Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 11

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  Chapter 11 Breaking the Door (for further reading)

Led by Davis.

The two ships did not dare to anchor in the port and found a place to anchor on the shore at random.

"Tie up all the prisoners!"

Aaron gave the order, took Roan and a few prisoners, and looked at the sky.

After a night of disturbances, before dawn, it happened to be the darkest time of the night.

At this time, people feel the most distressed and their vigilance is the weakest.

"My lord, good opportunity."

Looking at the dark, quiet building, Eight Fingers licked his lips.

Roan smiles wryly.

His desire to survive still prevailed, so he surrendered, but he couldn't help but be surprised when he saw the undefended posture of his hometown.

"Yes, such a good opportunity, it's a shame just to rob a house..."

Aaron shook his head and looked at Roan, faintly smiled and said: "Your Excellency Roan, I will trouble you to open the gate of the castle later... I will follow you personally."

"I am willing to help you!"

Roan The bitterness on his face was even worse, and then he said: "You don't worry about the defensive power in the castle, or someone tells the news in advance, so is it a trap?"

"This, I will naturally advance Confirmed."

Aaron Sotos laughed and answered.

In an ordinary world without extraordinary powers, having a little mysterious self is simply dead.

When approaching the castle, he will naturally use the method of dreaming to confirm whether the action is dangerous.

If [Danger Perception] is a strong warning, it will naturally retreat and will not be so stupid to die.



Above the castle, the guard Abel yawned boredly.

In Davis territory, those who were able to conquer and fight, basically went to the front line, and those who were able to fight a little bit, most of them were transferred away by Roan.

What is left now is only some old, weak, sick and disabled.

He stayed all night, nothing happened, and he was very tired.

At this time, I can’t wait to take over and go to the kitchen to enjoy oatmeal soup and bacon. This is a special treatment for night watchers.

Suddenly, he saw the entire group coming over and reaching below the castle.

The leader is Roan Davis.

"Your Excellency Roan?"

Abel cried out in surprise.

"It's me, open the door, damn it, there is a problem with our plan, I want to report to Madam immediately!" Roan Davis said loudly.

If you get closer, you will find sweat dripping from the forehead of this lord, and behind him, Aaron smiled and pressed a dagger to his waist.


Without any doubt, Abeer went down to call people, opened the city gate, and greeted Roan and the others.

Squeaky, ka-cha...

Accompanied by the toothy noise of gears and ropes, the suspension bridge was slowly lowered, and the old wooden door slowly opened.

After entering the castle, Abel greeted him: "My lord, what can I do for you...ah!"

In the next moment, a long sword, directly Stabbed into his chest.

After Aaron started, the guys selected by Eight Fingers immediately pulled out their weapons and killed the people at the gate of the castle.

In this way, with no difficulty, I won the city gate, and even Aaron felt too smooth.

Although the divination in the dream shows that there is really no danger.

"My lord, let's rush!"

Eight Fingers howled, and cut off a guard's head with a machete, with blood red eyes.

Obviously, the wealth that a lord has accumulated in the castle for many years has completely lost his mind.

"Go on and attack."

Aaron nodded, let Eight Fingers rush forward.

dong dong!

From inside the castle hall, a group of guards surged out. Although they looked old and small, but the number was quite large.

"Are these, Knight's attendants?"

Aaron recognized it at a glance. Like Theodore, he likes to keep his butler and Knight's sons by his side as attendants, Davis Family clan also has this tradition.

At the same time, these children who have been cultivated since childhood have a little hostage meaning.

Their father and brother, perhaps still fighting for the Davis Family on the front line, they should be properly protected in the rear.

At this time, he also came out to fight, obviously he was driven to a desperate situation.

"Damn bastard, I want to chop off your head!"

A scream came from Baker in front of him. He was accidentally caught by a half-old child. Stabbed in the body, although the injury is not serious, but also drenched with blood.

"The enemy's willingness to resist is very tenacious... There is a possibility of failure."

Aaron looked at all of this, with a gloomy expression on his face: "Light a beacon!"


This is the second plan he prepared. After occupying the city gate, he immediately burned the beacon. At the same time, several eloquent guys outside would try to incite civilians! And release the captives, let them also plunder!   Don't underestimate people's inferiority!    After being a neighbor for so many years, Aaron also knows the virtues of the Davis family. It is good not to crush the civilians to death.

At this moment in distress, seeing that the castle has been breached, the leaders will never take the initiative to help them.

On the contrary, I am very interested in becoming a mob and grabbing a handful.

'After the castle is taken, the best strategic choice should be to stay here forever, unite with the frontline army inside and outside, and completely destroy the Davis Family... But it is very dangerous. Dozens of people guard a castle. Although the army of a thousand people can resist for a while, it may accidentally be wiped out! '

Aaron certainly did not sacrifice himself to achieve the high-quality of the family's great cause, even if it is possible.

Therefore, it is the best choice to use the enemy’s leaders to completely break the castle and reduce the difficulty of subsequent attacks.

And he will inevitably retreat before the Davis army returns!

"You guys! Still put up a desperate struggle? You have failed... The Davis Family will be destroyed, and your loyalty will not get any return!"

Aaron Holding a cross long sword, looking at a rushing old man with gray hair, coldly said: "Even if you don't surrender directly and take away the wealth from the castle, it will be enough for you to live a good life outside. ."

"You don't know..."

Old Knight shouted loudly, slashing with a sword.

It can be seen that he has a lot of experience, but his energy is weak.

In the end, Aaron pierced his chest with a sword.

He is still struggling, spitting blood at his mouth: "I don't understand...Knight's way...It is loyalty!"

pu!    Aaron withdrew the long sword, expression Indifferent: "Yeah... I am not Knight, I don't understand loyalty, I am a wild beast dominated by desire!"

"But, I won, I survived, and you died... …This is reality!"

"No matter how noble slogans are, it can’t compare to actual benefits!"

(End of this chapter)

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