Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 21

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  Chapter 21 Pregnancy (for collection)   Blackstone Manor.

Aaron Sotos sits at the desk and writes in Chinese the secrets he has gained during this period of time:

【1st Stage: unburned ——Breathing Technique, Meditation Method, unburn ceremony 】

[Speculation: Use the same method as an ascetic monk to sharpen yourself and awaken the spirituality of darkness? ]

[second stage: Burning Son (middle level of the Order), no cultivation method yet]

[3rd Stage: Dark Chaser (Representative High Priest, high level of the Order)]

These are all the content he put together in Dark Sun town, eavesdropping and peeking, it should be roughly the same as the truth.

It took a lot of time to do this, but Aaron felt it was totally worth it.

He paused and continued to write:    [Judging from various clues and traces, High Priest must have a conspiracy, perhaps to use unburned as a sacrifice, or... The merit is related...]

After writing these, Aaron exhaled: "How can Saint exist in that crazy world? The so-called savior, I’m afraid it’s just a lie!"

He can fully imagine how desperate the scavengers will be when the mystery is revealed.

Aaron put the notebook away, stood up, came to the edge of the window, put out a breath, and suddenly turned into frost.

At this time, in the manor, a piece of wrapped in silver and white, it was obviously snowing.

Rarely, he put on a cloak and walked out of the villa, leaving a string of long footprints on the snow.

'Unburned cultivation method, I have already explored almost, maybe I can try... Awakening one's spirituality...'

While thinking, Aaron grabbed a handful of snow. Squeezed into a snowball.

"My lord!"

At this moment, a fat young man in a gray scholar suit was raising the letter paper in his hand, rushing towards him, his face flushed red .

"What's wrong, my Albert scholar?"

Aaron asked with a smile.

This is the student recommended by the castle scholar, the second son of the Knight family. He has learned grammar and etiquette for ten years, and is also familiar with herbal medicine. Now he is the scholar of the Blackstone Collar and the manor housekeeper.

"hu hu ......"

Albert is not strong, but puffy. At this time, gasping for breath: "Sotos Castle's letter, Mrs. Sylvie is pregnant."


"This is a good thing."

Aaron said something along the way, and suddenly felt something wrong: "When did you get pregnant?"

"Calculated by month , It was the month of marriage." Albert replied.

"Oh, there is no problem."

Aaron nodded.

His opponents are under strict control, no one has offended Sylvie, so 90% of them are Colin's species, not the bloodline of those thugs.

But what Colin himself thinks is very interesting.

Moreover, there is also Mrs. Sonia in the castle, who is afraid that the world will not be chaotic. The scene must be very lively......


Sotos Castle.

"Have you heard? Mrs. Sylvie is pregnant..."

"This is really the blessing of the green grandmother!"

"I heard the servant of Scholar say, Madam’s pregnancy is a bit strange... Maybe she was pregnant while being robbed."

"Do you want to die? Let Donglin Wolf take you, dare to say that. Say!"

A group of servants gathered together, whispering, and suddenly saw something, scattered like frightened birds and beasts.

Above the high wall, Colin, dressed as a nobleman, looked at this place from the window with a green face.

Originally, he was very happy to hear that his wife was pregnant, but some rumors began to appear inside the castle at some unknown time.

This makes Colin's heart like a knife. After all, he knew the bride's infidelity on the wedding night. Fortunately, the people in Greenwood didn't care much about it.

But this kind of rumors makes him intolerable!

"You can't be angry, you can't be angry!"

"I know very well that there is Mrs. Sonia's trap here. It is very likely that she spread it on the initiative. I can't get into the trap... …"

Colin took a deep breath, but when he returned to the house, he looked at Sylvie Davis who was embroidering, especially when the other party had a slightly larger belly, the nameless fire still came out.

With a smile on Sylvie's face, with a maternal brilliance, he looked up at Colin's expression and couldn't help but startled: "My dear, what's the matter with you?"

" What do you think my younger brother Aaron is like?" Colin suppressed the anger in his heart and asked tentatively.

"Your younger brother, Aaron... he is a very contradictory man, cruel and gentleman."

Sylvie couldn't help being honest, even though he knew it was the castle that the other party broke , But it is undeniable that the other party ordered the soldiers to stay and stopped the atrocities.

And, during the period of being taken into captivity, she was also very kind to her.

It can be said that if it weren't for the other party, perhaps she would have died in the castle and would not have the current life at all.

When it comes to Aaron, Sylvie's opinion can't help but be complicated.

"Gentleman? Gentleman!"

Colin was like an irritated lion. He suddenly picked up the clay pot on the table and threw it to the ground.

pa! The    ceramic shards splashed, and the clear water ran across the ground, half reflecting Sylvie’s pale face: "You...what are you doing?"

"You tell me, Whose seed is it in your stomach?"

Colin's eyes are red, panting, and he almost wants to draw his sword and point to Sylvie.

"Swear by our common faith, Colin, this is your bloodline."

Sylvie murmured, and suddenly understood something: "Aaron...he didn't do to me What."

But I don't know about this kind of thing, it always gets darker and darker.

When Colin heard this name, he was so angry that he wanted to kill someone.


He screamed and overturned the table.

During the fierce quarrel, Sylvie’s stubborn and sad voice came out: "If you don’t believe it, I heard that the scented tea blended by scholar in the castle is very effective. You can try it and try to kill it yourself. My child......"


Boom!    Ginny listened to the murmur even though it was far away, frowned, and immediately picked up the teacup ladyly and took a sip.

By her side, Mrs. Sonia proudly said to her daughter: "Look... Colin is an idiot, a fact that anyone with a discerning eye can discover, but he just couldn't find it, or to torture himself deliberately. All this stems from his jealousy and fear of that person! My daughter, remember that jealousy and fear can destroy a person more than a sword!"

"Colin will really order scholar Do you want to make abortion tea?" Ginny asked worriedly.


Mrs. Sonia replied confidently: "Colin is not such a decisive person, and, Master Count knows everything, he will not let Colin do this ..."

Suddenly, the woman smiled like a fox: "Master count desperately needs a child who is a mixed bloodline of both sides to consolidate his rule. Even if the rumor is true, it doesn't matter. After all, they are all his grandsons, his bloodline......"

"If this child is gone, everyone will be happy instead. If he is born, equivalent to reminds Colin of today’s affairs every moment. , Uncover the scars of his shame, guess what will happen if it lasts so long?"

(End of this chapter)

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