Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 31

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  Chapter 31 Competition and Banquet

The temporary set up is better than the martial stage.

The two Green Forest warriors fiercely collided and fought with more primordial weapons.

None of them have armor. You can see the developed muscles, hideous scars, and various tattoos on their bodies.

It is not very accurate to say that it is a tattoo. Aaron knows that the ancient "green forest warriors" like to use green or blue dye to paint their body and face to create simple patterns.

Until now, this custom is still circulating in the green forest.

Although he doesn't think how terrifying a guy with a green and blue face is, it is said that this can effectively deter the enemy.

Once, these'green barbarians' were the nightmare of the northern lords of the Kagash Kingdom!

Boom!    Just when he was in a trance, on the ring, a warrior with a big beard had knocked down his opponent with a stone axe, yelling at the audience, showing his muscles.

"Very good!"

On the high platform, Theodore raised his hand and announced loudly: "The winner of this tournament is Merck from the wasteland! "

Aaron looked around boredly. On the high platform, in the best spot of sight, Mrs. Sonia, Ginny, Sean, and even Colin were all there.

This tournament was originally held mainly to celebrate the birth of a new generation of heirs.

It is worth mentioning that Sylvie also survived, and according to Ginny, the recovery was very good, and there were no symptoms such as postpartum infection. It seems that allicin still plays a role.

In fact, Aaron was not very sure at the time. I can only say that the other party was lucky this time.



A grand banquet was held in the castle.

A golden-roasted suckling pig was placed in the middle of a long table with an apple in its mouth, surrounded by various sumptuous meals.

Aaron is holding a glass of wine, and he doesn't like the hustle and bustle of the banquet.

You must know that the nobles at this time are very brutal and open, and even at the banquet, it is also a good place to exchange feelings.

Some men and women who meet for the first time have already begun to wait, flirting and cursing fiercely, and even began to make an appointment to have a tryst in the garden or the servant’s room...

Said, a smog.

Well, there are many of Knight's daughters who want to'hunt' Aaron, and even Knight's wife come together to show their courtesy, making him a little annoying.

"Haha, my child, you are still as shy as before, unable to adapt to this kind of scene."

Theodore walked over with a laugh, and the people around automatically let go , Obviously knew that Lord Count wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with his second son.

"You should learn more about Colin, he will be very comfortable."

Talking from women can quickly bring the atmosphere of men's chat closer.

However, Theodore's use of this kind of opening statement made Aaron feel a kind of courtesy and attention.

He smiled slightly: "Colin is a good heir. Well, if you are a little more modest... Sir Father, what do you want me to do?"

This kind of blunt The way to make Theodore frowned, immediately said: "You are already seventeen years old, and it's time to consider marriage, um... According to Kagash, count can enshrine lower aristocrats. Maybe you should also mention the title. Although it will not increase fiefdoms, it sounds better."

In the Kagash kingdom, barons and viscounts, etc., did not actually canonize nobles, even if it was the power of a Knight.

This kind of power requires at least count, so count is often regarded as the true ruler of one party and the threshold of the great nobles.

Of course, if the baron and the viscount must be canonized and separate their own territory, then the official document will be sent, and it will be approved.

If they have a subordinate count, the one responsible for approving is Master count.

If not, it is directly under the king, and the report will be sent directly to the king's desk.

Under normal circumstances, the great nobles will not refuse, after all, this is the self-weakening of the little nobles.

Of course, in the Green Forest, the situation is a little different.

The land here is sparsely populated. In fact, many of the Knights' fiefs are large enough to make their counterparts in the kingdom jealous.

For example, Aaron, his territory can be reclaimed completely, the area is comparable to a baronial in the kingdom, but there is not so much population.

And the same is true of Theodore before. He prefers to call himself a lord rather than a baron noble.

So, Aaron is very clear that this is not what Theodore really wants to say.

'I always feel that after ruling the Green Forest, Theodore has changed a little bit, becoming more political? '

He murmured in his heart, opened the mouth and said: "If I can be canonized by you, it would be an honor for my Supreme, but I haven't found the lady I really like..."

"That's really a shame, but maybe you can consider the'Sheep Girl' of the Kagash Kingdom?" Theodore said.

The lord of the Kagash Kingdom is weak and bad at fighting, and is often ridiculed by the Green Forest nobles as a sheep man, so their daughter is naturally a sheep girl.

"Political marriage?"

Aaron laughed: "If father wants to fully integrate into Kagash, then this is a good way..."

"Currently I'm still thinking about it. Feil once made this suggestion to me...but I always feel that something is wrong and there are pitfalls."

Theodore said.

Actually, if it is still the past, he doesn't need to discuss Aaron's marriage with his son, just make a decision and notify him.

But at this time, Aaron has another identity, his vassal, and he needs to negotiate instead.

But Aaron feels that this is also the other party's secondary purpose, and at the same time he is funny in his heart, he echoes a few words.

In the end, Theodore finally seemed to inadvertently say: "I heard that a brand-new farming method is used on your territory, and there is something called chemical fertilizer that can double the yield per mu? Well, you have been good at invention and creation since you were a child. The paper you made has been sold well in the kingdom and has been snatched by wandering merchants..."

'After a long time, it was here? '

Aaron was nodded in his heart, with the same expression on his face: "It's just an insignificant improvement. If Sir Father wants it, I'll talk to your farm officer."

Theodore's expression suddenly became serious: "How could I covet my son and my vassal's things?"

However, with Aaron's persuasion, his expression gradually eased.


Soon after, Aaron in the return to house chuckled, "Is this the commonality of feudal monarchs? I always like to pull all the good things into my own bowl? "

"However, I also got what I wanted."

During the talks tonight, he and Theodore reached a'political deal', specifically, It is the use of advanced farming techniques to exchange for absolute autonomy in their marriage.

Finally, Theodore also hinted that as long as he is not so irritating to marry a peasant girl, he can go there, or get married later.

This made Aaron's heart relaxed. He didn't want to be forced by Theodore like Colin.

At this time, looking at the gap in the portal, he suddenly smiled: "Tia, come in!"

(End of this chapter)

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