Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 16

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  Chapter 16 Going to the fiefthe   next day.

Aaron strolled on the castle corridor.

The scene last night scared him a bit.

And the appearance of Dark Sun in that round, especially the babble ability of the'world broadcasting', made him even more jealous.

Although that round of chattering only lasted for a few minutes and then disappeared automatically, it obviously brought more changes to that world.

He needs to think about it.

"Your Excellency Aaron!"

At this moment, a voice came from behind, that was the Viscount Feil Getto.

"Master Viscount."

Aaron stopped and smiled.

"Your Excellency Aaron is indeed young and the strength of oneself, he took dozens of people and took the castle. Such a great achievement is inseparable from the legendary hero."

Feil’s face is full of smiles: "If I knew in advance, I would definitely say in front of the king to ask for a knighthood for His Excellency Aaron. I believe that the baron or even the viscount will not be a problem."


"The size of the title is meaningless. The key is to look at the territory and strength."

Aaron shrugged: "If there is nothing to do, I will go first."

He doesn't even bother to participate in the family intrigue, and is even more impossible to become the king's knife.

Looking at Aaron’s back, Feil has a playful expression and said to himself: "No contact with me. Your Excellency Aaron Sotos is really a smart person. Unfortunately, you think so. , But your big brother is quite stupid..."

As the king’s envoy, he naturally has some confidential tasks.

If you can use a few sentences to make the Sotos Family discord, or even split, it is naturally the best.

A unified green forest is not in the interest of the Kagash Kingdom!   ……

When the wedding is over, while the guests are all around, Aaron's canonization ceremony will be held.

Also under the big banyan tree, Theodore gave Aaron the soil and saplings representing the territory, and at the same time knocked his shoulder with the side of the sword.

"I swear, I will return the monarch with loyalty!"

"I swear, I will guard the territory with a sword!"

"I swear, I I will abide by the honor, as it is today, day after day!"


Aaron wears a brand-new Knight uniform and solemnly swears that when he gets up, he will be a real Knight. .

And the canonized territory is not surprising, that is, the previously set Blackstone Manor, the original territory of Saliba the wild bear, including a manor, a village, and a large area of ​​forest nearby.

After finishing all this, Aaron took his men directly to the Upper Green Forest.

It is worth mentioning that the maid Tia wanted to stay in the castle. Aaron fulfilled her wish and gave her a sum of money.


Blackrock Manor.

This manor is very large, with its own mill, winery, granary... It can be seen that Saliba has carefully arranged this place.

At this time, these have become Aaron's things.

"My lord, after our investigation, there are about 500 people in the nearby village. The land that has been cultivated in the territory is about 1,000 rams."

Behind, Eight Fingers respectfully and respectfully. .

The ram here is the unit of land area in the green forest, and one ram is roughly equivalent to about five acres of land.

"The area of ​​arable land is still too small, coupled with the existence of the lord, the poverty of the people is inevitable..."

Aaron thought in his heart, said without thinking: "Should The effects of the war should be eliminated as soon as possible. The barren land will be cultivated immediately, and those that can be replanted will be replanted immediately... This winter, I do not want people to starve to death on my territory. I can temporarily lend a ration to those hungry farmers. I will leave it out of my private warehouse and let them return it until the harvest next year."

"You are so kind!" Eight Fingers said with emotion.

After all, in this era, starving talents to death in winter is the norm!    "After all, it is my first year as a lord." Aaron shook his head: "Also, how did Sanchez and the others respond? If you are willing to come, I will accept them as free people and give a Ram's land, Small Captain Double it!"

His previous squad worked well, and it was pulled over by manpower, and Aaron didn't want to let it go.

"I have already contacted one after another, Baker refused, Green and Sanchez both agreed, there are more than a dozen other households......"

Eight Fingers bowed road.

speaking of which, he is the first free citizen in this territory.

"Well, with these people, my manor is almost ready to operate... In the end, there is still a clerical, or scholar!"

Aaron nodded , He was well prepared in this regard.

The scholar in the castle should be able to recommend one, as long as you can read and understand simple calculations and writing, you can't ask too much.

After finishing these chores, he can finally devote all his energy to exploring the world in the dream.


Inside the manor, Knight certainly does not live in a castle.

The kind of building that integrates housing, defense, fortresses and other functions in one body is not the economic strength of Knight.

The previous Saliba just mobilized the people to build a wooden villa for him.

At this time, it naturally belongs to Aaron.

When he came to the villa, there was no shortage of maids around him. The farmers here were very willing to send the girls into the lord’s mansion.

"Right, there is a little trouble."

At this moment, outside the villa, there is a woman of about 30 years old, waiting restlessly, beside her Also holding two children.

This is Knight Saliba's wife and children. They should be called widows now.

"Mrs. Rita..."

Aaron took a step forward, with a calm tone: "You haven't left yet?"

"I have...none The place can go."

Mrs. Rita gave a wry smile. She should not be Saliba’s first wife, she is still very young and beautiful: "I think... Dear Lord Knight, you may need a housekeeper. ?"

Aaron recalled that this lady should also be the daughter of a certain Knight.

Can't go back now... It is very likely that her father or brother also resisted the Sotos Family and died on the battlefield, even completely deprived of their territory.

But at this time, a weak woman pleaded bitterly, and dressed up specially, the meaning of which was also very obvious.

Aaron shook his head: "I already have a choice of stewards. If Mrs. Rita has nowhere to go, she can become a free citizen in my territory. I will allocate ten rams of land to you. You can hire Farmer farming must be enough to raise children to adulthood..."

What else Rita wants to say, which obviously does not meet her wishes, but Aaron waved her hand and was not ready to pester this woman.

He killed the other party's husband, and his own family destroyed the other party's family. Even if the other party does not have malicious intentions, he absolutely cannot be trusted!    If it was before, maybe he would leave the other side behind and play around slowly, watching the desperate ugliness after the other side's conspiracy was revealed.

But now?

Still have to single-mindedly pursue transcendence and immortality!   (End of this chapter)

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