Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 17

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  Chapter 17 Land (for further reading)

[The matter of the territory has been completely dealt with, it is time to explore Time of extraordinary and immortal! 】

[The snow-covered moon of the green banyan tree, 43 days have passed since the dream of moving, and I still haven’t seen the continent, I am a little shaken...]

[Day 46, mysterious energy It is too wasteful to use all of it for movement. Maybe I should re-plan and divide the energy produced by dreaming each day into three parts, one for movement, one for strengthening, and one for reserve? 】


[On the 50th day of the action, on the night of the world in the dream, I saw a scene of horror. On Scarlet Moon, something horrible seemed to be born. I saw it The shadow of the whirling tree, on each of its branches, there are deformed flesh and blood sacrifices hanging...At the same time, I also heard world-level chatter...It is speculated that another existence similar to'Dark Sun' has appeared. . 】


[Summoned by Sir Father to participate in the winter festival in the territory, according to observations, he seems to be satisfied with the title of Green Forest count? 】

[The silent month of the green banyan, spring is coming, but to me there is not much difference, everything is fine in the territory, I am still immersed in dreams...]


After writing the last note, Aaron yawned, put on her pajamas, lay on the big bed, and fell asleep.

During this period of time, in Blackstone Manor, rumors about the lord suffering from narcolepsy have intensified, but Aaron did not take it seriously.

If possible, he can't wait to devote the whole day to that foreign world.

The world in the dream.

A line of consciousness is moving fast above the sea.

For Aaron, this kind of experience of getting closer and closer is no longer novel.

What he is really worried about is the emergence of strange phenomena.

"In addition to the strange phenomena and broadcasts I saw before, there are probably five terrifying existences visually, which have already descended in this world... They are all accompanied by that kind of world-wide broadcast, or, Inspiration and pollution?"

Aaron is not even sure whether they can discover themselves.

At this time, there are more worries in my heart.

He condensed his thoughts and divided the mysterious energy generated by his dream today into three parts, one to strengthen himself, one to drive, and one to reserve.

Originally, Aaron thought that everything would be the same as before, in boredom.

But today, the situation is slightly different.

In front of his eyes, a black line suddenly jumped from the sea level.

Aaron was startled, almost unbelievable, or thought he had hallucinations.

But after a while, the black line still exists!

"It's the land!"

Aaron's consciousness is about to boil: "Finally... see the land!"

He can’t wait to come forward, that piece of The black line continued to expand and turned into a coastline, gradually emerging more contours.

What lies ahead is not a continent, but a small island.

On the island, the pale woods seem to have undergone a certain mutation, just like palms extending to the sky.

And in the shadows, there are strange biological activities.

"It the creatures on land also polluted and affected by the scarlet sun?"

Aaron pondered, circled the island and found that it was not big , It looks like dozens of square kilometers.

However, the encouragement it brings is not trivial.

At least, this was the first land he encountered.

"Perhaps... the real continental shelf is not far away..."


Despite this inspiring herself, Aaron is still moving forward After more than twenty days, the real continent was discovered.

The endless coastline, the depth of which is unknown.

"Finally...Finally on the shore!"

Aaron was touched. After sixteen years in the sea, he finally set foot on the real continent!   Even, not far away, he saw a port.

Behind the port, a large number of buildings, stone roads, high towers... together form a city!    "Today must be my lucky day!"

Aaron boarded the harbor and saw a stranded sailing ship, some of which had traces of fighting, and dried blood all around. .

Above the wharf, there is the same mess... even a big ship that was cut off from it, just ran aground not far away, as if... it was split in two directly by some deep-sea monster...

"The monster in the ocean...has it boarded the port?"

Aaron Sotos has a heavy heart.

If he did not change the sun, perhaps this is still a prosperous port and will not be abandoned.

He walked along the stone pavement to the city.

Many human corpses have been randomly discarded on the roadside. They have been weathered into bones, and there are traces of gnawing on them.

"It seems that not only the ocean, but everything on the continent is also polluted?"

Aaron muttered to himself, his perception was suddenly touched, and he looked forward.

At the corner, there is a silently standing silhouette, like a stone statue.


The silhouette moved slowly, walking towards Aaron.

Step on!

The soles of the feet with hooks fell on the slate, making a crisp sound, leaving lines of filthy blood stains.

As the opponent keeps approaching, Aaron's heart also feels like a hammer.

He saw...

A keratinized whole body with no skin on his face, just like a humanoid monster!

There are still remnants of clothing on the monster, which seems to have been transformed by humans in this world!    It has no eyelids, and its huge eyes stared straight at Aaron in front of him. One arm has been completely alienated and turned into an octopus-like tentacle.

One step, two steps...

The monster keeps approaching, and then...passes through Aaron's body...

"Even if it is weird, it Can't you touch me?"

Aaron looked at both sides of the street. There were strange symbols on some shops, which should be the words of this foreign world, but he didn't know any of them.

'Although I must learn quickly after having [Extraordinary Memory], someone has to teach me...'

Aaron suddenly felt a biting fear:" Wouldn't it... all the intelligent creatures in this world are crazy?"

At this time, the monster turned around and rushed straight into a building.

Its huge mutated, bat-like ears are constantly shaking, seeming to be listening for some sound.

"No, no, it did not sense me, but other prey?"

Aaron suddenly thought of something, and quickly walked through the wall and entered the building.

This seems to be a bakery, with many shelves falling on the ground, and a corpse hanging in the air, swaying with the breeze from time to time.

Aaron leaned on the wall penetration technique and looked around, but found nothing.

The monster did the same, stood on the floor and stopped moving.

Suddenly... Aaron thought of something and dived into the ground.

Under the floor, there is still a secret passage!

Inside the passage, a brown-haired boy wearing a shirt and jeans with a dark face is covering the mouth of another girl, like two fleshy insects, constantly wriggling in the tunnel.

The girl's hand is still holding a piece of black bread...

(End of this chapter)

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