Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 23

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  Chapter 23 Ceremony (for collection)

"Since I am the creator, my mysterious energy is spirituality The source of...I should be able to change the world in the dream, or in other words, the spirit interferes with reality."

With this idea, Aaron entered the world in the dream.

He came to a building familiarly, where the core members of the church can gather, and High Priest occasionally teaches knowledge of mysticism here.

His luck is good today, and it is His Excellency High Priest on the podium.

A trace of black flame is constantly leaking from the eyes of the old man with bald head, wrinkled skin, and full of tattoos. This is the appearance of spirituality that has accumulated to a certain stage and will overflow.

He speaks slowly, his voice is low:

"Everyone here is the initial spirituality awakening. I will teach you how to resist illness, how to stay away from danger, and how to gain strength. ...Even, finally, step up the ladder full of radiance, approaching our Spiritual God, and gain immortality!"

After fully mobilizing the emotions of the church below, the smile on High Priest's face is even brighter. : "Of course, with your current shallow spirituality, you can only contact the simplest ceremony. Remember, all ceremony must be spirituality. Therefore, it is not really unburned, so you don’t have to try it unless you want to. Consume your own life force instead!"

High Priest picked up a tree branch casually: "Next, the ceremony I want to demonstrate has only one simple effect, and that is to find the way! It can help Find a way out as soon as possible...Attention! It is not just because of your idiotic getting lost, if you encounter some dangerous species that are good at confusing, or fall into the mysterious fog, it can also bring you a way out!"

" The whole ceremony is divided into rituals, necessary objects, prayers, objects, prayers, sacrifices, etc... Note that we can only pray to the great Dark Sun, the Lord of the Eclipse, the rituals There can be no slight error or omission, otherwise it will lead to extremely terrifying results..."

Aaron stood by and heard nodded from time to time.

It can be seen that thanks to the tireless pollution or babbling of those great existences, the mysticism system of this world is expanding rapidly, and even a unique mysteriousism has been bred.

It includes many secret transmission and subjective verification methods, involving ceremony, transcendental language, metaphysics, spiritualism, wand exploration, number spiritualism, natural magic, witchcraft, astrology and alchemy, etc. Many fields can be called all-inclusive, and there is no lack of strange things.

Above the podium, High Priest continues: "The time of ceremony also has a choice. My lord likes early morning and dusk. The probability of success is greatest when the day and night alternate, but don’t try when the sun is strongest at noon. , The last time a church member unfortunately burned himself to charcoal..."

"When praying, don’t know the subject, slur your words, or pause for too long. The Lord will feel offended..."

" …"


Aaron nodded, already has some understanding of Ceremony: "This kind of mysterious ceremony mainly uses its spirituality to inspire the mysterious and communicate in secret A great existence, pray for power... But, is Dark Sun the kind of guy who treats believers gently?"

He felt that this High Priest seemed to have just explored a little way of sacrifice, but was not proficient.

Maybe the communication is only a little bit of Dark Sun's brilliance. The so-called ceremony feedback is just that brilliance of natural response, just like a smart program.

"Otherwise, according to the degree of madness of Dark Sun, the guys who communicate with him should be all lunatics!"

Aaron thought ridiculously, and waited until the Dark Sun church. I really communicated with Dark Sun, and I don't know what it would look like.

"Well, the current situation is that I can't interfere in this world... But what if others take the initiative to communicate with me?"

"For example, a believer uses his spirituality, Pry the ceremony to connect with the unknown existence..."

Aaron thought for a while, a little slumped: "Uh...Is there such a crazy lunatic, would you pray to the unknown?"

"And my wiring, or the sensing range, is definitely not as good as those of Dark Sun... It's a bit difficult to pretend to be Evil God."

"If you want to design a ceremony for me What should the honorable name look like? The creator above the creation? The great observer behind multiple veils? Huh? Even though I have designed the honorable name, I can’t tell it to my believers..."

Aaron realized that he had walked into a dead end.

If you want to interfere in the world, you must have a believer—if you want to have a believer, you need to formulate a ceremony and honorific name—if you want to get the honorable name into the ears of the believer, you need to intervene in the world first!

"This is a deadlock!"

Aaron spit out: "I'll continue to be a transparent audience... Maybe I will run into an idiot or a lunatic, I used an unknown ceremony, and it happened to be sensed by me!"

On the stage, High Priest has finished today's lecture.

He looked down at the many unburned, and his eyes were concealed with desire and greed.

Aaron discovered at this time that Xiu had also been mixed in unburned. He had obviously completed the 1st Stage ceremony and successfully awakened his spirituality.

"This woman, on the dark road, has an innate talent."

Someone who is incompetent in reality can't help but spit out a bit sadly.

He followed Xiu and went all the way back to the cabin where she and the two children lived.

At this time, outside the hut, there are no monitors. It seems that they are completely accepted by the Dark Sun Church.

Entering the house, after looking vigilantly all around, Xiu Fei quickly closed the door.

"Aunt Xiu!"

At this time, in the house, both Ake and Lin were there, and when they saw Xiu coming in, they let out a cheer.

"Well, I have become unburned, I have learned the spell, and I can leave here."

Xiu pulled a piece of the floor, the following is the time they saved A big bag full of brown bread and cans, as well as other field tools.

"I have already inquired, Dark Sun Order is not as simple as it seems... The rumored burning of living people also exists, High Priest may be waiting for a specific spiritual number and date... Must go , Can't stay, um...even if you are outside, you can continue to delve into the dark road..."

Xiu didn't realize that she had been changed a little unconsciously.

For example, no longer resist the belief of Dark Sun.

To escape this time, I just want to stay away from Dark Sun Order, not far from Dark Sun!    "But...Aunt Xiu, are we really leaving? I think those Uncle Aunts are very kind and give me and younger sister candy."

Ike's face appeared. Out look of hesitation.

Xiu's expression changed, and she suddenly became confused and painful...

She seemed to think of something, her face pale: "This kind of influence, too terrifying... I am still an adult Everyone is like this, you two kids, you must leave here immediately and stay away from'mysterious'!"

(End of this chapter)

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