Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 15

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  Chapter 15 The sun is crazy (recommendation required)

The Moon of Green Banyan, 3rd.

No matter how crazy and protesting Mrs. Sonia, Colin's wedding was held as scheduled.

Theodore seems to be planning to take this as a celebration of the unification of the green forest, so it is very grand. Anyone with a certain status in the green forest has come to Sotos Castle.

The huge castle is lit up with lights everywhere, and a large number of chefs in the back kitchen are busy, presenting all kinds of wonderful food.

Roast chicken, grilled lamb chops, steak, roast suckling pig, vegetable salad, raisin pudding, cheese, mead...

The long tables are filled with various dishes, and the hall is full happy laughter and cheerful voices.

But the home of the wedding is not here.

According to Lusenian customs, marriage needs to be carried out under the banyan tree to establish a sacred bond.

The most famous banyan tree in the Sotos collar is the'Divine Tree' behind Sotos Castle.

"Today, I am honored to have you all here to witness the wedding of my son Colin Sotos and Sylvie Davis!"

Theodore looked serious in a priestly robe.

Aaron glanced at the bride and found that Sylvie was not resisting. He immediately understood that this woman probably had accepted her fate.

After all, what else can be done?    even more how, although the direct line of the Davis Family is dead, there are still side lines, and she must consider them for them.

Mrs. Sonia and Sean are also there, but with polite smiles on their faces, outsiders can see the falsehood.

The performance of the vassals underneath is even more different.

The original Knights led by Sotos are naturally beaming and prosperous, while the new trustees led by Davis have more complicated expressions and are worthy of fun.


Aaron swept his eyes and saw a stranger.

That was a strange nobleman, wearing a silk robe that was as smooth as milk, his hair was meticulously combed, and his eyes had a hint of pride, as if a city dweller came to the countryside, looking around These green forest nobles.

"Who is this person?"

With a move in his heart, he pulled the Turner Shore Knight next to him and asked in a low voice.

"The envoy of the kingdom of Kagash, the king's jester-Feil Getto, he brought the canonization of the king, as if to canonize the fief lord, why count and so on..."

Look It can be concluded that Turner is very disdainful of this.

After all, the conflict between Kagash Kingdom and Green Forest can be said to have existed since ancient times.

For a long time, those forest barbarians who could not survive, no less than the lords who went south to plunder the warm southern land, forged a deep friendship with each other!   It was not until later that the Kagash Kingdom was established that this situation eased. After all, Lusenian was not a fool.

It is easy to grab the soft eggs in the south, and the soft eggs are not easy to deal with when they unite.

Later, the kingdom was unable to take the Lower Green Forest, and could only seal the powerhouse in the Green Forest, which was nominally included in the rule of the Green Forest.

'Isn't this just the map opening up? '

Aaron also thought about his own title and the title of Davis Family. Perhaps this is how it came about. It seems that what baron was conferred by the king before?   But this was useless, neither side took it seriously.

Now that the green forest is unified, the king is probably stimulated by this, and some action is as it should be by rights.

This canonization is probably a gesture of favor?    'In fact, apart from being nice in name, this is useless, even if it is called a baron, Sotos is still the ruler of the Green Forest! '

After understanding this, Aaron also disinclined to pay attention to the messenger, and put his mind back to the sumptuous dinner.

Instead of thinking about these, it is better to think about how to eat better at night.



The inside of the castle is still noisy.

Aaron was not interested in haze the newlyweds, and returned to his room. After sending Tia away, Aaron lay down on the big bed.

Darkness, falling.

In the dream world.

It was still daytime, and the scarlet sun was hanging above the sky.

"Come on, I hope to see the land!"

Since the end of the war, Aaron immediately put the mysterious energy generated every day on exploration.

At this time, he has to move towards one direction every time he dreams, hoping to see the land.

"Today is another boring day on the road."

After determining his direction, Aaron continued on his way.

I don't know how long it has been, suddenly, his [Danger Perception] was tender, and his consciousness was as sharp as a needle.

"The sun!"

Aaron suddenly looked up and saw the sun that was polluted by him and turned into a scarlet.

At this time, this scarlet day is shining terrifying light and heat, and the scarlet on it has become more dense, even black!

Pieces of dark spots emerged from the sun, like sun spots and clotted blood!    The entire world seemed to be quiet. In this brief moment, even the craziest creatures stopped hunting and looked up at the change of the sun!    Aaron almost burst into tears from the corners of his eyes, and at this moment, he saw those dark spots condensed and "detached" from the scarlet day.

The sun spots that escaped were concentrated and condensed... it turned into a smaller black sun, just hanging beside the scarlet sun.

zi zi!

His consciousness seemed to be pricked by a needle, and suddenly a vague sound came from his ear.

Thousands of people are shouting, and it seems that inexplicable things are whispering and whispering...

This babble seems to contain some information, but it is also mixed with a strong crazy factor. !    "...the sun...creation...darkness..."

The inexplicable information appears in a peculiar supernatural language, and even the illiterate can understand the meaning.

Aaron felt that a certain trait in his heart was mobilized, and he suddenly had a clear comprehension. Looking at the two red and black suns, he couldn't help sighing: "The sun... is crazy!"

He already had some guesses in his mind about what happened at this time.

The original stars are unconscious.

And his transformation actually made the sun conscious.

Although it is the consciousness of madness and chaos, it is also consciousness!    For a stone, having feelings is progress, even if it is crazy feelings, it is also a crucial step to become a living creature!    "And that round of black sun, just looking at it, made me feel depravity, corruption, darkness...Is it the crazily manifestation and personification of the scarlet sun?"

Aaron I couldn't help but smile: "What the hell did I...make up something?"

The scarlet sun before, the source of madness and pollution equivalent to this world!

And at this time, from that source, something quite terrifying was born!

He has no doubt that the energy of the black sun can easily annihilate all the creatures in this red sea! It    can be said that even the most massive and weird sea monster he has seen before is like a trivial ant in front of the opponent!    "If the Scarlet Sun is regarded as the Creator, then this Dark Sun is at least the son of the Creator... or the incarnation of the Creator... God?"

Aaron's expression is very subtle: "Then I count What? The Creator of the Creator?"

(End of this chapter)

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