Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 20

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  Chapter 20 Sermon (new book for support)

Dark Sun town.

This was originally an ordinary town, but it was later occupied by Dark Sun Order and transformed into the church headquarters.

Thousands of believers gathered here, and even formed a patrol. The "Burning Son" in the church served as the Captain, responsible for cleaning up the nearby dangerous species and other monsters. Forcibly was created in the apocalypse A huge camp.

Aaron followed the convoy of prisoners all the way to the town, and went offline after confirming the stronghold of the cult.

At this moment, I fell into a dream and naturally entered the Dark Sun town.

"Dark Sun...I don't know if he can find me?"

"Although this is just a group of people who blindly worship him, it's just a group of people who blindly worship him, but to be on the safe side, Don't get close to the sacrifice site easily..."

It took Aaron a little time to go around the Dark Sun town and immediately found Xiu and Ike.

They were imprisoned in a stone house, but they were not abused.

"Let's go, the priest is about to preach. It is Supreme's honor for you to receive grace!"

A black robed man took out the key and opened the prison door.

Xiu walked out, eyes slightly narrowed, emitting dangerous rays of light, but the believers who came together looked towards all directions, she did not resist very sincerely.

On the citizen square in the center of the town, thousands of people soon gathered. Many of them looked confused and some were hateful. They were obviously scavengers who were caught.


The High Priest slowly walked up to the high platform and pressed his palm.

The invisible pressure fell, and the court suddenly became an absolute silence.

High Priest smiled with satisfaction, loudly said: "Praise my lord!"

"Praise my lord!"

A large number of Dark Sun Order members responded , Looks devout and fanatical.

"Sing praises to my lord!"

"Kow to my lord!"


After three rounds of cheers and responses, High Priest's expression became solemn: "My Lord [Dark Sun], is the Lord of the Eclipse, the day of immortality, and the only salvation in the world!"

"He was born in the sun and is in The Sovereign of the sky!"

"He controls the flames, controls the door of life and death, and wears a 3rd-layer crown..."

Keep approaching him!"


There seems to be a certain kind of fanaticism in the words. Aaron noticed that even the expressions of the scavengers who originally hated were gradually changing. It has to be softened.

"The cataclysm is the end, it is the judgment, and the test given to us by the Creator! Our Lord is merciful, gives the world redemption, opens the way, and leads me to his kingdom!"

"...If you want to be extraordinary, you must awaken spirituality! Spirituality is the cornerstone of extraordinary!"

"Where does spirituality come from? Spirituality everywhere! It exists in all things, it was silent before, and it needs to be awakened!"

"It is sublimation, it is darkness!"

"Darkness is a symbol of destruction and sublimation. It can make me wait for it. If you want to awaken the spirituality of darkness, you must first Burning ourselves, sacrificing our flesh and blood, crossing the three major gates, experiencing the ceremony of the solar eclipse, and the completion of the ceremony, this is also a great achievement!"


Aaron's expression kept changing: "This High Priest, there really is something that tells all the extraordinary secrets."

This is the real power mystery, the precious secret, even if it is Xiu, at this time also heard as if drunk and stupefied.

"Perhaps, this is Dark Sun Order's habit of pulling people..."

Aaron calmly analyzed: "spirituality awakens, gathers, and achieves extraordinary achievements. This is what this world is about. Extraordinary road?"

"Well, it seems that there are more than one spirituality types, that is, there is more than one road!"

"But in Dark Sun Order Among them, of course, I will respect the path of the'Dark'! What is needed for mission..."

Aaron feels that he has probably understood Dark Sun Order's extraordinary way to get started.

According to their theory, spirituality exists in everything and naturally exists in everyone.

If you want to be extraordinary, all you need to do is to constantly prick the shivered sex to awaken it, and then enhance it through a series of ceremony and means!   Wait until the spirituality reaches a certain stage and experience the ceremony, you will be completely extraordinary!

"This is not like a theory that mortals can sort out in a short time."

Aaron's expression became extremely solemn: "It seems that I got it from Dark Sun. Information?"

Dark Sun Order worships Dark Sun and will inevitably continue to be immersed in Dark Sun's babble.

And the terrifying existence is simply mysterious itself, and it will naturally spill some mysterious knowledge.

Then put it together, it's probably like this.

As for how many people Dark Sun Order has driven crazy in order to obtain this information, Aaron is simply unimaginable.


"Master priest, I...I am willing to join the Order!"

A homeless man staggered to the edge of the high platform with an expression Religious and fanatical.

"Child, welcome you to be a member of the'unburned'!"

The High Priest personally helped him up, with a gentle smile on his face: "After entering the cult, Everyone is brother sister...Next, I will teach you the'unburn ceremony', which will gradually awaken the spirituality of darkness and become someone like me."

"wu wu... "

The tramp cried directly: "I want to gain strength, I want to avenge my parents and children, even if I fall into the abyss!"


In the last days, it becomes more and more important.

And revenge is a flame that incites emotions!   Suddenly, among the scavengers, a few people stood up and expressed their willingness to submit.

The Dark Sun Order was not rejected, and they were all accepted.

This scene made Ike a little excited.

He also wants to gain extraordinary power to protect everything he treasures!    Xiu hugged two siblings tightly and lowered his voice: "You have to be careful of this person. In the last days, everyone is a lunatic, but the degree is different... I don't believe he will be so selfless, just like Saint, he Some conspiracy must be planned!"


Aaron looked at these people and felt that they would not last long and would soon fall into the arms of Dark Sun Order.

However, this is nothing.

What made him even more delighted was that High Priest personally explained the extraordinary way for the survivors.

According to the other party, there are three stages of'unburned'. At the beginning, it requires constant Breathing Technique and meditation practice, as well as the stimulation of flame burning to awaken the spirituality of darkness in the body.

Aaron saw many members of the Dark Sun Order with burn scars, probably all of them were injured as a result, but they called this "stigmata".

To embark on the extraordinary path, a certain aptitude is required. Many'unburned' have been stuck in this First Rank segment, and even burned to death can not be advanced.

However, still unable to prevent a large number of cult members from embarking on this path.

(End of this chapter)

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