I won’t get mixed up! Those lone cultivators, you should kill, you should live, you should melt , I have no opinion!”

After speaking, he stepped into the River of Time.

Human Sovereign saw him want to walk to walk, couldn’t bear from saying: “Take Tai Shan, the town Martial King is still there…”

Su Yu was taken aback, then stopped suddenly, lowered his head and looked down, said after a long time: “Or… I will let the town Martial King oneself come back! Martial Sovereign is still there, I’m afraid he will despair Self-explode is not suitable!”


Below, Martial King is a bit speechless, what’s up with me, what do you think of me?

He Couldn’t be bothered to say anything more, said dejectedly: “I want revenge, whatever he wants! Beat to death with one fist, I don’t care about it!”

Su Yu laughed, and didn’t say anything anymore, and just left.


Su Yu at this moment is too strong.

Walking in the River of Time, there is no longer any pressure.

Moreover, after one year, the Chang He continent that was blocked by Human Sovereign that year has been flowing downwards, and it may not take long before it will completely return.

Now, there is no previous Time Flow Speed.

Before, one day over there, one month here.

Now, according to the previous statement of Human Sovereign, one day upstream, Myriad Worlds will only be four or five days. Waiting for the time flow speed in all portals and Chang He to be the same, it is the era of the great integration of Myriad Worlds!

Su Yu is fast!

It didn’t take long for Su Yu to see a continent ahead!

Before, several experts such as Martial Sovereign, Martial King, Perception King’s Consort, Great Zhou King, Mountain King were here. Now, Lan Tian is also here, and his strength is not weak!

Myriad Clans, I didn’t see Shadow.

Probably all are near Heavenly Gate.

When I was in Su Yu summon Heaven and Earth, I actually vaguely sensed their aura, and didn’t care about it. Today, Myriad Clans, there are only a few first class, god, dragon, phoenix, and Ming that’s all.

They Old Ancestor were all killed by oneself. Is oneself afraid of them?

Think of this, Su Yu look in ones eyes slightly shifted.

God Sovereign is still alive!

The ancestor is still alive!

God Clan is still alive in God Sovereign Ji Wu in Myriad Worlds!

It’s Immortal Clan, Immortal Sovereign is dead, Immortal Sovereign is dead.

Demon Sovereign is dead, Demon Sovereign is dead.

“God Clan…”

Su Yu Whispered, God Clan is alive and lucky, Immortal and Demon unlucky every time, Immortal Clan goal is too big, Demon Clan is too reckless, in Three Great Clans, God Clan is neither reckless nor aggressive , It’s a little modest.

It’s not that Su Yu deliberately let them go and targeted others, but God Clan never gave Su Yu a chance every time.

“Good luck…”

Su Yu Whispered, luck is so good, sometimes it’s not solely a matter of luck, God Clan… there is no problem, right?

“God Clan was created by the ancestors, and the luck of the ancestors is not related to the human family, right?”

The messengers of the human gate in the Heavenly Gate, the immortal ancestor and the curse all were killed. However, it is said that the human gate Great Saint not just one, and now only two Great Saints have emerged, a Hongtian and a Jitian. Will God Clan hide a little deeper?

Is Great Saint level backing it?

It is not too clear yet!

Su Yu suppressed his thoughts and stopped thinking about it. Pay attention to some then it will be alright. Anyway, they are all enemies. There is no need to think too much. Kill if you can!


At this moment, on the continent going with the river’s flow.

A few people suddenly opened one’s eyes.

Martial Sovereign suddenly rowdily laughed and said: “Su Yu is here!”

This guy, as always, he never called Su Yu Your Majesty, because in his eyes, Su Yu was a small insect, even if he took refuge in Su Yu today, he must maintain the last dignity of oneself!

In the crowd, Great Zhou King looked towards rear and there was no sound.

The town Martial King with a little excitement, she doesn’t know if Tai Shan has returned, because it is said that Su Yu is fighting experts of various influences in the Heavenly Gate.

Now it’s back, is Tai Shan back?

The moment they thought, Su Yu silhouette emerged.

In a flash, several people’s expressions slightly changed, very strong!

Super strong!

Su Yu, seems to be much stronger than before!

once Su Yu arrives, said with a smile: “Town Martial King, you can go back, and get together with Martial King! Martial King is back!”

The town’s Martial King was a little overjoyed, and soon turned into coldness: “He’s back?”

Su Yu doesn’t bother to watch her change her face, what to pretend!

The joy in my heart is blooming!

