Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 26

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  Chapter 26 Communication (for collection)   "mother ……"

Run a section After that of the road, Lin hid in a cave, held her arms, and began to tremble.

Her night hunting is more similar to the instinct of hunger and thirst, even if the body grows up, she is essentially a mature child.

"I'm so scared..."

Lin thought of that night again. She stared at the moon and thought of mother inexplicably.

Then, there was some weird knowledge in my mind, along with knowledge, there was also a strong hunger and thirst.

Under the hunger and thirst, she went out at night and attacked the members of the Dark Sun Order.

In the heart of the little girl, there is also resentment towards those believers.

After all, they sacrificed her Aunt Xiu!

In the end, things became like this.

The horror of High Priest gave her the illusion that she would be killed as soon as she met. Therefore, without the slightest hesitation, she chose to leave a fake body against the enemy, and she grew up in an instant and ran away. .

After a while of fear, Lin began to draw rituals on the ground.

Although the lack of candles, essential oils, and rituals needed for ceremony is not standard, she still began to pray: "I worship the gods... or the unknown existence wandering in the void, no matter who it is me!"

"This ceremony, the ritual is not standard, and prayer is a huge mistake... The subject is unknown. Isn't the existence on the moon telling Lin his honorific name? Oh...No, that kind of existence is done by looking at Lin, she just summoned a ray of brilliance from the other party...It’s no wonder that such a ceremony is obviously lack of knowledge."

Aaron was on the side, slowly commenting: "This girl, is she half crazy, right?"

Suddenly, there seemed to be an echo in his ear.

It is vague, slight, and almost inaudible if it is not focused.

"The unknowable existence wandering in the me..."

Aaron's expression moved: "I heard... the prayer? This ceremony pointed to me? Isn't it right? ...Is it a question of scope? I should have thought about it long ago!"

He looked excited, and sure enough, in this world there should be no shortage of lunatics who ceremony to unknown subjects. He has never received a signal. It's all because of being too weak and the receiving range too narrow.

And now, an unknown ceremony is in front of him!   Aaron could feel that with the thought he accepted, a kind of secret connection was established.

He used a new perspective to look at the girl in front of him.

In his'Horizon', the girl's whole body is filled with a kind of flowing crimson, in terms of mysterious fluctuations, even above the ordinary Burning Son!

It's just that this kind of flowing redness completely covers the girl's brain, and she is still trying to infiltrate it continuously.

"The connection is established, what can I do?"

Aaron thought for a while: "Well, I still have a mysterious energy unit that I dream of third To move, one third is used to store, and one third is originally used to strengthen yourself, but you can try it."


Lin just subconsciously wants to pray.

And, she actually wants to add a honorable name of'mother'.

But before she could speak, she felt a kind of secret connection established.

The world is like a colorful kaleidoscope in front of her.

Among the thousands of light fragments, a terrifying sight passed out.

Just a glance made Lin totally unbearable and knelt on the ground.

Not only that, in her body, cracks appeared one after another, repelling the embryo-like flesh and blood that had not yet been fully conceived.


Lin couldn't bear it anymore and started to vomit. Among the vomit, there were some strange blood-colored worms, like fish out of the water. Struggling.

Her body size kept shrinking, and she became the same as the little girl before, and the crimson in her eyes gradually dissipated.

"I...what did I do!"

Lin muttered to herself, her eyes filled with panic.


'Huh? It seems that my mysterious energy has washed away the pollution and craziness of the other party? '

Aaron can see that Lin still has a crimson presence on her body, but she has become extremely pure, and she no longer has the squirming nausea she had before.

He thought for a while, and through contact, he said in a joking tone: "I purified his gift. I think, you don't want to start conceiving thousands of children at a young age, right?"

Lin dumbfounded, she heard this voice that sounded directly in her heart, and her whole body was shaking: "You...Which one are you in the void?"

She I know that my previous ceremony has really summoned an unknown existence.

"Finally here, this opportunity!"

Aaron's heart was shaken, but he sighed again: "You can call me—the illusory spirit wandering in the unknown , Absolutely neutral existence, Silent Observer!"

He doesn't want to directly say that I am the Creator above the Creator, the source of all mysterious.

But after thinking about it, this honorable name is too preserves a beating. If it is noticed by the existence of Dark Sun, his current small body has no power to fight back at all, so forget it.

"Under the illusory Spirit Pavilion, thank you for responding to my prayer."

Lin didn't know how shocking the existence of being able to respond to ceremony and communicate.

After all, she is just a child, and her previous knowledge of mysticism is extremely scarce.

"You seem to be in trouble..."

Aaron said in a very calm tone.

"Yes, I am being chased by Dark Sun Order..." Lin lowered her head, her tone full of desire.

"I am absolutely neutral, and I will not take the initiative to help you unless... make a deal!"

Aaron smiled.

He took a fancy to the mysterious knowledge in Lin's hands.

Although manipulating flesh and blood is disgusting, at least it can enrich one's knowledge and collection.

Yes, he was sadly reminded. He even directly digs into the other party's brain and has no ability to check his memory-what an Evil God.


"Offer a sacrifice that satisfies my heart, and I will respond to your request."

Aaron said: "All tangible and intangible things , Can become a sacrifice, such as...mysterious knowledge!"

" most precious, should be the knowledge about'Red', I would like to dedicate it to you, please let me Get out of danger!"

At the moment Lin spoke, Aaron's eyes suddenly penetrated the opponent's body and saw a ball of red light.

His thoughts touched slightly, one after another information appeared in his consciousness:    ['Red' exists in all living things, exists in flesh and blood, it tastes sweet and has endless aftertastes... …]

[How to make flesh and blood puppets: …]

[Feast ceremony: …]


All in all, it should be possible to form an incomplete "Red" secret biography.

"Not bad!"

Aaron glanced at Lin and found that the light ball in her memory had not disappeared. Obviously, the transmission of knowledge was not lost, and she still remembered everything.

"Very well, you have one food, I have one food, after the exchange we still only have one food, but you have one knowledge, I have one knowledge, after the exchange, we both have two Knowledge."

Aaron complained in his heart, opened the mouth and said: "You can leave, I will guard you. Remember, don't pray to the existence on the moon, unless you want to have a child... …"

This is the guardian of metaphysics. Although she is very unwilling to die as the only believer, if she is caught up, Aaron will have no choice but to do it...

(End of this chapter)

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