Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 24

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  Chapter 24 The Beast of Darkness (new book asks for support)

"We will leave now, and as soon as it gets dark Get out of here!"

Xiu stood up, pacing restlessly.

The mania on her face made Lin almost cry in fright.

"Okay, Aunt Xiu, take a break, I'll get something. Today's food can't be spared, they will doubt it."

Ike nodded, get out of the hut.

Xiu reluctantly suppressed the mania in his heart and sat cross-legged.

With the meditation, her breathing gradually calmed down. Looking at Lin, she suddenly felt that this girl was a little different from normal.

"Lin, come here!"

Xiu beckoned.

What surprised her was that Lin did not come, but backed away in fear.

Xiu stood up, grabbed Lin with a stride, and suddenly opened her clothes. There was a circle of black tattoos on the little girl's pink arms.

"This is..."

Xiu suddenly felt hair stands on end.

"wu wu..." Lin burst into tears: "Ike told me that he will definitely become a great character, and you will be a good firewood...wu wu..."


"I'm taking care of..."

Xiu Xin is full of regrets. She has been immersed in the study of extraordinary ways during this time, completely neglecting Ike, a half-year-old child, in a group of evil spirits. What will be the impact on the believers?    "Damn, he must have gone out to tell the news."

Xiu pulled away the floor, put the backpack on his back, pulled Lin, turned and ran out of the house.

After leaving the house, she moved faster and faster, and immediately reached the edge of the town.

On the edge of the town, there are normally patrol squads led by the Burning Son. They often have reached the second stage and have the power to control the flames, which is an opponent Xiu does not want to face.

However, if it is a sneak attack, there may still be a chance.

After all, the other party thought she was a member of the church, and because she deliberately escaped, she and the patrol team got acquainted.

But this time, the luck of the repair is very bad.

She saw the Dark Sun followers gathered at the entrance of the town. The leader was High Priest, and he was holding a child, it was Ike!

A heart of Xiu sank, and quickly recited a mysterious incantion, summon seemed to have a black wind of life.

"Are you using the spell I taught you to attack me? Xiu?"

High Priest's lips moved, and the black wind disappeared invisible.

Xiu's heart sank directly.

Aaron watched this scene calmly.

He knew that he could do nothing about it until he discovered a way to interfere in this world.

In the end, Xiu is still obediently surrender. After all, she still carries a Lin. If she fights, she will accidentally injure the girl.

Moreover, in the face of the opponent's powerful strength, resistance is meaningless.

"Tell me, what does the firewood mean?"

When he was tied up, Xiu couldn't help but speak.

"You will see."

High Priest smiled.

Aaron suddenly felt that he was about to contact the core secrets of the Dark Sun Church.


Two days later, when day and night alternate.

Aaron was in the town square and saw people pillars tied up.

Under their feet, there are rituals that are so complicated and exquisite that they look like works of art.

"The number and divination are determined. Today, this is the best choice to please my lord."

High Priest took off his hood, revealing the tattoos and spells. Head: "And you, will also be my firewood, and share the charm of this high-level ceremony. It is called Eclipse!"

Aaron suddenly thought of High Priest's first sermon. ——“Darkness is a symbol of destruction and sublimation. It can make me wait and not burn. If we want to awaken the spirituality of darkness, we must first burn ourselves, sacrifice our flesh and blood, cross the three major gates, experience the eclipse ceremony, and complete it. It’s also a great achievement!"

"Now it seems that three major gates refer to the three stages of unburned, Burning Son, and Dark Chaser, and only stand in Dark Can the eclipse ceremony be held at the apex of Chaser?"

Aaron stood in the crowd, watching the High Priest pretendingly.

High Priest's face flushed slightly, and he was obviously excited to the extreme: "Mortals have their limits. After completing the ceremony, I will shed the mortal body and obtain a new life form, closer to my lord. I will Enter a new stage! Now, the time is up!"


Following the order, the Dark Sun cultists on the periphery chanted the mantra together.

In the strange sound of the incantation, a group of pitch-black flames suddenly burned on the ritual, devouring one sacrifice after another.

Xiu even saw Sauron, the betrayer who once had a refuge, has also become the'fuelwood'!   He screamed, his body melted like a wax figure.

And in the ritual, a trace of inexplicable things seem to be summoned and attracted to High Priest.

"Offer everything to the Lord of Eclipse, sublime in the flames, get the blessing of darkness, and become a beast of darkness!"

The High Priest resembles a roar and a shout, and the body is the same Burning black flames.

The flames quickly engulfed his body, and in the flames, it seemed that a brand-new form was being bred...

"Sure enough... the darkness between Dark Sun cultists Spirituality can be deprived of and swallowed by each other...This is why High Priest keeps pulling people, preaching, and even teaching without reservation."

"Their spirituality... is all fuelwood ', they are all burning sacrifices, all nourishment for the growth of dark beasts!"

Aaron looked on coldly.

For this scene, those Dark Sun cultists seem to be used to it, and the eyes of the Burning Sons are even more eager.

They are far stronger than unburned, but they are not suitable for sacrifice.

"It turned out to be like this..."

Aaron murmured. At this time, the Dark Sun Order, in his eyes, had no secrets at all.

In other words, he has understood the highest secret of Dark Sun Order!   "Aunt Xiu!"

Outside the venue, Lin cried and cried, but was hugged tightly by Ike and covered her lips.

"Aunt Xiu has gone to a higher light realm, she is one step closer to Dark Sun."

Ike muttered in Lin’s ear like comfort and hypnosis .

When the sun sets, all the fuelwood in the ceremony has been burned out, and the black flame is gradually extinguished.


Suddenly, the rare beast with the head of a dog and the head of a dog leaped out of the ashes.

It is High Priest!

He successfully operated the eclipse ceremony, transformed his life form, and became a beast of darkness!   ...


The carnival Dark Sun cultists either carnival or fell asleep.

In Ike's cabin, the door creaked open.

Lin lifts the head, looking at the bright starry sky: "Aunt Xiu...wu wu...I miss you so much, sorry..."

The red moon recalls the legend of the hometown.

The soul of the dead will rise above the moon, watching everyone in the world.

And the moon tonight seems to be particularly round...


Lin thought of her mother immediately, and tears burst into her eyes.

I don’t know if it’s an illusion. In the dim eyes of her tears, she seems to see a giant tree above the moon, which is completely entangled with flesh and blood...

(End of this chapter)

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