Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 12

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When Aaron saw that he was carrying the prisoners, And more leaders rushed into the castle, just like the moment when he became a wild beast, he knew that he was victorious today.

When the sun rose high, the news that Davis Castle was broken has spread around the neighborhood.

Many face-covered leaders, turned into thugs, joined the feast.

He just guarded the gate of the castle, not rejecting those thugs who came, let them enter the castle, explore one hall after another, and found one secret passage after another, dealing with the enemy, and even demolishing the gate. Every iron nail.

"It's almost..."

Looking at the mess of the castle, Aaron asked Sanchez and the others to follow him into the hall.

Above the aisle, there are bloodstains everywhere. If his people are forced to attack in, it will inevitably suffer heavy losses.

But at this time, among the fallen corpses, Aaron has very few men.

From various rooms, screams and laughter continued to be heard. Several gangsters with wine bottles in their hands wandered in the hall wantonly, draped in various silks, and some were simply torn off. curtain.

The robbers subconsciously divided into many groups and confronted each other, but they did not dare to oppose the regular army.

"In order to break the castle as soon as possible, my spoils of war will be reduced a lot..."

Aaron thought in his heart and came to the depths of the castle.

This is the share he deserves. Those mobs dared not get involved, and those who dared to get involved have long since become corpses.

At this moment, behind a door, the young woman's depressed crying sound came out.

The man present knew what was going on when he heard it, and a playful smile appeared on his face.

"I remember that I said that spoils of war are distributed uniformly with women!"

Aaron's face suddenly became gloomy. He knew the virtues of his men and wanted to ban them. Not too possible.

But such blatantly violating the order will cause his battle strength to drop. If everyone does this, they will quickly lose their advantage as a regular army, unable to suppress thugs, and perhaps they will not be able to get out of this territory!   pa!   Aaron's face was cold, and he kicked the door open.

Inside the door is obviously a lady’s boudoir, with a bed curtain made of silk and satin, covering the velvet bed.

At this time, the corpses of a few thugs fell on the ground, and there was a man undressing. He saw Aaron and quickly lifted his pants, his face suddenly showed a silly smile: "Boss, you listen to me explain... it wasn't me who did it, it was the mobs."

"Yes, you didn't do it, but you are about to do it..."

Aaron stepped forward and drew Eight Fingers a whip using sword sheathe.

pa!   Eight Fingers shook his body, and a scarlet trace immediately appeared on his back.

He continued to step forward, opened the curtain with a sword, and saw a crying face: "Sylvie Davis?"

This is the only daughter of Lord Davis and also Colin's fiancee, the heroine who led to this war.

At the engagement ceremony, Aaron had met each other, remembering to be a proud woman, but now...

"Take this woman, she might be useful."

Regardless of the woman’s state, Aaron directly gave the order and asked: "Where is Mrs. Anna?"

"The lady was hacked to death next door, how many A child!"

Eight Fingers answered with a pity, it would be great if an adult came here a while later.

As for the heir to the Davis leader, he is on the front line battlefield, fighting with the Davis leader.

"Take all the gains, we leave here, before noon, we must get on the big boat!"

Aaron nodded, took a look at the corpse, and gave the order.

Even if someone reports a letter and there is an army back on the front line, it will take time. As long as you get on the boat and go down the river, you will definitely be able to escape!

Anyway, he will never guard the castle, perish together with the enemy army, and then cheap Colin.

That's not realistic!


When the sun came to the center of the sky, the two ships had already set sail.

"If Sir Father is keen enough, he should be prepared after receiving my letter... and the chaos of the enemy army is the best sign."

" If you seize the opportunity, you should be able to end this war completely."

Aaron Sotos stood at the bow, looking at the boxes of seized spoils of war, thinking to himself.

Let the war end as soon as possible, the fewer people will die.

In comparison, today’s sacrifice is nothing.

If the war continues, perhaps ten times, a hundred times more people will die than today!    "But, my biggest purpose, or for myself."

Aaron heard a low sob, it came from those young women, they are all'spoils of war', Including the maid in the castle and the slightly charming mother, after all, Aaron's hands are a group of livestock.

Of course, there is also a jewel-Sylvie Davis.

He has a hunch that this woman will be very useful.

"From now on, the war has nothing to do with me."

Aaron exhaled.


Widow’s Bay Camp.

Two boats are docked outside the camp, and a group of cheerful robbers are excitedly preparing to divide the spoils.

"This time the spoils of war, I am going to divide it into three parts, one of which will be turned over to fief lord, one will belong to me, and the other will be divided by you!"

Aaron Sotos took the pen and paper and began to distribute spoils of war.

Because there are so many things, including livestock and women, it was a little messy for a while.

"Besides... the books belong to me."

Aaron picked up a volume of books, bound with papyrus, almost falling apart.

After all, before he invented the papermaking workshop, the most used papyrus in the Green Forest was not as good as parchment. The only advantage was that it was relatively cheap, and it was completely destroyed by the new paper. ,qiut the market.

However, precious parchment was rarely used before the operation of the papermaking workshop, so most of the books were papyrus texture.

"Follow your wishes, my lord!"

Eight Fingers bowed.

"Don't think that you can escape the whip in this way."

Aaron coldly snorted, as a punishment for not observing the military order, although the crime was attempted, a whip is still indispensable. .

He rummaged through the box full of papers, and suddenly he moved his hand and took out a parchment scroll. He knew immediately that the information recorded on it must be quite precious.

After putting the sheepskin roll away without a trace, he pointed to the box containing the Silver Coin and Copper Coin: "Divide it, Small Captain will take two copies. In addition, if you want women and animals, Will reduce the share!"

After coming up with a generally fair distribution plan, Aaron ignored the carnival of his subordinates, returned to his tent, and began to study the previous parchment roll.

After opening it, a black map emerged.

"It turned out to be a map."

Aaron looked at the map and found that there was one third in the upper half of the map. They are all forests, marked with the appearance of'green forest'.

Then, below the map, there are castles, guarding all convenient transportation, forming a kingdom.

'Kagash Kingdom...The true master of this land, I have heard of its name...'

'However, in the hearts of the leaders of that kingdom, we Lusenian, probably a savage monkey living in the forest, right? '

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