Tribulation of Myriad Clans Chapter 923


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Great Zhou King is a descendant of Human Ancestor. After following Human Sovereign, he was influenced by Human Sovereign’s responsibility Great Dao, and finally chose the Human Sovereign camp.

As Great Zhou King oneself said, in this process, he experienced confusion, hesitation, and entanglement.

Finally, he chose to embrace This era!

New era!

So, at Tenth Tide, he didn’t hesitate to turn the whole situation around, and he almost succeeded.

Su Yu can integrate Tome of Time and has a lot to do with him.

Back then, he was just scaring Xingxing. He really played against Xingxing. I’m afraid he is not Xingxing’s opponent.

So, he hadn’t made a move at all.

At this moment, Su Yu is also in a complicated mood.

For a long time, lightly sighed: “I thought that you still hide your strength, and you can even have a real extremely powerful expert… As a result, you are not, what a pity!”

Great Zhou King was a little helpless, sighed said nothing.

Su Yu said again: “From Immemorial to now, have you not made any progress?”

Great Zhou King said softly: “I said a long time ago that my talent is not top-level, it just accumulates that’s all by accumulating over a long period of time. You are the talent of the times, the darling of the times , And I… just a common man of This era!”

accumulated over a long period of time Up to now, Great Zhou King has just possessed the power of 16 Dao, which is worth entering the first class.

Many Great Dao, after many years of cultivation, did not master Great Dao until they integrated into Su Yu Heaven and Earth and entered the first class.

Su Yu at this moment is somewhat empty.

“Your real name is Zhou Tian?”


“Is it related to the sky?”

Su Yu watched him: “Zhou Tianwen Ming, Sun and Moon stars, your name…but it has some origins. And the person Tian, ​​disappeared, I guessed before, whether you are related to this person, the result is not, Eight heads, Yue is a female, is it only one month is a female?”

Are you really a son of Human Ancestor Zhou?

Great Zhou King is just talking about descendants, how many generations of descendants?

Who gave birth to a descendant with Zhou?

At the point of Zhou, looking for a woman should be very strong, right?

Look at Martial King. Martial King and Perception King have Dao companions. Dao companions are both top-level and first-class experts.

Great Zhou King shook his head: “Zhou Tian, ​​just the name! I am the great-grandson of Human Ancestor Zhou. My father and my grandfather died in the last days. The descendants of Human Ancestor are not just me, and so is Yu , Giant Clan’s ancestors are also, in fact, Human Ancestor series, left a lot of bloodlines! Immemorial initial stage, he is still active in Myriad Worlds, including today’s Human Clan, in fact, there are some of his descendants… but countless generations away It’s just like Wen and Xing. You think it’s a descendant, but it’s not.”

“Human Ancestor, as long as you observe Myriad Worlds then it will be alright?”

Great Zhou King nodded slightly: “It’s just that, because…I can’t change anything, and it’s not powerful enough! Too talent, too powerful, but too compelling, ordinary existence like me In order to live from Immemorial to the present day! Otherwise, would you believe in an extremely powerful expert and take refuge in some young people?”

Su Yu smiled: “That’s hard to say, maybe you think Youngster has potential?”

Regardless of what was said, Su Yu finally said: “Is there anything else I want to say?”

Great Zhou King silent for a moment, opened one’s mouth and said: “Others, no need to say anything, this Tide, my discipline, maybe you want me to say something to him… but I don’t have much Nice to say!”

For Liu Wenyan, he didn’t have much to say, too much explanation.

The Great Zhou King looked at the water of Chang He, slowly flowing, and then said after a while: “If you meet him, tell him, you hate it, there is no need to endure it! Too many years, hurt Body, I don’t mind if he hates me! Maybe I should pass on him Enduring Dao back then, maybe it’s even bigger!”

He laughed laughingly.

Su Yu slightly furrowed one’s brow, Great Zhou King looked at Su Yu, laughed a bit and then said: “There is one last thing.”


Great Zhou King sighed, slowly said: “Human Ancestor is likely to have some things left in Myriad Worlds, Fleshly Body Dao, may have been given up by him, just a shame, similar to Civil King’s Dao of Brush. He If the sky opens, then his Heaven and Earth……maybe still in Myriad Worlds!”

Su Yu watched him, frowning: “You betrayed your ancestor?”

Human Ancestor didn’t seem to be doing you anything, so you betrayed it?

