Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 19

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  Chapter 19 Order (seeking collection)

Since discovering this survivor camp, Aaron has almost given up He understands everything in the territory, dreams every day, and concentrated attention completely observes everything.

On this day, he witnessed the biggest dispute in the shelter.

The cause of the dispute seems to be the evolution of monsters and the shortage of food.


"Can't go any further!"

A man with golden hair screamed fiercely. He waved his arms sharply, as if thinking To increase the persuasiveness, several times he threw it on Aaron and went straight through.

"Those monsters are getting stronger and stronger, and we can get less and less food. If this continues, everyone in this refuge...will die!"

A cruel truth was told.

"Sauron, what are you going to do?" Xiu pulled the two children behind and asked calmly.

"Relocate! Relocate to the north. I heard that there has been a bigger gathering point over there. They have mastered extraordinary power! It is safe and there is plenty of food!"

Sauron Answer without the slightest hesitation.

"The group from the north?" The people in the refuge were a little commotion, and it seemed that they had heard the news before.

"Yes, among them, there are even supermen who can kill dangerous species with their bare hands!" Sauron said: "We join them, and we can get the same power!"

"Those wicked believers who claim to be'Dark Sun Order'?" Xiu sneeered: "I heard that they would burn people to death as sacrifices!"

"So what? In order to survive, Something must be abandoned." Sauron suddenly said with a malicious smile: "He is there, he is in the sky, and he is watching us... Don't tell me, you have never heard of those... Oracle! "

Aaron heard it startled. He only heard some chattering when Dark Sun and those terrifying existences were born, and then he never got the information again.

But looking at the expressions of the people in the refuge, they seem to hear it occasionally?    "Yes, the Dark Sun is right above us, but I didn't hear the'inspiration', only the screams of disordered and in a mess, and the rants like a madman... When I resisted it, I’ve never heard it again."

Xiu said with a sneer: "Are you sure you want to worship those crazy things? I’m sure that the black sun in the sky, I don’t know if it’s still on the ground. There is a Dark Sun Order......"

"You are right, Dark Sun does not need us, but it does not prevent us from worshiping Him."

"As the sun does not It doesn’t want to nurture all things, it just emits light, and Spiritual God does not want to inspire believers. He just radiates power naturally, but we are pursuing his way, his brilliance, and praying for refuge."

A solemn voice suddenly sounded outside the refuge.

Aaron looked over, and saw three black robed men standing outside the refuge, all of them pierced in shape, like resurrected skeletons.

The sentence just now was the leader of the three, an old man with a lot of strange tattoos inscribed on his bald head.

"Dark Sun Order people? How did they find here? Sauron! You betrayed us?"

I don’t know when Xiu’s hand has a flintlock , Pointing to the talking old man.

"My child, put down your weapons, Dark Sun will forgive you."

The old man has a gentle smile on his face: "You are right, eclipse The Lord doesn’t care about the beliefs of ants, but that kind of existence, just natural light and heat, is enough to protect me, etc. We are all just...pitiful persons who try to survive in this cruel world."


Xiu moved his position, leaning against the window, as if he wanted to wait for an opportunity to escape.

But the old man did not take out a weapon, but smiled and looked at everyone: "Dark Sun needs to be worshipped, Dark Sun needs to be sacrificed! Only through hardships can great deeds be achieved! Foolish lambs Ah, you will understand one day that Dark Sun is the savior of everything!"

"The light is gone, it will never go back, the Dark Sun is coming, the bells are lingering, everything is gone, and I stay !"

Behind the old man, the two black robed men opened their hands and began to chant strange spells in their mouths.

Their language seems to be a foreign language, and it seems to be mixed with some strange vocabulary, which is what Aaron has heard. The supernatural language in Dark Sun's babble makes people fully understand the meaning of it. .

At this time, this language seems to have a strange power.

A black wind blows towards the shelter.

The wind seemed to have life, restraining Xiu who wanted to escape, and even prevented her from pulling the trigger.

Xiu's expression instantly became extremely painful. Her eyes were bloodshot, and the blood vessels around her ears kept squirming, as if she was suffering from torture.

As for Ike and Lin, they fainted in an instant.


"Is this... a spell?"

Aaron didn't feel the slightest, watching this scene, his eyes became extremely complicated: "True supernatural power, the extraordinary power that can be mastered by people! These religious groups...Interesting!"

Although it sounds, these secret sect groups are spontaneous organizations that are inspired, But there is no doubt that they have indeed made some achievements on the way of getting closer to those terrifying existence.

When the spell stopped, there were no people standing in the refuge.

Even the traitor Sauron was also fainted.

The old man's warm eyes swept over, I don't know why, this nobody's refuge gave him a strange feeling.

It seems that there are still who or'things' exist, projecting the line of sight.

He did not stay for long, instructed: "Take everyone away, there will be more brother sisters in our cult."

Soon, from all directions Many followers in black robe came, with a solemn expression, carrying comatose survivors and supplies, and occasionally exposed arms and neck positions with hideous burn marks...

The team set off immediately, even High Priest did not notice, there was an invisible ghost following the team.


In reality.

Aaron wakes up with a playful expression.

Suddenly, he opened his mouth and uttered a strange string of syllables: "The glow is gone, it will never go back, the Dark Sun is coming, the bells are lingering, everything is gone, and I stay!"

This is the spell he remembered, and there are a few pronunciations that are simply challenging the limits of mankind.

But under the effect of [Extraordinary Memory], it is still recorded.

"fief lord?"

The door opened, and the maid Daly rubbed her eyes, looking at Aaron with a confused expression.

"It's okay, you go out first!"

After sending the maid away, Aaron sighed: "Even if you learn the same thing, it doesn't work at all? Is it...this world really is Wumo world?"

He felt a little frustrated.

Perhaps, wanting to be immortal in this world is impossible.

(End of this chapter)

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