Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 30

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  Chapter 30 divine medicine (for further reading)

"Order to go down, must save Sylvie! "

Theodore's roar echoed in the hall.

Aaron is looking at the old scholar with a bitter face, looked thoughtful.

"An ancient woman gave birth to a Gates of Hell..."

"Don't look at Theodore's attitude, I am actually afraid that there is no hope anymore."

In this foreign world where technology is backward and without extraordinary power, it is really a small illness that may cause loss of life.

After Theodore got angry, he looked at Aaron apologetically: "Sorry...maybe we can't hold a welcome banquet for you tonight."


Aaron shook his head, indicating that it was nothing.

He looked at the direction of the delivery room, hesitated, opened the mouth and said: "I have some medicine here, maybe it can come in handy."

On saving the dead, I am afraid that he will be on the territory His doctor may not be comparable to him.

Especially, Aaron specially checked the memories of previous lives in his dreams, and finally found a weapon, that is, allicin!

In ancient times, transmigrator, faced with the risk of various diseases and infections, naturally wanted to come up with antibiotics.

However, whether it is sulfa or penicillin, the process required is more complicated. The key is that Aaron has not seen it in his previous life.

However, he remembered a report about allicin.

Although it is not an antibiotic in the strict sense, it has a pretty good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. The most important thing is that it is simple to make.

As the name suggests, allicin needs to be made with fresh garlic, but it does not exist in garlic.

What garlic really contains is alliin! Alliin is present in garlic in an unstable form, and alliin can be catalyzed to form alliin after being shocked, such as slicing or mashing.    Therefore, the method to obtain this kind of antibiotic is very simple, just mash a large amount of garlic and place it, and then extract it!   What is the status of antibiotics in ancient times? Think about it and you can know.

When Aaron found it, he was also afraid that his body in the real world would be sick and infected, and would fall down when he was about to touch the transcendence, and died extremely aggrieved.

But I didn't expect that it could come in handy at this time.

"However, although allicin is an antibiotic-like Divine Item, it can prevent postpartum infections at most, and is helpless for bleeding during delivery."

Aaron thought to himself, just Hearing Theodore’s surprised voice: "You... the potion?"

"I bought the potion from a merchant. It is said to have a strong hemostatic effect."

Aaron He answered casually, and took out a test tube from his arms, which contained a semi-solid ointment solidified like grease.

This is also one of his achievements over the years, and it is a good hemostatic agent.

And, because the number of people to test is too small, Aaron is looking for some more test items.

"As long as you put it on the wound, it will stop the bleeding soon."

He handed the test tube to Theodore and explained the usage carefully.

Theodore's expression is a little weird, but he quickly suppressed it: "You are a good younger brother. No matter whether Sylvie can persist, Colin and I will thank you."

After finishing speaking, he hurried to the delivery room.

In the lobby, Mrs. Sonia looked at Aaron with a playful expression, covered her mouth with a fan, and lowered her voice: "Aaron... you did something wrong, that is, you used your medicine. , Sylvie is good, Colin will not appreciate you, and if Sylvie dies, you may take responsibility instead."


Aaron stepped forward and touched Touching Ginny's head, fiercely twisted Sean's cheek by the way, making this brat grin: "But...I'm happy!"

Even if it wasn't for testing the potion, he would see this kind of thing Can't help but help.

After all, Sylvie is dead or alive, and has nothing to do with his interests.

On the premise of not harming his own interests, he doesn't mind being a good person.

In other words, enjoy the pleasure of doing good deeds.

"Is this the reason why you rejected me many times before?" Mrs. Sonia comforted Sean and held the brat, lightly said with a smile.

"Mrs. Sonia, maybe you don't believe it, but I really don't have the slightest interest in the position of count..."

Aaron retracted his secretly charged right leg.

He originally planned that Sean's brat dared to rush over and immediately taught him a lesson. At this time, he could only answer with a smile.

"That's a shame... Maybe you don't know. After the last battle, Theodore actually regretted it..."

Sonia said: "He never found out. You, who are unknown, have grown into such an excellent man. In comparison, Colin doesn't suit him anymore."

"But... Colin still has the status of eldest son, and The heir for so many years has righteously supported..."

Aaron shrugged: "even more how, he also married Sylvie and gave birth to an heir that meets everyone's expectations."

"It meets everyone's expectations..."

Mrs. Sonia smiled very meaningfully.

"A lie is a lie after all, and one day will be seen through." Aaron smiled: "Then, please allow me to leave first. After all, it is tiring to drive so long..."

He gave a salute, blinked at Ginny, and returned to his room in the castle.

After opening the door, he was slightly surprised that the room still remained the same as it used to be, and it seemed to be cleaned frequently, as if waiting for its owner to move in at any time.

After a while, the door opened and Ginny walked in: "Aaron big brother, you finally beckon me to come over, what's the matter?"

"Of course, I I'm going to ask you to make something delicious."

Aaron smiled: "You go find a bottle of wine and fresh garlic..."

Since you have started to save people, To save to the end.

If Sylvie did not die of postpartum hemorrhage, but died of infection, it would be a very scratching thing.

Not very long, Ginny came back with something, her little face full of curiosity: "Why are you saving Sylvie?"

pa!    Aaron is here. She knocked on her little head: "If you want to save it, save it. Even if I see an injured cat or puppy on the road, I can't help but occasionally take it. Even more how, Sylvie is still our family... "

"I don't think you don't know some of Colin's thoughts, even more how, you are half responsible for the fall of the Sylvie family."

Ginny retorted.

"So what? Anyway, even if they jump up, they can't hit me..." Aaron made a grimace: "Don't cause trouble, don't be afraid of trouble, defend yourself and fight back. It is polite, understand? Um, you can taste these first..."

Then Ginny was crying, and finally the little girl ran out of Aaron's room in tears:

" wu wu wu...Aaron is a lie, allicin is not delicious at all!"

(End of this chapter)

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