Great Zhou King shook his head: “It’s not a betrayal, I actually still hope you can cooperate. He is a traitor to Heavenly Gate, and a traitor to Humans. In the gate, he may not be seen…I just hope, He… can also have a good result! Instead of being killed! He betrays people, from the perspective of people, he is unforgivable, but from your perspective… He may not be impossible to win.

Su Yu while lost in thought, “You mean, let me find his Heaven and Earth and force him to cooperate?”

“Sure it!”

Great Zhou King said with a smile: “Without some constraints, you may not believe that he will cooperate.”

“Do you know where he is Heaven and Earth?”

Great Zhou King shook his head: “I don’t know, but there are a few places with high probability. First, the giant within the World’s domain! Second, somewhere in Chaos. Third, within Human Realm!”

Su Yu startled: “In Human Realm?”

“Yes, the more dangerous the place, the safer! The more unexpected the place, the more likely it is!”

Great Zhou King laughed a bit and then said: “If Heaven and Earth is hidden in Human Realm, River of Time will repel Heaven and Earth a bit, but the repulsion power is not as great as that of other Heaven and Earth, so , It’s not impossible!”

Human Realm?

Will it?

Human Ancestor should have created a Heaven. According to other people’s statements, the experts that don’t create a Heaven and the Great Dao Lord of Law Realm are all were sealed, because they are all elites of the times when they master the Great Dao. It was sealed together.

Human Ancestor has not been sealed, and there is a Lord of Death Spirits, Lord of Death Spirits created a Heaven, Human Ancestor should also be opened!

Su Yu thought for a moment, nodded: “If you can find the best in retrospect, forget it!”

Speaking, Su Yu said again: “He betrayed and colluded with others, what is it for?”

According to those people, Human Ancestor should have no conflict with people.

Great Zhou King shook his head: “I don’t know about this. If you meet him, you may be able to look into it oneself. The past is not a secret, at least not now, he may tell you!”

Su Yu laughed: “Also!”

Speaking, Su Yu said while preparing to leave: “You go back to Myriad Worlds too! I’ll walk forward and see where those guys are hiding!”

Great Zhou King didn’t say anything, didn’t let Su Yu be careful, Su Yu didn’t need to be careful.

He didn’t linger, and soon went with the river’s flow.

And Su Yu is going against the river’s flow!

For the Great Zhou King, he decided to leave it to Liu Wenyan to make the decision. Su Yu was actually the beneficiary of the Great Zhou King’s series of plans. Only Liu Wenyan was very sad.

Su Yu pressed these down and continued to fly upstream.

Like on the ground!

At the point of Su Yu, even in River of Time, there is almost no pressure.

Moving forward all the way, After a while, Su Yu sensed a breath, a special breath.

It seems…very grand!

However, there is a faint feeling of weakness.

Su Yu look in ones eyes slightly shifted.

I…Have I reached the Heavenly Gate near the real gate?

River of Time, as the portal approaches, it is actually being compressed, both ends are compressed, compressed to the extreme, compressed to the Myriad Worlds area, three doors open at once, this is the opportunity that Lord of Death Spirits has been thinking about. Devour Chang He!

Otherwise, the current Chang He, he can’t swallow it.

When Su Yu went forward some distance again, he saw an incomparably colossal portal.

And near the portal, a group of people struggled to survive under the faint rays of light from the portal.

When I saw Su Yu’s silhouette, those people all of their expressions changed!

“Su Yu!”

Some nasty shouts resounded!

God Sovereign shouted furiously: “Su Yu, do you dare to come here?”

At this moment, above the portal, a faint brilliance appeared, as if it was recovering.

And Su Yu, did not look at those people, but at this huge portal, was lost in thought, said after a long time: “When will you overlap with Myriad Worlds?”

God Sovereign They were a little frightened, thinking that Su Yu asked them, but it didn’t feel like!

Next moment, Heavenly Gate suddenly fluctuated slightly, and an old and kindly voice came out: “Su Yu, are you looking forward to my coincidence with Myriad Worlds?”

Everyone is shocked!

Heavenly Gate… is alive!

Also, the other party actually knows Su Yu!

At this moment, they only feel inconceivable because they don’t know that Heavenly Gate is alive and conscious!

Su Yu laughed: “with some anticipation! In addition, I also with some doubts, are you a Heaven-Creator, are you completely sealed? If you resuscitate, do you need to kill people to fulfill your origin and prevent oneself from falling?”