Su Yu didn’t mind making trouble for the Martial King, airily said: “I’m back, within the Heavenly Gate and married hundreds of Dao companions. There are a lot of children and grandchildren. My little days are very happy, I let him Come, he won’t come, not to say to accompany the new Dao companion……”


The town Martial King face became purple!

Damn it!


“Really, go back first, lest he run away!”

The town Martial King clenched one’s jaws!


“Then…I will go back first, if necessary, I will come again!”

After that, leave quickly.

Su Yu yelled: “Wait a minute, Perception King’s Consort will also go back, this time I brought back the expert in Young Sect Master, Perception King was pulled by Martial King, and I want to marry the younger!”

Perception King’s Consort was taken aback: “Does he dare?”

Su Yu said with a smile: “Civil King and Martial King are back, he is bold!”

Perception King’s Consort facial expression became cold, bold!

“Then…I will go back too?”


Su Yu nodded: “Mountain King also go back, you continue to connect Civil King Heaven and Earth Great Dao, the Civil King side, now is back, you go and see if there is any benefit to get some!”

“Lan Tian, ​​you escort them back!”

Speaking, Su Yu looked towards Martial Sovereign: “You go back to Heaven and Earth, Fleshly Body Dao has a door, Great Dao is not weak, you go try Unity…”

Martial Sovereign was extremely grave: “Tai Shan is back?”


“What is his strength?”

Martial Sovereign has some be eager to have a try, and some restless, what is his strength?

“Don’t mess with him yet!”

Su Yu said perfunctorily: “Now that guy is very strong!”

How strong is it?

It’s so easy to play Martial Sovereign anyway!

Martial Sovereign clenched one’s jaws: “He is strong, and this Sovereign is not afraid of him!”


Su Yu laughed: “It’s up to you. If you can’t fight, you will return to Heaven and Earth!”

“Can’t fight?”

Martial Sovereign felt that oneself was underestimated, and gritted his teeth: “Then try!”

“Try it, go back first!”

Mountain King interrupted and said: “Then Myriad Clans…”

“I am here!”

Su Yu laughed: “Dare to come, smack to death with a slap! Don’t worry! I killed Heaven and Earth turning upside down inside the door, let alone them?”


Su Yu waved his hand, Lan Tian silhouette emerged, took a look Great Zhou King, then looked at Su Yu, and then thought that Su Yu would let them all go back, Lan Tian said nothing, said with a small laugh:” Then we will go back first!”

A few people also vaguely noticed something at this moment, Great Zhou King…Su Yu didn’t let him go back!

When Perception King’s Consort sees this, opened one’s mouth and said: “Then let’s go back first, Your Majesty the Cosmos Sovereign bother. By the way, Zhou Tian has bothered a lot these days, or should we go back and rest for a while?”

Great Zhou King looked at her and said softly: “Many thanks King’s Consort, my heart, Your Majesty and I will report the situation before we leave!”

Perception King’s Consort said nothing, and quickly left along Chang He.

The other people did not speak any more, and left one after another.


Su Yu waited for them to leave, and each minding their own business found a place, sat down crosswise, and a coffee table appeared in front of him.

Great Zhou King sat down in silence.

Under the feet, the water of Chang He was still flowing, Great Zhou King watched Su Yu making tea, the look in one’s eyes kept changing, while lost in thought.

Su Yu finished making tea, poured him a cup, and asked: “Intentionally?”


Su Yu laughed: “I deliberately tampered with my past memories? Xing said, he didn’t call any Seven Ways to the strongest, you are done by oneself? When I took you there that day, you deliberately reversed some time and space and made me suspicious ?”

Great Zhou King picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea, laughed: “Your Majesty thinks too much, but the means are not brilliant enough to reverse all the memories of the past that’s all.”

Su Yu laughed: “How come! I was not too strong that day.”

Speaking, Su Yu said while thinking: “Mind to talk more?”

He looked towards Great Zhou King: “Some things, if you don’t make it clear, I can’t do the same as Human Sovereign, and can be treated as having never happened. Human Sovereign is Pretending to be confused while knowing all, I am a person, but I don’t want to be confused! So, I’m tired of my life, but I like to get to the bottom!”

Great Zhou King laughed with self-ridicule: “Actually, there is nothing to say! I am not a good person, just…hey!”

sighed, a little helpless: “that’s all assimilated!”

Su Yu thoughtfully: “Following Human Sovereign for many years, has he assimilated it?”


