Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 13

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Above Black Raven Dune.


Thousands of armies fiercely intertwined, and a violent assassination broke out.

Different from the entanglement of the past, today's Theodore Sotos, after discovering that the enemy really started to retreat, immediately began a fierce attack.

And, it has achieved remarkable results.

As the sun sets, the battlefield is full of blood, and broken flags fall diagonally, just like the end of an era.

"In the war at this time, my Sotos Family won the victory after all!"

Theodore rode on a horse, inspecting the battlefield, proudly.

"And Aaron, his intelligence is very useful, um... he has the credit for defending Widows Bay."

Theodore said to himself authentically, even if he watched When it came to eldest son's slightly gloomy face.

But he didn't say anything.

At this time, a ranger brought an emissary from the Davis Family.

"Dear Theodore, I have brought the goodwill of my master. I hope to shake hands and make peace. We admit that we have failed and are willing to cede a part of the territory."

That messenger is a The fatty, who was full of flattery, knelt directly on the ground and said.

"Seek peace?"

Theodore hesitated for a while.

Although I really want to destroy the Davis Family, it will not happen overnight. If the opponent puts up a desperate struggle, with the castle, even hundreds of people can resist for a long time.

Just then, a raven flew down, and Knight Turner caught it and took away the letter paper on it.

He looked at it, his expression changed suddenly, he found Theodore, and handed the letter over: "fief lord, this is an urgent letter from Aaron Young Master."

"What? "

Theodore took the letter paper, his eyes widened, and immediately looked at the kneeling fatty, and fiercely stepped forward and gave a whip: "Are you deceiving me?"

"My lord, I dare not, my lord!"

Fatty rolled all over the floor, and the gorgeous robes were stained with filth, calling for mercy.

"My son has breached your castle, destroyed the suspension bridge and gate, and burned your food stock!"

Theodore said with a big smile: "Andrew That guy sent you over to ask for peace, is it just to buy time to rebuild the castle?"


Colin turned pale in fright: "Aaron, he actually... A castle was breached?"

There was a battle report before that when Aaron killed a Knight, he was very surprised. Is this his younger brother who has always been low-key and has no sense of existence?

'Could it be...'

A sense of urgency was immediately buried deep in Colin's heart.

"Go on, attack! Attack! Attack!"

Theodore roared: "I want to take the Davis Family castle and let the green forest unify! I want Kagash's In the northern forest, there is only one voice!"


Ten days later, Aaron got the news.

Theodore Sotos captured Davis Castle, beheaded the patriarch Andrew of the Davis Family clan and his heir Andrew Jr, completely occupying the territory of Upper Green Forest.

From then on, the entire green forest territory will be flying the Sotos Family's green Banyan Horn flag!   "...... war is finally over."

Aaron sigh: "Fortunately, ...... completed the minimum target, finally survived ah."


After one month.

Inside the Green Banyan Tree Cave.

Because of the victory of the war, Theodore believes that this is the gift of [Green Banyan Tree Grandmother], and a grand ceremony is bound to be held.

In this ceremony, Aaron saw the heads of the big and small Andrew father and son, as well as more bloody and cruel living sacrifices.

When the flesh and viscera were filled with the stone platform of the sacrifice and the flag representing the Davis Family was burned out, Theodore finally announced the end of the sacrifice.

The entire group walked out of the cave, Aaron breathes deeply, depressing a slight nausea.

Killing during a war and killing people after the war are completely different things.

"My son, you did a great job."

After taking off the sacrificial robe, Theodore threw the robe to Colin, rarely smiling at Aaron: "Tell me Me, what reward do you want?"

"How about a fief?"

Aaron and Theodore looked at each other, without the slightest hesitation.

In the past, the Lower Green Forest was almost impossible to subscribe again. However, after obtaining the Upper Green Forest, it is possible to set a few Knight fiefs to reward those who have done the work.

And, this is what he is telling Theodore that he has no intention of the position of the heir.

Anyway, no matter how good he is, he may not be able to win the favor of Theodore and let him replace the original heir.

Maybe, this time is a temptation?

Hearing Aaron’s answer, Theodore's expression condensed, and his smile did not change: "Yes, you will be a very good vassal."

It is as it should be by rights to bestow vassals and return them with loyalty."

Aaron showed a hint of excitement.

The conquered nobles of this era are completely different from China.

In the late Chinese feudal era, the titles such as the male princes and men, although they were also called by this name, actually had no real fiefdoms and no private soldiers. Of course, they were taken by the emperor.

In the West, even a king cannot hang a baron by decree.

In Aaron's view, the Western kingdom is like a company. The king is at most a weak chairman, the kind that may be removed by the board of directors in minutes...

Change to Green Forest Among them, once you become Knight, even if Colin is in the upper ranks, it is difficult to treat yourself.

Theodore said a few more words, looking at Colin: "Upper Green Forest has been ruled by the Davis Family for generations, and now it has rashly changed to a ruler. Those people will inevitably be a little bit resistant. What should be done? Do?"

"Sir Father, I am willing to be your sword and clear all obstacles for you." Colin answered without the slightest hesitation.

And Theodore was disappointed and looked towards Aaron.

"At this time, the Upper Green Forest should focus on comfort. You can admit that the Knight territory of the acknowledge allegiance is legal. In addition... Although the direct line of the Davis Family is dead, Sylvie still In..."

Aaron had a playful smile in his heart: "Why don't we continue the previous engagement and let Colin marry Sylvie of Davis Family and announce that their child will be the heir of the future Green Forest, how about?"

"A good way, with the wisdom of ruling!"

A happy smile appeared on Theodore's face: "Have you heard? Colin...immediately prepare to marry Sylvie, the celebration must be huge! "

Colin suddenly seemed to be punched.

He didn't want to marry the woman who brought him shame, even more how...The woman is in Aaron's hands, and he still doesn't know what happened to him!   regrettable, this is a political marriage, even if it is Sylvie sows, he have to marry!

even more how, this is also to consolidate his position as heir.

As long as you marry Sylvie and give birth to heirs, Aaron Sotos and Sean · Sotos are absolutely incomparable to him!    add more shelves after            (Chapter End)

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