“After turning into a door, I am regarded as was sealed.”

Heavenly Gate gave the answer.

Su Yu smiled: “You sheltered these people, did you prepare for the people in the door?”

Heavenly Gate does not answer.

Su Yu thought for a bit, then spoke again: “I know you will not recover now, I ask a question, you have to answer me, otherwise… these people, you don’t want to stay alone!”

Heavenly Gate silent for a moment: “What do you want to know?”

“Renmen, what kind of existence is it?”

“Do you think I will know?”

Su Yu said with a smile: “Yes, I think you should know some!”

Heavenly Gate was silent for a while before saying: “The existence of great shore!”

Su Yu unexpectedly: “You can say stalwart?”

“Because the other party is really terrifying!”

Heavenly Gate will fluctuate: “I was sealed, and I also worship him!”

Su Yu laughed: “Okay!”

People say that the other party is terrifying, so it’s probably really terrifying.

He looked towards these people in front of him again, said with a smile: “How about giving me half? Otherwise, if you deal with me, you will have to recover and delay your recovery.”

At this moment, God Sovereign is all changing colors!

Su Yu, is terrifying to this point?

Will even the unattainable Heavenly Gate compromise with him?

However, Heavenly Gate refused. Said tranquilly: “You will not deal with me because… I can open it and force you into the door! Do you want to fight against them?”

Su Yu smiled: “I don’t really want to!”

He didn’t say this anymore, but looked towards God Sovereign and they, a glowing smile: “You are just the nourishment of those guys in the Heavenly Gate! God Sovereign, I still have something puzzled. Human Sovereign brought you together. Dealing with Sanmen… He should have talked about the situation in the door, Yin Yang merging, Human Sovereign It shouldn’t be to hide it from you, why bother to rebel?”

“Cooperating with the door, is it really good?”

Su Yu said with a smile: “How do we say, it is also a cultivator of an era! In the door, don’t look at the same Clan same sect, but the existence of the last era, do you think it will not kill you or what?” /p>

At this moment, God Sovereign had a somewhat unsightly expression, said after a long time: “Rebellion? What is rebellion? We are just to survive that’s all!”

He said icily: “Purgatory King is killing our people everywhere, Time Master is also killing, Civil King and Human Sovereign don’t care! You Human Clan is the most ruthless! The most poisonous! Human Sovereign brought us here back then. Don’t you just want to use us to help him suppress the three-door confluence? From beginning to end…you just used us as cannon fodder and used as a chess piece! If it weren’t for Human Sovereign, oneself would be unlucky…you I think he will talk to him like this, so easy to talk to? But after being injured, he is unable to suppress us and looks downright that’s all!”

God Sovereign sneered: “You people are the most hypocritical!”

Su Yu nodded slightly: “Then you have not considered cooperating with the door, you will be treated as nourishment?”

God Sovereign silent for a moment, slowly said: “No!”

Su Yu unexpectedly: “Why are you so sure?”

Why do you think that you will not become a nourishment?

On the strength of you people?

At this moment, near God Sovereign, there are also some people, Panic in one’s heart, seeming somewhat unsettled.

God Sovereign looked at Su Yu, solemnly said: “Because… Many of us cultivation the Three Embodiments Method!”

Su Yu startled, what does it mean?

next moment, seems to understand something!

Sure enough, God Sovereign said tranquilly: “In order to defend against your Human Clan and to increase the bargaining chips with the experts in the door, many of us cultivated the Three Embodiments Method, but most of us did not integrate Embodiment of Future, but , Once the three doors open, we will choose to integrate Embodiment of Future!”

He looked at Su Yu: “Human Sovereign’s lessons are here. In fact, now, we also know that White-1, as long as they integrate the Three Embodiments Method, they dare not swallow our Great Dao rashly, because they swallowed… …There may be some problems, very serious problems! Some of our Great Dao is vain, such as rootless duckweed!”

He looked at Su Yu, at this moment started to laugh: “Su Yu, don’t think that Human Clan is the only one who is smart! After cultivation of the Three Embodiments Method, the people in the door dare not swallow it! Otherwise, incomparably powerful Human Sovereign is their lesson!”

Su Yu suddenly touched his chin: “Don’t tell me… your routine, it seems to be really useful! Three Embodiments Method should be passed down from people. Embodiment of Future has big problems, even people. I lend you the power, most of Archaic in the door know this, but we don’t know much in This era! Putting it that way, those guys, really might not dare to swallow you?”