Great Zhou King sighed: “The responsibility Great Dao… is actually terrifying! Things are not as complicated as you think! Some people have left Myriad Worlds, hoping to learn more about Myriad Worlds and master that’s all! And I am the eyeliner left.”

Great Zhou King drinking tea: “My only purpose is to sit and watch the rising and falling of the wind and clouds, observe everything, pay attention to everything, and nothing else! As a result, after a long time, some other thoughts have been born… This Myriad Worlds, this Sovereign’s Courtyard is actually very beautiful!”

Great Zhou King laughed: “It’s that simple!”

Su Yu laughed: “How did the Heavenly Gate know that Human Sovereign was going to attack? The information you gave? But you were not here…”

“It’s not me!”

Great Zhou King shook his head: “That has nothing to do with me, and I have nothing to do with people. It’s just related to that person that’s all……”



Great Zhou King nodded.

Su Yu thought for a moment: “Then what is your strength, even if I, I still can’t see through it?”

“Can’t see through?”

Great Zhou King couldn’t refrain from laughing: “You overestimate me, you can’t see through it, just because…I don’t have any pretense!”

Su Yu startled.

Great Zhou King said softly: “The strength you see me is what strength! You don’t really think that I can pretend to be in front of Your Majesty the Human Sovereign? Stars appeared at the time, I just used deceit , Deceived a little bit that’s all!”

Su Yu frowned: “Wen Yu said that she tracked the Human Sovereign Law’s Strength on Tome of Time…”


Great Zhou King nodded: “Your Majesty probably forgot, the fleshly body of Your Majesty the Human Sovereign…in Myriad Worlds!”

Great Zhou King said with a smile: “In fact, it’s not that complicated. The fleshly body of Your Majesty the Human Sovereign has a richer breath! Tome of Time actually came straight to the fleshly body and was worried about being discovered. Before the star was discovered, he forced to twist the changed directions and shot it down in the Starfall Mountain area!”

Su Yu raised an eyebrow: “It’s that simple?”

Great Zhou King nodded: “It’s that simple!”

“Are you Zhou’s who?”

Su Yu looked towards Great Zhou King, Great Zhou King said with a smile :”His descendants!”

“Then you and Hundred Wars and Yu are actually in the same group?”

“That’s not it!”

Great Zhou King shook his head: “They are them, and I am me! Yu is actually just the pawn of the door that’s all. Later, Zhou actually got rid of the control of the door! Entering the door is actually to avoid the door. Control! It is even more difficult for the other party to control him between the human gate and the ground gate!”

Su Yu watched him: “Then after you left Human Sovereign, were you really sealed?”


Great Zhou King couldn’t refrain from laughing: “You too underestimated Human Sovereign. Unless I am stronger than Your Majesty the Human Sovereign Peak period, how can I hide from him? Many things, all are Really, it’s just… you won’t necessarily believe that’s all! A few years after Human Sovereign left, I wandered and lost myself, but later I found out that I can’t go back to the past!”

Su Yu lightly furrowed one’s brow: “Human Ancestor Zhou, is it good or bad?”

“For the Heavenly Gate era, he is a bad person! To This era… he is not a bad person, good or bad, different perspectives, different opinions!”

Great Zhou King said softly: “For him, This era is actually the era he created… Starting from the Immemorial era, the rise of Human Clan was actually his contribution at first, and later in order to avoid human control He chose to leave Myriad Worlds and enter the underground gate for refuge! He can’t go to Heavenly Gate, and the human gate cannot go. Only the underground gate is the only place where he can get rid of control!

Su Yu nodded slightly: “Are you the one who stayed to observe Myriad Worlds?”

“Sure it!”

Great Zhou King nodded, “Actually, during this period, there have been many changes, some changes in my heart, there is no need to elaborate! In the era of Human Sovereign, I was at first, and I just wanted to observe It’s just a moment… As a result, oneself entered a trap! In a real sense, some sense of responsibility to save this era was born… In fact, it was Your Majesty the Human Sovereign fleshly body. After returning, I actually had been sitting in Human Mountain for a few years… …The fleshly body is in Human Mountain, and it’s affected by becoming bigger and bigger, and finally…… has today!”

Su Yu slightly furrowed one’s brow: “That is to say, you are abandoning one’s brow? But why… deliberately lead me?”

“You mean past memories?”


Su Yu watched him: “Seven Dao Xeon…You should know that once I contact Heavenly Gate, I will soon find the problem!”

Great Zhou King laughed: “Sooner or later, I will find out. Sometimes oneself will be very entangled. Do you want to say, say, what will be the result? Since you can’t make up your mind, then let you ask me.”

