Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 22

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  Chapter 22 Meditation and Attempt (recommendation request)    "It is said that Barbarian on the ancient grassland snatched it Afterwards, the woman will kill her first child because she is not sure if it is her own species..."

Aaron Sotos walks in the town of Dark Sun: "However, we Lusenian are at least better than the prairie barbarians?"

Thinking of the bloody sacrifice of [Green Banyan Tree Grandmother], Aaron couldn't help being somewhat guilty.

However, he quickly left all this behind.

Because in front of him, Xiu was already kneeling at the feet of High Priest, wearing a black robe.

"Congratulations, the new unburned!"

There is a pleasant smile on High Priest's face. From the eyes, from the mouth and nose, it seems that there will be black fireworks at any time The wave trickles down.

"I wish to honor Dark Sun as the Lord and follow his path!"

Xiu's cheeks were a little thin, but his eyes were bright.

Aaron could see that this woman must have tried the breathing and Meditation Method of the church, and reached a certain height.

"Black flame meditation can be classified as the 4th layer temperature, which are red flame, yellow flame, blue flame, and purple flame. You have passed the test of red flame..."

High Priest said with great joy: "You can start the unburn ceremony and become a real'unburned'."

He motioned to the black robe believer next to him to come forward and brought him a brazier burning with flames.

"As long as the spirituality of'Dark' is awakened, ordinary flames cannot harm you."

High Priest extend the hand and dive into the flames.


Clenched the teeth, put your hands into the flames.

zi zi!

The severe pain came out instantly, and a burnt breath of flesh and skin spread immediately.

Not far from the side, Ike and Lin, who were watching, immediately closed their eyes and couldn't bear to look again.

However, even though Xiu's face twitched, he held the palm of High Priest in the flames.

"Very good, the first time I try, I will inevitably get a little injury."

High Priest removed the brazier and saw the severely burned right hand, and his face appeared A hint of smile: "Just try more. Let the body fully feel the heat of the flame, which will help the spirituality awakening."

"Follow your teachings."

A smile appeared on Xiu's sweat-soaked face.

"Aunt Xiu!"

When High Priest left, Lin immediately flew into her arms for further training, and the big teardrops rolled down: "Your hand..."

"Don't worry, I have started to partially awaken. Although it looks serious, it is just a skin injury."

Xiu Comforted: "In order to pursue my lord and strength, this price is not a big deal."

Aaron is nodded on one side.

If it weren't for the spirituality of'Dark' half-awakened, I am afraid that Xiu's hands are almost cooked, how can they look like they are only severely burned now?

Waiting for return to house, after putting Lin to sleep, Xiu looked at Ike, and his expression became serious: "How are you?"

"I praise Dark Sun every day, They didn't doubt me..."

Ike answered in a deep voice.

"Keep it going, and when it becomes truly unburned, I can get in touch with spells and take you out of here."

Xiu said firmly.

She doesn't like this order, but she doesn't reject gaining power.

Aaron watched all this without saying a word.

He knows that Dark Sun's influence on believers is an unnoticeable influence and is very intense. Although the plan is well planned, the hope of success is really very slim.

"But... why haven't I been affected?"

Aaron pondered.

According to his snooping, even people without cultivation secrets can still hear Dark Sun's rants.

And if you believe in Dark Sun, this influence will increase sharply!

However, Aaron can't hear anything except at first.

Not only the Dark Sun, but also those born on the moon, and other terrifying existences, he was not affected at all except at first.

In addition, he tried several times in secret and found that even the obsidian altar dedicated to [Dark Sun] could not be found close to him, which made him more daring to explore.

"The first possibility is that my personality is too high? No, no, this may not be a big deal..."

Aaron thought a little funny: "So... these are Spiritual God generally has powerful existence, do you ignore me?"

"At first, when those existences are born, the signal is the strongest, so I can hear..."

"And now, they just radiate the influence naturally, and the signal is reduced a lot, so I can't hear it..."

"This is probably a more reasonable explanation?"

With a little sense of inquiry, Aaron's consciousness returned to the body of reality.

"Daly, get me a brazier here!"

He shouted at the door, not very long, Daly came in with a brazier sandwiched between iron clips: "Fief lord, although the weather is a bit cold, please remember to open the window if you are on fire."

"Well, you go out first!"

Send the maid away, Aaron faces the flames , Began to try meditation.

The Black Flame Meditation Method originally needed to refer to the flame, and began to imagine the flames of different colors burning in the thinking space, burning the body, and then one after another crossed.

In the teaching of High Priest, before each meditation, you need to call on Dark Sun, hoping to be closer to that existence during meditation.

Aaron felt that he might not be able to practice this Meditation Method, but he still tried it without giving up.

One hour, two hours...

Three hours...

After changing the brazier several times, Aaron opened his eyes and extended the hand, Grab the flame burning in the basin.


Next moment, his hand retracted like an electric shock, and a burning pain came from his fingertips.

"It can't be done at all..."

"If I continue, my hands will be roasted..."

"Look at by outsiders When I arrive, I might think I'm crazy!"

Aaron shook his head and asked Daly, who looked confused, to take the brazier away and close the door.

At the moment the door closed, he seemed to see the maid's gaze, which was a kind of pity for fools and caring for the mentally retarded.

"She saw it?"

"Forget it, there is nothing to see..."

Aaron sat back on his desk and opened the locked drawer. Take out the notebook:

[Try the Black Flame Meditation Method, failed! ]

[Summary: I may not fit the path of'Dark', or... Is this really a magical world? 】

[spirituality exists in all things in that world, but does not exist in this world... Then, where does spirituality come from? 】

Aaron suddenly thought of the scarlet sun of the world in his dream.

And what Xiu said, after the cataclysm, everyone went crazy, and the most crazy people became the intelligence of monsters.

[So... the humans of that world didn't have spirituality, but they were endowed with spirituality by the scarlet sun? So the craziest ones are also the ones with the most spirituality. Even if they are not on the right path, can they be alienated and become monsters? 】

He suddenly felt that this is a very reasonable explanation.

[So... I am the root of everything? ! 】

Aaron suddenly thought of the information he had obtained.

[I am... the creator of dreams! ]

(End of this chapter)

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