Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 10

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  Chapter 10 Counterattack (seeking recommendation)

Widow’s Bay Camp.

Outside the tent, there is a hustle and bustle.

Whether dealing with prisoners of war, treating the wounded, or counting losses, it takes time.

However, Aaron has the privilege. You don't have to do it yourself, just wait for the result.

At this moment, he was in the tent, holding a notebook in his hand, and adding a few lines of words musingly.

[The month of the new birth of the green banyan, on the 19th, I acquired extraordinary abilities in my dream and named them'Extraordinary Memory' and'Danger Perception'......]

[But after returning to reality, this extraordinary disappeared... Fortunately,'Extraordinary Memory' can be slowly learned and consolidated in a dream. ]

[About'Danger Perception', it is speculated that it can only be obtained in a dream, and can sense the dangers in reality, the range...not sure...this may be guessed by the enemy’s sneak attack distance ……]

[It seems that in this world, it is very difficult to obtain the extraordinary, but it is not without the way to seize every opportunity... Maybe, I will become a "dream fortuneteller" in the future? 】


After writing the Chinese characters that only he knows, Aaron shook the head, put the notebook away, and fell asleep.

His sleep quality has always been very good, and coupled with the fatigue of the war, he immediately felt a sense of falling.

When Aaron opened his eyes again, he saw the scarlet light again.

The world in the dream.

"Well, I feel a lot more flexible in thinking, and it really is different from reality..."

Aaron sensed again, nodded with satisfaction: "There is no dangerous feeling either, [Danger Perception] Without warning, is it generally safe in reality?"

Every day you sleep, you will increase the reserve of a mysterious energy unit in your dream, but there is a time limit.

There is only one unit in a day.

Therefore, the idea of ​​refreshing energy by dreaming multiple times in one day is not feasible.

Because he had obtained energy before, Aaron at this time did not feel the slightest new energy generation.

"The laws of the world in this dream are worth exploring, and there are many rules I haven't discovered..."

Aaron rested his chin on his hands and fell into a deep thought.

Because of his active thinking, he somewhat likes to use dreams as thinking rooms and make some important decisions.

"Although I at this time defeated the Davis Family's conspiracy, the war on Black Raven Dune still has a lot of uncertainty. Once the Sotos Family is defeated, it will be when the nest is upset no egg is left intact ……"

"When this external contradiction overwhelms the internal contradiction, it is a joke to hide clumsy things. We must help the Sotos Family and defeat the Davis Family!"

"As for Colin's possible hostility? I can only compare the two evils, whichever is less. Besides, would I be afraid of him? Hehe......"

At this moment, Aaron had it again. Subtle induction.

"It's not dangerous, but someone is coming."

He closed his eyes and woke up from his dream.

At this time, Eight Fingers and Small Captain just came in, with joy on their faces: "Sir, we defeated the Davis Family's conspiracy and won a brilliant victory."

It seems that through the interrogation, they also learned of some conspiracies.

"Okay, let's talk about it carefully."

Aaron waved his hand.

Eight Fingers rubbed his index finger: "Because the adults discovered in advance, we had very few casualties during the night attack this time, but the results were very rich... Many prisoners, the most important of which is Roan Davis, and congratulations to your lord for killing the wild bear Knight Saliba."

"In terms of seizure, there are two large ships, which are docked in the vicinity. Not far away, according to the captive’s account, once they defeated us, they would immediately take a boat to our territory, sneak attack the castle..."

Having said that, Eight Fingers' forehead was also dripping with cold sweat. Davis Family completed the sneak attack, I'm afraid they will not end well.

"Bring that Roan here."

Aaron thought for a while.

not very long, a young nobleman was dragged up like a dead dog.

The arrow wound on his leg has been simply bandaged, but there is still blood leaking from the cloth tape.

At this time, Roan Davis raised his head and looked at the youngster who defeated him, with shock and disbelief on his face: "Is it you?"

Back then, under the sacred green banyan tree When the marriage contract was concluded, Aaron also met each other, and couldn't help but smile: "Your Excellency Roan, long time no see."

This man is the nephew of Lord Davis, and he is considered a confidant.

If it is not someone you trust, it will not be sent to perform this kind of task.

"Unexpectedly, we have always underestimated you." Roan sighed: "With this kind of military talent and quality, you are the best heir!"

"Death When it comes to the end, will you have to provoke separation?"

Aaron did not care about the different expressions of his subordinates, indifferently said: "However, you still have a chance to survive. Take my people and go to sneak attack Davis. The castle of the Family clan!"

Roan's expression changed as soon as this sentence was uttered.

The war is indeed hard power. While the main force of the Davis Family clan entangles the Sotos army on the front line, it is already a surprise force to make up such a surprise force. At this time, the territory is bound to be empty. Incomparable.

Moreover, they think that they are the one going to the sneak attack, and they never expect to be attacked, as long as the speed is fast enough, before the defeated soldiers return! At   this time, a convenient means of transportation like boats is very important.

Roan had no idea that the tools he was going to use to attack Sotos would in turn become the noose of the Davis Family!    "Of course, you don't have to agree. Anyway, I only need a tour guide. Some of the other prisoners will be willing."

Aaron slowly said: "At that time, you didn't have Used..."

Upon hearing this, Roan's expression changed drastically.


Half an hour later, a group of people boarded the original Davis Family boat.

The captives rowed desperately towards Davis territory.

The mother river under the moonlight is quiet and peaceful.

Eight Fingers came to behind Aaron a little nervously: "My lord...can we be one step faster than those deserters?"

The defensive power of the castle in this era is amazing, as long as With preparation, they will definitely not be able to take it down.

"I don't know, try one's luck."

Aaron said indifferently: "Besides, even if you can't capture the castle, you can rob the houses around the castle... Harassing the enemy’s rear is also a great feat."

As soon as this sentence was uttered, his expression changed, and he became more greedy.

Eight Fingers couldn't help but move.


At this time, Davis's territory is empty, it is simply a big piece of fat.

It's a shame not to take a bite!

(End of this chapter)

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