God Sovereign lightly said: “Yes! Of course, we don’t want to choose this way until it is a last resort! You forced it! In the case of death and the possibility of being killed by people, we choose the latter! “

What I said to Su Yu was also to Heavenly Gate.

You can’t swallow us!

Su Yu said with a smile: “Who taught you?”

Su Yu hasn’t really considered this matter, or that he didn’t know it before, and only the late stage knew it.

And God Sovereign may have known it a long time ago.

Su Yu said again: “The Immortal Sovereign didn’t seem to melt three embodiments before they died.”

God Sovereign said tranquilly: “Because at that time, they didn’t expect to die here, and we are now ready! As soon as the three doors are opened, we will merge three embodiments!”

“Why not melt now?”

Su Yu said with a smile: “With three embodiments now, I can increase my strength somewhat.”

God Sovereign watched him: “Because you don’t understand at all, the three doors open, Past, Present, and Future are the strongest. At that time, three embodiments were integrated and improved the most! Su Yu, you can also try it!”

Su Yu smiled: “Don’t, I’ll forget it! I don’t want to be unlucky! I haven’t told me yet, who taught you.”

“Does it make sense?”

Su Yu nodded, of course it makes sense.

I don’t even know about this kind of thing, but you are all clear.

Could it be that… someone taught?

The integration of three embodiments is indeed the result that people need.

So, God Clan really has something to do with people?

Or, is Immortal Sovereign communicating with Renmen before?

Su Yu saw that they were all hiding near the Heavenly Gate, then looked at the Heavenly Gate, laughed a bit and then said: “Forget it, you don’t give it to me, it seems you have plans to own it! I’m waiting at Myriad Worlds You! I hope you will coincide with Myriad Worlds sooner…otherwise, I’m afraid I will kill you when the time comes as easy as blowing off dust, that would be a shame!”

Su Yu a forlorn sigh: “In fact, we have no grudges, but unfortunately… we are destined to be a winner! From the stars, we can know that maybe you really want to revive Human Clan… But you Yes, it’s your Human Clan, not my Human Clan!”

Heavenly Gate said nothing.

Different times, they are destined to not have too many common pursuits.

Su Yu slowly retreated. Since the Heavenly Gate sheltered, Su Yu didn’t forcefully make a move. He really dragged him into the door, which is not a good thing.

As soon as Su Yu retreated, Heavenly Gate suddenly fluctuated: “Su Yu, you are the fourth Daos portal! Era-sealing Gate! My today is your tomorrow! You think you can contend, You think you can struggle, but you don’t know, at the last moment… Maybe the person you trust the most will betray you! Humans, more treacherous, mysterious, and powerful than you think!

“The human gate represents the destruction of the world, once the world is destroyed, the human gate is strong. When the one by one era is destroyed… The human gate may have been secretly observed, extracting the power of the era’s destruction… You are destined to perish! “

At this moment, Heavenly Gate said a lot.

Finally, he even said: “In fact, we may not be hostile to each other, why not join forces to deal with people?”

Su Yu stopped, looked towards Heavenly Gate, smiled.

Join up?

Is it possible?

Impossible, because they want to come back, they are destined to start with Myriad Worlds expert, Su Yu, these people are the best nourishment.

For Su Yu, these experts are also nourishment!

“Let’s talk about it!”

Su Yu did not directly refuse, said with a smile: “Besides…what you said, I won’t believe it all!”

The words fell, Su Yu quietly retreated.


Su Yu did not stay up the River of Time too long.

Soon, he fell down.

Not long after, Su Yu returned to Myriad Worlds, quietly.

Enter Myriad Worlds, Su Yu form disappeared in a flash.

After a while, Su Yu got into Human Realm. In Human Realm, Human Sovereign has already left.

Su Yu quickly returned to Southern Origin, silhouetted again, got into the fake Civilization historical remains, and walked to the end of the historical remains. Su Yu tore the cracked space and emerged in the interlayer of historical remains A little Space.

Su Yu silhouette flashed and got into this little Space.


This is a small space. With Su Yu’s previous strength, Space was developed. It is not Heaven and Earth. It can only be developed so large, about the same size as Southern Origin.

There are not many people in the small Space.

At this moment, there are still some loud readings from the academy in Xiaocheng.