Su Yu frowned: “There is another question, you scared the star back then, the star integrated the Tome of Time copy into me within the body…is it a coincidence, or did you plot against? I was just a child at the time, and you may I know that Tome of Time is true or not, just watch it like that, and then don’t care about it?”

“It’s really not my plot against!”

Great Zhou King laughed: “Some things are destined to be that’s all! As for later, don’t ask, in fact, there is nothing, I will take care of it! Liu Wenyan’s contact with you, don’t you really think it is a coincidence? That’s inevitable! But Liu Wenyan chose not to ask that’s all!”

Su Yu startled.

Great Zhou King said with a smile: “Liu Wenyan is the talent of that era. I have high hopes. If you come into contact with him, he will definitely discover some of your abnormalities. If Liu Wenyan chose to kill you back then… maybe A different result!”

“I am not capable of accomplishing any grand cause…Liu Wenyan back then, I actually hoped to make up for one or two…So when you contact him, I was thinking, when will he kill you? The result… Your Teacher, I’m not good at judging him, but he is considered a gentleman! A real gentleman… It’s a pity that gentlemen are not popular in this era!”

He laughed with self-ridicule: “He discovered your anomaly early in the morning, didn’t he? But he never thought of murdering you, it is a good thing and a bad thing, he missed a great opportunity! You can accept the integration Tome of Time, he should do it too! He can even receive powerful God Writing, Tome of Time…he can do it too!”

Great Zhou King After speaking up to this point, once again said: “Afterwards, he didn’t do anything, I knew that some things were destined!”

Su Yu’s mind came to Liu Wenyan, and he was speechless for a long time.

It turns out that my contact with Teacher Liu also had some calculations from Great Zhou King. He looked towards Great Zhou King: “What if Teacher Liu killed me?”

“Then kill it!”

Great Zhou King said tranquilly: “It really killed you, maybe This era is different! I don’t know how it is.”

Su Yu exhaled: “I have to thank Teacher Liu for not killing?”

“It depends on your own thoughts.”

Great Zhou King said with a smile: “He doesn’t kill you, in my opinion…it’s actually a kind of stupidity. At that time, seizing every opportunity to rise up might be what Overlord should do. He was born Not Overlord’s life!”

Su Yu coldly laughed: “You are not at ease!”

“You can’t say that, there is a difference between closeness and estrangement. He… after all, has a different relationship with me. I expect him to kill you and take your chance!”

He looked at Su Yu again: “Furthermore, didn’t he not do it?”

Su Yu hearing this, also sighed, and suddenly with some regret: “Teacher…too benevolent, not that piece of material, there is a gentleman’s style, but This era is not suitable for him, everyone is plotting against him , Especially you!”

The Great Zhou King was silent.

At this moment, he doesn’t know what oneself should say.

Su Yu humphed: “Human Ancestor Zhou, do you still have contact with you?”

Great Zhou King shook his head: “After entering the ground gate, I was disconnected!”

Su Yu silent for a while, said after a long time: “Forget it, there are some things, I don’t really want to be held accountable! I said, some things are actually between you and my teacher, wait for time , I will meet my Teacher!”

Great Zhou King remained silent.

And Su Yu, also while lost in thought.

He was also thinking, if Liu Wenyan killed oneself and took Tome of Time, what would Liu Wenyan look like today?

Sometimes, he feels that Teacher is too soft-hearted and he is really not an expert!

Teacher, maybe oneself needs time to meet up.

I don’t know how they are doing?

For some time, I haven’t seen them.

As for the Great Zhou King, Su Yu is reluctant to go further. He has some words that should be sincere. It is really influenced by Human Sovereign. Human Sovereign’s Great Dao is really terrifying.

It didn’t take long for Qiong to be affected, that’s it!

Not to mention the Great Zhou King who has been following him.

Human Sovereign may have known some a while ago, but he is unwilling to care about that’s all. He is not afraid of traitors around oneself, because traitors…sooner or later will be influenced by him.

It’s prison. Following Human Sovereign that many years, I finally embarked on the own road.

Is this a disagreement in philosophy, not a betrayal?

Su Yu while lost in thought for a while.

PS: I actually thought about the arrangement of Great Zhou King a lot, and finally I chose the most prosaic one, because if I write about other possibilities, it would overturn the amazing settings of Human Sovereign and Civil King. Hidden that many years, Human Sovereign, they didn’t find anything, it was too stupid, after thinking about it, let it be plain and excessive, headache!

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