Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 28

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  Chapter 28 Herbs (recommendation required)

The weather is clear and the warm spring breeze blows through the dark green forest , The grass grows and the warbler flies, the trees are prosperous, everywhere is full of a breath of prosperity.

The elements of''Red' include reproduction and vitality...Spring is the season that suits the road of'Red'...'

Two horses one after the other driving Aaron, who was riding a horse behind, thought subconsciously after passing the flat field.

He looked forward. It was a girl in a hunter's suit riding a red mare, which seemed just right for her height.

"Ginny, slow down, clamp the horse's belly and don't fall off."

The girl is Ginny. Come to Aaron's territory to play and hunt by the way, at least in name.


Aaron feels that the other party is greedy for the many delicacies he has "invented".

After all, this is a snack food.

This made Aaron have to worry about Ginny's future development and tonnage... But this concern quickly disappeared.

As the count’s daughter who rules the Green Forest, Ginny is quite competitive in the future wedding market.

There are all kinds of Knights and good men who come to please her, no matter whether she looks beautiful or ugly, whether she is virtuous or not...

When I think of this, I suddenly feel very boring.

"Several servants and maids in the castle were hanged by count before, and the rumors died down..."

Ginny seemed to say something unconsciously, and immediately looked far away and saw Flat ridges.

Large tracts of flat land were reclaimed, and there were several farmers using strange plows on the land. When they saw the lord coming, they took off their hats from afar.

"Huh? Aaron, you seem to use a different farming method?"

Ginny's eyes moved.

"Yes, I invented a new type of farm tool called Bending Plow, which can effectively open the soil and cultivate deeper, and can also adjust the depth to meet the difference between deep ploughing or shallow ploughing It is required, and it is convenient to turn, and it is more labor-saving... Even if there is no cow, it is the same as when people pull it up."

Aaron smiled and said: "In addition, I also prepared some things called fertilizers. It should be able to effectively increase the output of this year’s crops. If nothing happens, my territory will have a bumper harvest in summer and autumn this year, and all the residents will be fed, and there will be no shortage of food for the winter."

Ginny looked at Aaron with some admiration. This big brother always had some whimsical ideas and no lack of kindness.

She couldn't help but said: "I will use these in my future territory too!"

After speaking, Ginny couldn't help being silent.

As a daughter, count is unlikely to cut the land for dowry, but the husband’s territory has a lot of hope. After all, it is the hostess who has the right to make changes.

"Why? My younger sister can't wait to find the one he likes now?"

Aaron joked and said a few more jokes, making Ginny's face bloom again Smile.

The two walked through the flat farmland into the dense jungle.

Ginny actually doesn't know how to hunt. After dismounting, his eyes are attracted by the wildflowers and butterflies.

Aaron is squatting on the ground, carefully looking at some plants in this world, and using his herbal knowledge one after another to identify.

"The potions materials of the world in the dream are completely different from here. I can barely find some substitutes...but I may not find them."

He sighed inwardly.

The most essential difference between the dream world and the reality world is the existence of spirituality!

Therefore, even if strictly following the practice of the world in the dream, the effect of the potion produced is very doubtful.

Fortunately, Aaron has a lot of little white rabbits and little white mouses, and even prisoners can try one after another.

"Even if spirituality potions cannot be prepared, it is okay to formulate some serious wounding drugs and potions that enhance physique..."

"Although, the limits of this world are doomed Pharmacy also has its limits. The peak of an ordinary person is a shackle that is absolutely difficult to overcome, but as long as the effect is sufficient, it is not bad. It can be taught to Albert...let him be a serious doctor instead of only bloodletting and vomiting. ......"

Aaron dug up a herb while thinking.

Its whole body is red, with jagged edges, and even the juice has a slight paralyzing effect.

According to Albert, it is called'bloodweed', which can be made into a hemostatic herb, although the effect is not very good.

Aaron has some plans, hoping to use it to replace the "bloodthirsty" material of a dream world, so as to make a potion that can enhance physique.

Although it is definitely not as good as spirituality potion, it can make people obtain super mortal body quality.

But even a little increase in strength and Life Energy is a good result.

'Even...maybe it can be passed down to later generations and become the so-called'Knight's Secret Medicine'...'


At this time , Aaron heard Ginny's joyous voice: "I saw the rabbit, Aaron big brother, let's eat rabbit meat at night!"


In the evening.

Outside of Blackstone Manor, Aaron will play for a day, sleeping Ginny into the carriage, and say hello to the guardian Knight next to him: "Thank you, Knight Alfred!"

Ginny is an Eldest Young Lady. Of course, she will not act on her own, and she has guards when she goes out.

But her mother big brother didn't send it, but instead let Old Knight send it. Aaron felt a little surprised.

"This was originally my duty."

Alfred punches in the chest. He is not only a manor lord, but also serves the Sotos Family.

Of course, in this way, Theodore has to pay him an additional annuity every year.

For the lower-level nobles, to serve the upper-level nobles and get paid is not something difficult to tell, but a kind of glory.

"Then, I have to trouble you to send my younger sister back."

Aaron waved his hand, watching the team with the dark green banyan corner flag leave and disappear into the sunset under.

"Ginny, a little girl, how could such a decision be made? It seems that Mrs. Sonia is suggesting something... Do you want to form an alliance with me and fight against Colin?"

He replied He went too far and entered Blackstone Manor with a playful expression on his face: "I am a fief Knight, no matter who is in charge, why should I mix with this muddy water? Even more how, Sean, what good do I have?"

As for the promise to divide the Green Forest evenly after the event is completed, whoever believes in who is a fool, Sonia did not use this kind of scam to insult Aaron's IQ.

"So, Ginny's arrival is an emotional card, an unnoticeable influence?"

Aaron enters the alchemy room, and there is a set of equipment that he managed to put together on the flat table. Including a balance, several rows of test tubes, measuring cups, etc... Glass in this era is very expensive, and merchants need to import them from outside the green forest. At one time, Aaron had the idea of ​​building a glass workshop by himself.

He skillfully picked up the processed'blood grass', put it in the grinding jar, grind carefully, and then began to extract...

I don’t know how long time has passed, a black The suspicious medicine that gave off a foul smell filled half a test tube.

"Let's do the first phase of the experiment, let's start with small animals..."

Looking at the finished product, Aaron nodded.

(End of this chapter)

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