The sound of iron strikes is also ringing in Cling Cling Clang Clang.

Su Yu silhouette appeared outside the academy. At this moment, in a small academy, some children are reading. These are some of the children who lost their parents and close relatives in the War. Not too many, more than a hundred.

There is no shortage of Teachers here.

At the moment, on the podium, Liu Wenyan is teaching.

Su Yu silhouette appeared outside the window. In the classroom, Liu Wenyan appeared to have sensed something, took a look outside, and saw Su Yu, it was only nodded slightly, and then continued to teach those children: “Opening Origin, is life It’s an extremely important stage in China, after opening nine orifices, it can be cultivation!”

“Cultivation is a process of strengthening the self and the self…but the strength of cultivation is not the end result. What is the goal of the strong?”


He is giving lectures to those children, and they may not understand some truths.

Su Yu may not agree with some of the ideas mentioned.

But he didn’t say anything.

Just silently looked at, wait and listen.

This is the Liu Wenyan he knew, as if he had been like this a long time ago.

Su Yu joined the Southern Origin Middle Educational Institute at the age of 12, Liu Wenyan took him for more than five years, but before the age of 12, Su Yu also listened to Liu Wenyan’s lecture, at that time it was to suppress those nightmares.

As it is now, listening to him talk about some Great Dao principles that he doesn’t understand.

Later, I gradually understood a little bit, but thought he was pedantic.

Even when I went to the Great Xia Civilization Educational Institute and learned a lot about him, Su Yu always felt that he was very pedantic. Of course, he was a oneself teacher. He didn’t say that’s all.

Liu Wenyan was replaced by Su Yu. He would not choose to give up everything back then, inherit a God Writing, and then hide in this small city.

It sounds good, it is the legacy of the Master.

It’s ugly, but it’s actually an escape.

Fifty years!

Just to protect this God Writing, the family member died, the brother died, the friend died… Is it worth it?

Su Yu feels worthless!

In that many years, he knew that Su Yu had a problem. Even when Xia Family talked to him, he said that Su Yu should inherit the historical remains, but he never thought of taking this opportunity .

Su Yu admires him, but to this day, he still feels that his character is too indecisive.

Many thoughts at once, came to Su Yu’s mind.

I don’t know how long it takes, and the course is over.

Liu Wenyan walked out of the classroom with a book, dressed in a robe, and with some scholarly air, Su Yu quickly followed.

Liu Wenyan walked and said: “How did you get here? Is it all right outside?”

“Myriad Worlds is fine, just wait for the three doors to open!”

Liu Wenyan laughed: “Are you sure?”

“I don’t know.”

“You can do it!”

Liu Wenyan laughed, walked towards the Residential District behind the academy, and said: “Have you seen other people?”

Su Yu laughed: “No, I was attracted by the Teacher’s lectures when I first came here. It seems to be back in the past! In the blink of an eye, more than ten years ago!”

“Yes, more than ten years!”

Liu Wenyan started to laugh: “Recently, I have taken a lot of free time, but because of the headache of your Teacher Bai, I will explode once when it’s okay. You have to consolidate the Space. I’m afraid I will be explode to death!”

Just finished talking, a giant explosion thundered out!

Su Yu looked in the distance, and a house was blown flat!

A curse sounded: “Fuck, I failed again!”

Su Yu couldn’t refrain from laughing: “What did he study?”

Liu Wenyan airily said: “not quite clear, it seems to be a transformation of Taoism, act foolishly, if this continues, this place will be blown down by him! He is dead, it’s okay, don’t explode these child explode to death Up!”

Su Yu laughed: “I will go back and consolidate Space!”

While talking, on the other side, a big hammer flew out and went straight to Bai Feng. It fell with a hammer, mixed with Zhao Li’s roar: “You bomb again, I hammer you to death!”


Soon, Zhao Li silhouette appeared, with anger, but at this moment I also saw Su Yu and Liu Wenyan. I was slightly surprised when I saw Su Yu, and soon opened one’s mouth and said: “Don’t rush away. Turn around and give me the supplement a bit material. I haven’t made it smoothly recently, and the material has run out!”

Su Yu nodded with a smile: “Okay! Teacher keeps busy, I will go to Teacher later!”


Zhao Li shot a look at Liu Wenyan, and said nothing.


After a while, the two reached a small house.

