Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 25

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  Chapter 25 Assault    "Scarlet Moon..."

Aaron murmured, he I have seen many terrifying existences in this world, and heard the rants of the Evil Gods when they were born, but among them, Dark Sun and Scarlet Moon are the most palpitating.

The reason is simple, you can see them as soon as you look up. This shows how terrifying their influence on the world is, and people in this world, even if they are awake, have a potential madness factor, so they are most likely to be affected by Dark Sun and Scarlet Moon.

At this time, he saw Lin's eyes with a trace of crimson, the little girl's apple throat was rolling, swallowing her saliva, and her little face was full of longing, no, or it should be said. Hungry!   She stared hungrily at Ike who was sleeping in the cabin, almost unable to suppress some of her own desires. She wanted to devour his flesh and blood happily, she wanted to enjoy the sweetness and deliciousness.

In Lin's eyes, a crimson color is flowing.

However, she finally suppressed her desire with great perseverance.

The little girl finally turned to the side and turned into a pool of crimson blood as she walked, sinking into the darkness.

Behind her, Aaron watched all this and murmured: "The existence on Scarlet Moon-the mother tree of flesh and blood, is his realm of flesh and blood and motherhood? It seems that his followers are indeed right. Swallowing flesh and blood is very interesting, as for other things, we need to continue to observe next."


The next day.

Ike got up and found that Lin was lying next to him, sleeping peacefully, with a smile on her little baby-fat face, as if she was having a dream.

He walked out of the room, only to find that the atmosphere in the town of Dark Sun was not right.

The crowd gathered together tensely, and everywhere there were squad led by the Burning Son running around.

"Ego Uncle, what's the matter?"

Ike saw an acquaintance, and he hurried forward to ask.

"It's an intruder, there was an intruder in the town last night!" Ego had a bushy beard, and his face was full of dignity at this time: "Maybe he is a heretic who believes in other Evil God! Or they attacked our people, poor Benji and Meili skeleton doesn't exist......"


Ike sucked in a breath of cold air , His expression became fanatical again: "High Priest will solve them."

High Priest has completed its work and has become an existence beyond mortals.

"But...High Priest has entered a deep retreat..." A wry smile appeared on Ego's face.

Ike was stunned there.

He couldn't help thinking, and gave everything himself to help High Priest become a beast of darkness, hoping to gain its shelter.

And now, the other party's choice has said everything!   High Priest doesn't care about the trifling followers, whether it is Xiu or him!   ......

When Aaron was'online' again, the situation in Dark Sun town had become very bad.

Every night there are missing believers, and even according to the analysis of the traces on the spot, they have been treated extremely cruelly, and maybe even eaten alive!   Even if the middle-level members of Dark Sun Order tried hard to maintain order, it was of no avail.

To this day, Aaron has even heard someone talk about the defectors in the cult!   No one wants to stay where there is a cannibal monster!    "However, High Priest has come forward, Lin is going to be unlucky..."

Aaron could not help but sigh when he saw a large number of followers crowding a bald old man into the scene of a murder case.

At this time, in his eyes, this High Priest barely maintains his appearance, but in fact the whole person is just a phantom.

The real him is still the head of an animal body, burning with pitch black flames, hiding in the shadow of'High Priest'.

"It seems that he retreats to get a human image?"

Aaron followed High Priest and walked into a haunted house.

On the ground, there are still blood and meat scraps, and the air is full of disturbing atmosphere.

"The murderer is a person who can completely control his own flesh and blood and pores. We can't even smell a trace of the breath left by outsiders!"

A burning son bowed.

"Although the attacker wiped out all traces, it is difficult to remove such traces in mysticism..."

A smile appeared on High Priest's face: "Here I am ready to celebrate, I will use the scepter to find people directly to find the attacker! He will be punished by the black flame and die in pain and wailing!"

The faces of the black robe believers showed excitement. Color, start to arrange ceremony.

"Please my lord... the Lord of the Eclipse, the God of the Dark Sun..."

In the center of the ceremony, there was a piece of wooden staff that had just been broken. What mysterious influence, erected upright, was grabbed by High Priest.

pa! The   stick fell, pointing in a direction.

This kind of high-level divination, among the cults at this time, only High Priest can do it! In addition to him, even "Dark Chaser" will be disturbed!


When High Priest saw this, he followed without hesitation, reached an intersection, and threw down the stick again.

Ike was mixed in the crowd, at first was a little excited, and even wanted to light the heretic fire himself.

But gradually, his expression changed.

In that direction, why is it getting closer and closer to his home?   pa! The   stick stopped again and pointed to a small house.

"Whose residence is that?"

In the mouth and nose of High Priest, a thick black flame emerged.

"It's Ike's house!"

At this moment, Ike's whole person is like falling into the abyss!

Without any hesitation, High Priest rushed into the small house.


From the position of the windows and doors, a large amount of black smoke and flames immediately appeared, and a beast roar faintly appeared.

Ike knelt on the ground, it was hard to believe what he saw.

Soon, a rare beast draped in a black flame, ran out with a thin silhouette in its mouth.

pa!   Lin's body fell to the ground like a tattered doll.

However, in the burning of the black flame, her expression is still vague, not very long, and the skin on her body has faded and turned into a mass of flesh and blood.

"Flesh and blood puppet? This is blasphemy!"

The people of High Priest roared: "This is the path and power of the enemy of our lord! That blasphemer, she is not dead yet, Catch her! Catch her!"


In a jungle.

A lot of trees have become white, even a little transparent and illusory.

Aaron strolled leisurely in it, enjoying the scenery all around.

"This world has become more mysterious and fantastic... Is this the influence of the sun and those existences? They are transforming this world subconsciously... Now it is just that the scenery is different. Later, I am afraid that the order and rules of Time and Space will become chaotic..."

He quickened his pace and saw Lin in front of him.

At this time, the little girl seems to have accelerated her development, becoming a fit girl full of wildness and temptation.

Long before High Priest went to the cabin, Lin seemed to feel the danger, leaving behind a flesh and blood puppet and starting to flee...

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