Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 18

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  Chapter 18 Cataclysm (recommendation request)    "Come on!"

Aaron follows Behind these two children, because they can't interfere in this world, they can only cheer for them silently.

The passage is not long. Soon, the two children took the bread and got out.

This should be the back of the bakery, but because of their excitement, their movements became a little bigger, kicking a small board and making a slight noise.

In an instant, the expressions of the little boy and the little girl were pale.

The little boy let out a howl, presumably in the sense of running fast, and pushed the girl.

Behind them, the terrifying monster has chased frantically, the tentacle-like arms growing frantically, directly piercing the plank.

Horror, breaking through the wall!

Aaron wanted to do something, but couldn't help it.

These two children alone cannot survive this terrifying monster!

At this moment, a loud noise suddenly came from the side!   xiu xiu!

Accompanied by a loud noise, a few flying rocks hit the monster, attracting its attention.

And a female scavenger with a vigorous body, like a female cheetah, has quickly approached, pulled up two children, and quickly retreated.

Obviously, the loud noise next to him is just bait.

"Very good... It seems that people in this world are not all crazy, and there doesn't seem to be much difference in race..."

Aaron and this woman Behind him, look carefully at each other.

This woman is very young, probably in her twenties, wearing a sturdy and durable dress, but the surface is a bit dirty, just like a scavenger.

She has Germanic blonde and blue eyes, tall and strong, bronze's face is full of firm expressions, and she is running without a word at this time.

During the action jump, her steps were very light, and she barely made much noise, as if she had been specially trained.

Although she was holding two children, one big and one small, her expression did not show the slightest difficulty, and she quickly ran out of the city and came to a human camp.

This is a mill built by the river. At this time, it has been completely militarized. It has an iron fence full of thorns, and there are dark pieces of flesh and blood on the railings.

Inside the building, a few people walked out with weapons in their hands. Their faces were full of vigilance. They didn't smile until they saw this woman.

"Very good, a gathering spot."

Aaron followed into the building and found that it was not big, it looked like only twenty people, but the material reserves were still abundant. I immediately decided to live and learn their language and writing slowly.

Anyway, for them, there is an invisible ghost, and it is nothing.

Soon, Aaron saw that the woman had an argument with her companion over the two children.

After all, in this kind of apocalypse, it is not easy to add two burdens.

Fortunately, the results were good, and the two children were finally accepted.

The scavenger woman at the beginning took a can of something that should be canned meat and gave it to the two children, and said something softly.

After the two kids finished eating, she even took out a book, started pointing at the content on it, and slowly read it.

A surprising thing happened to Aaron. This woman hadn't forgotten education in this situation. Perhaps she was teaching the two children to read!


How fast can you learn a language?   Aaron knows that some geniuses beyond common sense may just take a flight and learn the local lingua franca before landing.

And he was also equivalent to a genius with controllable hypermemia, and it took ten days!    This is not because of his lack of academic ability, it is entirely because he can only gain knowledge passively, which slows down his progress.

Relying on the unforgettable ability and the conversation of everyone in the settlement, the most important thing is the learning of the two children. At this time, Aaron can finally understand the language of another world, and Understand their text in general.

At the same time, I also knew the name of the scavenger woman-Xiu!

As for the two children, the older is Ike and the younger is Lin.

The technology of this world is obviously more developed than the Green Forest, at least Aaron has seen the flintlock used for defense.

During this period of time, Aaron heard the most vocabulary—'cataclysm'!   This is the collective name of other human beings for that solar catastrophe and its series of consequences.

This day.

Outside the mill, the sound of trap bells rang.

The entire group hurriedly took the firecrackers and pointed them in the direction of the trap trigger.

Even Ike, holding a knife in his hand, firmly guards the younger sister behind him.

From the direction of the bell, a silhouette quickly emerged.

"Aunt Xiu!"

Lin cheered, Ike also put down the weapon in his hand, but his face changed at the next moment, because on the arm of Xiu, There is a wound that is constantly oozing blood.

"She is injured and needs treatment!"

Among the survivors was a woman in her forties who was yelled.

"No... repair! You can't get close anymore."

A man raised his gun: "Heaven knows whether your wound will be infected or will it become that kind monster? Normal hunters don’t touch their own traps! But you let those bells can’t control yourself?"

Xiu stopped outside the mill, a helpless face appeared on his face Smile: "I'm still conscious, I shouldn't be crazy immediately. To be on the safe side, I will stay outside the mill!"

After she finished speaking, she stopped and sat down against the wall of the mill Rest: "I'm sorry...I encountered a very dangerous monster and didn't get the food back."

Ike was silent, and suddenly stepped forward, taking out the bandage to fix it.

With a smile on Xiu's face, she squeezed Lin's face.

"How can they be like this?" Ike felt sorry for Xiu, knowing that most of the food in the refuge was obtained by Xiu.

"Don't blame them, everyone has been crazy since the cataclysm!"

Xiu lit a cigarette without a filter, and slowly huffed and said with a heavy tone: "Yes Actually, we are also lunatics, but potential lunatics. Everyone has a different degree of madness. The most mad ones at first mutation become monsters, and those who are not so mad will become cruel, bloodthirsty, cold, indifferent, and crazy. ...A small number of survivors are better, but they have a little more anxiety, compulsion, tension, persecution delusions... However, we may still fall into the abyss and transform into monsters-when injured, infected or emotionally particularly emotional Time. Therefore, being cautious and careful is the rule of your future survival... Also, don't trust others easily!"

She was teaching the experience of survival in the last days, and her voice became lower and lower.

Ike’s eyes were full of tears, but he resisted.

In the next few days, the condition of the repair was not bad, at least it did not become a monster or the wound was infected.

But at the same time, there is bad news. The monster in nearby Salo Harbor has become stronger and more agile.

After the repair, several waves of scavengers suffered bad luck, and even one team directly failed to come back! A   thick cloud weighed on the head of every survivor.

(End of this chapter)

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