As soon as I entered the door, a voice came from inside: “I’m back, ready to eat…”

Su Yu suddenly looked in one’s eyes strangely and looked at Liu Wenyan.

Liu Wenyan didn’t care at all, and said as he entered the house: “Come back, Su Yu is here, give him something.”

next moment, a person walks out of the house.

Su Yu started to laugh.

Wu Yuehua didn’t care when he saw Su Yu smiling like this, pretending to be calm: “Look at him being pitiful, come over and make him something to eat, you eat, I will go first, the food is on the table!”

Su Yu couldn’t refrain from laughing: “The teacher was very reserved, and we will eat together.”

Wu Yuehua humphed, not to Su Yu, but to Liu Wenyan, coldly snorted: “Forget it, someone will come later, if you meet it, let’s go first!”

Speaking, stepped away.

Su Yu face full of surprise, what did he think of, he couldn’t help but started to laugh: “Teacher, they are all in this place, who are still fighting?”

Liu Wenyan said with a smile: “If you don’t understand, life is just a little fun!”

Speaking, I went into the house with Su Yu, the food on the table was ready, and there was a bottle of wine. Liu Wenyan said with a smile: “Life is going well, are you envious?”

“A little bit!”

Su Yu nodded: “The place is not big and there are not many people…”

“Why do you want that many people?”

Liu Wenyan disapproved, and greeted Su Yu to sit down and sipped a small drink directly, somewhat satisfied, said with a smile: “Come here today, but it surprised me a bit. I haven’t seen you in more than a year.” /p>

“I went to Heavenly Gate, a few months there, and a year here!”

Su Yu also drank a glass of wine, said with a smile: “Teacher’s life is okay, I am satisfied! Teacher does not feel depressed here, then it will be alright.”

“Depression is not enough!”

Liu Wenyan said with a smile: “Get me more books, and get more seeds and so on. There is food and drink here, but I don’t have a sense of accomplishment when I grow it by myself!”

Su Yu watched him: “Does Teacher want to go out?”

Liu Wenyan was silent for a moment, spoke after a long while: “At first I thought about it, and then I didn’t think about it! In fact, this day may be my yearn for something even in dreams! Just like in Southern Origin, Southern Origin for fifty years…actually makes me miss it, but, I know, I still have some things to do and have to leave Southern Origin! If I can, maybe I will stay incognito in Southern Origin for a lifetime! It’s actually pretty good!”

He said seriously, Su Yu glanced at him, and said: “Teacher, I have a doubt. When my father found you, I also told you some nightmares. Based on your experience, you should know something , Why didn’t you think about taking my chance?”

Liu Wenyan laughed: “Why do you have to maximize the evil of human nature? What you don’t want done to you don’t do to others, I didn’t want to hand over my Teacher’s God Writing back then. Everyone wants it, and I don’t want it, they will kill my whole family… If I take your chance and kill you, your father knows, you have to fight hard with me, then I have to kill your father, kill your father, other People know, maybe I have to kill…”

Liu Wenyan said with a smile: “I suffer such pain oneself, why do I have to impose it on you?”

Su Yu thought for a bit, then spoke again: “The Great Xia King was also here back then, didn’t he think about taking it?”

“Great Xia King?”

Liu Wenyan said with loud laughter: “Having thought of this, he thought it was a historical remains, but I am a Scholar. It is still possible to persuade this barbarian! They are all subjects of Great Xia Prefecture, so why bother to fight for him? Does he care about chance? Xia Family is actually human, otherwise, Great Xia Prefecture would not be so good at fighting…”

Su Yu nodded.

A toast and a toast, said with a smile: “Thank you Teacher for not killing back then!”

“What nonsense are you talking about!”

Liu Wenyan started to laugh.

Su Yu said again: “Ye Batian, Teacher knows what happened?”

Liu Wenyan was silent for a moment, nodded: “Dead!”

Su Yu frowned.

Liu Wenyan did not look at him: “My Teacher is dead. I died more than fifty years ago! The origins are scattered in Myriad Worlds, and I can’t be resurrected! Su Yu, Ye Batian is my Teacher, don’t keep calling me. Its name, be polite!”

Su Yu knit one’s brow and said: “Teacher ……”

Liu Wenyan said with a smile: “What do you want to say? Isn’t my Teacher dead? Then you resurrect show me?”

Su Yu solemnly said: “He said, you can hate him…”

“Don’t hate!”

