Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 14

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  Chapter 14 Venison (for collection)

"In this era, if the heir is dead, Son-in-law also has the right to inherit. Of course, it is limited to direct lines. Those who do not know how many generations have passed will go to the side..."

"After the Davis Family men are dead, Sylvie is a strange thing to live in."

"Also, those ignorant people always think that there should be an aristocratic master to rule them, and they have strange sympathy for the descendants of the ruined aristocracy. This is also the reason for the marriage, which will stifle all instability in the cradle. In!"

Aaron Sotos thought lightly.

"With this step, I completely gave up the fight for heirs, which can greatly reduce the troubles caused by the brilliant war...If Colin is smart enough."

To tell the truth, trifling is a territory, he really doesn't have much interest.

In today's extraordinary circumstances, whoever loves to inherit will inherit.

"Mortals look forward to longevity, and they can't ask for it. Therefore, there are alternatives, such as bloodline longevity, which seeks to give birth to children, and the spiritual longevity of writing theories and passing down the name to later generations. However, this It's all vain!"

"Now...the real extraordinary is right in front of me, what does everything else mean to me?"

Aaron's eyes were firm.

Theodore, who watched this scene, couldn't help but sighed in his heart.


In a dream.

Aaron recalled all kinds of video and image materials that he had seen in his previous life, and found out what could be used from them, and then began to repeat the memory continuously.

In his dream world, he equivalent to obtain a state of controllable hypermemia, and his memory is equivalent to a library.

At this point, take out the content of interest, memorize it again, and then bring it back to reality!

Although he does not have the ability of [Extraordinary Memory] in reality, the quality of an ordinary person is enough to recall the content of repeated learning in the dream.

Using this method, it is possible to reproduce some previous technologies.

He woke up, picked up a brand new handwritten note next to him, and began to write notes.

This time, he is not using Chinese, but Lusen Language.

After all, these are no secrets. Maybe you have to show the craftsmen to watch the research. It is totally embarrassing to make it too complicated.

"Soil chemical fertilizers, cement, steelmaking with indigenous methods, steam mechanism thinking... After the release of my own territory, I can launch these projects as much as I want..."

"It seems It doesn’t take too much. One soil fertilizer is enough for a good harvest. After all, the current agricultural technology is not enough to see..."

It is also very easy to obtain materials, as long as fresh cow dung, soybean powder and calcium sulfate are enough.

Knight territory is completely private. No matter what industry you are doing on it, you don't have to be afraid of being taken directly by Theodore.

Even if it is a rebellion, Theodore must defeat his private soldiers to continue the trial.

And, as long as you don’t rebel and perform the duties of a vassal well, the prince will be impossible. Whatever you do with him......


Close After taking notes, Aaron shook the bell on the table.

A maid walked in immediately, cleared the table for him, and selected clothes for going out.

"Tia, this is yours."

Aaron stuffed a gold coin into Tia's clothes, looked at the shy expression of the little maid, and suddenly said:" After Colin's wedding, I will probably go to Blackstone Manor and seal it up. Think of your way out in advance and tell me."

Hearing this, Tia's expression couldn't help but change.

For the maids in the castle, they are used to the good life in the castle, and most of them are unwilling to return to the peasants to suffer.

And these maids do not have many outlets. It is probably the best way to become the lover of the lord.

In this era, even the maid who loves daydreaming has never thought of becoming the mistress of the castle.

In addition, it is rationed to the sons who are in charge of their affairs.

Of course, a skilled maid can continue to work in the castle as a cook, a maid, or a maid who teaches a lady.

The worst result was that he was driven out of the castle when he was older, married to a farmer, and spent his life hard.

Looking at the maid who was biting her lip, Aaron continued blankly: "Whether you want to continue following me, or which steward or his son, or want a sum of money... You can tell me that you don’t need to answer me immediately, you have a few days to think about it."

I have to admit that he doesn't have much affection for this maid, and this is already the limit.

After getting dressed, Aaron walked out of the room and into the garden.

Suddenly, with a move of his nose, he smelled a little bit of the aroma of barbecue.

"Ginny, it's you!"

Aaron turned around and came to a corner, and saw little Ginny who secretly ate roast venison.

The white marble is covered with grills, barbed wire, and seasonings for various dishes, and precious spices and black pepper are used in it.

A deer leg is hanging on the side, Ginny's maid is holding a dagger, cutting off pieces of small venison, and placing them on the grill. The other plates are filled with roasted venison. , Little Ginny ate his mouth full of oil.

The little girl was terrified when she heard someone coming over, she waited until she found out that it was Aaron and then relaxed: "Aaron big brother..."

Since she was taught this kind of eating last time After the recipe, especially the secret recipe of dipping sauce, Ginny seems to like this very much.

"I want me not to say anything unless I share it together."

Aaron haha ​​smiled, sat down, took out a dagger, and cut the deer leg.

The slices of venison sizzle on the grill, sprinkle a little spice on it from time to time, and when it’s cooked, the cheeks are almost fragrant.

Aaron eats very happily, and Ginny is like a game, strong wind scattering the last clouds to wipe out the barbecue.

After the meal was finished, the maids cleaned up the grill. Ginny was holding a cup of deer milk and suddenly said: "mother the past few days is very unhappy... and Sean."

Aaron did not speak.

The castle is preparing for a grand wedding, and it is only strange that Mrs. Sonia is happy.

At this time, Ginny lowered his head and said in a faint voice: "They also mentioned you..."

Aaron was a bit speechless, but this matter was brought up by himself. I have been prepared for anger.

After all, don’t look at Sonia and Sean at this time, they are still beautiful, but when Theodore passes away, Colin is on the top, their fate may be worse than their previous self!    At this time, I already have a fief. This is because of the merits of the war and cannot be deprived of it, and Sean's words...If there is no meritorious feat, even Theodore, it is difficult for him to have a fief.

I'm afraid, becoming a wandering Knight when he grows up is the only way out.

(End of this chapter)

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