Liu Wenyan waved his hand: “There are some things that the owner chooses! It has nothing to do with others! You, your personality is too impulsive, you have to check everything clearly, and find out! Why bother?”

Liu Wenyan said with loud laughter: “When you were youthful, maybe there was an impulse, but then I understood, it’s plain and plain, maybe it’s true!”

Su Yu thought for a moment, nodded: “Teacher said that, then Ye Batian… is dead! Completely fallen!”


Liu Wenyan did not continue to say this, said with a smile: “These days, outside, do you want to find a Dao companion to inherit from generation to generation? Give birth to one, I will give you child enlightenment? I have been teaching these children recently. , But there is a little sense of accomplishment…not as smart as you! I teach, Old Zhao is responsible for teaching iron, your Teacher Bai is responsible for research, and Master Hong is responsible for teaching fighting…”

Su Yu smiled bitterly: “No, no time, no interest!”

“Food and sex!”

sighed, Liu Wenyan once more sighed with emotion: “You Teacher, I, the biggest mistake in this life is that you shouldn’t talk nonsense when you are young! Compared to this, other things are nothing!”

Su Yu smiled wryly: “Teacher, when is it… If it doesn’t work, you just have to have a few fun with yourself!”


Liu Wenyan laughed, “But… let alone, it’s not impossible!”

Speaking, raised an eyebrow said with a smile: “How about you Teacher, let me make a sample for you?”


Su Yu hehe smiled straight: “Teacher, you come, then it will be alright, let me talk about it! When I settle all the troubles, I will talk about it!”

“Hey, stubborn!”

Liu Wenyan had no taste of drinking, and sighed again and again: “It’s a pity! Your father didn’t talk to me less about this. For this, he almost fought with me and drank a few times, every time he scolded me a lot , I can’t help it…”

Speaking, shook his head again: “You…it’s not saved!”

Su Yu roll the eyes, is this hopeless?

“Teacher, I’m still young!”

“Fine! Let’s not talk about these sad things!”

Liu Wenyan laughed and said again: “Here you don’t worry, there is no other problem, look back at your father and they all miss you! By the way, also, you don’t want furball to lick all the time Licking… A few days ago, this guy didn’t know if he was hungry, he ran to lick Yuehua’s pill furnace, a medicinal pill, all the essence was licked, and a dozen or so medicinal pills were discarded before he knew it was this. The guy is messing up. It’s under the stove. If it’s not for the dripping saliva, I don’t know what happened.”

Su Yu looked dumbfounded, as for?

So hungry?

When I left, I left it for food, so it’s finished?

It’s really edible!

Look at Fat Ball. It has been self-sufficient for hundreds of thousands of years, and I haven’t seen it starve to death.


Su Yu laughed, nodded: “Okay, I see, I’ll save it more food later!”

Speaking, the two were drinking and eating.

No more about Great Zhou King.

After a while, someone came again and sat down to eat, face remained icy cold, and ignored Su Yu. He ate for a while, and suffered a lot: “I raised an unfilial son and won’t come back for more than a year. I didn’t even look at his dad when I came back. I ran to find a Messy Old Man to drink, and those who didn’t know thought his dad was dead!”


Su Yu is helpless and doesn’t know what to say.

After a while, Bai Feng entered with black and gray heads, and sat down and ate: “Good discipline, have you won? If you won, I will take down the three doors and let me study it. You compressed the River of Time, and give me some research. I think I recently researched bottleneck, and these researches are urgently needed!”

Su Yu nodded with a smile, perfunctorily, is fooling the past.

There are more and more people.

In the small courtyard, the familiar faces emerged, and one table was not enough, so tables were added.

Drink, eat, complain, scold, laugh…

This is the daily routine here, Su Yu silently looked at, ignoring the furball leaping on his head.

Maybe, this is what oneself wants.

Su Yu doesn’t know if they are really happy, at least at the moment when oneself arrives, they are happy.

In the small courtyard, happy laughter and cheerful voices spread.

At this moment, I suddenly felt that everything oneself did was meaningful.

Human Sovereign’s responsibility is too great, he doesn’t want to bear it.

These people in front of him are his responsibilities.

Su Yu ate and drank silently. At this moment, the tired heart gradually relaxed.

At this moment, his 35 expert drank too much, leaned on the chair, just so drunk and dimly giggling, cheerfully.

Seeing Teacher Liu being beaten by three masters, I suddenly felt that it was very interesting!

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