Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 32

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  Chapter 32 Light of Redemption (seeking further reading)

The world in the dream.

Inside a deserted city.

dong!    A certain humanoid monster with three heads fell to the ground, and the flesh on his body melted like a stream of water, flowing continuously in one direction.

In the dark corner, Lin in a black trench coat raised her hand and began to extract.

In the end, the blood of Datan turned into a drop of'Red' essence and fell into her hands.

After finishing all this, Lin immediately hid in the darkness and disappeared.

At this time, a few mutant talents arrive slowly......

"The path of'Red' is very dangerous... No... any spirituality awakening path is very dangerous..."

In the cracks in the corridor, a pool of dark red is constantly shifting.

Lin's thoughts diverged slightly. She thought of Dark Sun Order, and after joining it, Ike, who became more and more unfamiliar.

"The same is true for Dark Sun Order, Ike... is he corroded by that existence?"

I have to say that the little girl has really grown up during this period of time. , Mystic Knowledge is also increasing.

Every spirituality road must have a source!

Mortals go back to the source, naturally they will be affected and polluted by the source!

This is not even intentional from the source, but the changes and transformations that are naturally brought about, deep into the body and spirit!

"Only the spirit of vain... can purify this pollution... What kind of deity is he... and what kind of deity of the road?"

The scarlet red from the door cracks. Infiltrate into a closed room.

This room originally seemed to be a storage room, but it has now been cleared out, and a permanent altar has been built with candles, rituals, obsidian...

crash-bang! The   crimson surging, transforms into the figure of a little girl.

She looked a little taller than before, and at this time she lighted the candle religiously and began to pray:

"Wandering in the unknown spirit of vain..."

"The existence of absolute neutrality..."

"Silent Observer..."

"Your believers pray to you, pray for you to open the door of the kingdom, and come to glory... I beg you to purify my body and mind and accept my sacrifice!"


While the ceremony is being held, Lin will also share today’s harvest, that one'Red' The essence of it was placed on the altar.

She has held this kind of prayer and ceremony many times, but not every time she can get that person's response.

But this time, the situation is different.


The candle burned fiercely, and countless illusions emerged.

Lin heard a voice beyond the comprehension of mortals. She saw countless light clusters floating, forming the most central door.

In a sound that shook the soul, the door suddenly opened, and endless rays of light spilled out.

The rays of light wrapped the sacrificial offering and disappeared in a flash.

"Thank you for accepting the sacrifice."

Lin was pleasantly surprised. This is the first time the False Spirit has accepted the sacrifice, which represents satisfaction.

"Well... Your sacrifice this time is good..."

Aaron was right in front of Lin, speaking lightly.

Because he couldn't accept the characteristics of prayer and ceremony too far, he deliberately followed Lin for a period of time and asked the other party to fix an altar as a contact point.

In this way, as long as Lin prays here and he is there, he can be'connected' again.

As for the time when Aaron went offline or explored other places?

There is really no way.

But this is normal, after all, which Spiritual God is responsive?

It’s normal for God not to respond to prayer, isn’t it?   Relatively speaking, Aaron is already very conscientious.

As long as you try a few more times, you can always hit him when he is on the court.

At this moment, he was holding that red essence, feeling different powers pouring into his body, and couldn't help but his eyes moved: "It seems that the last time she tried to sacrifice spirituality, it worked. A certain effect..."

"Through the ceremony and sacrifice, the power of the believers to sacrifice...maybe it is useful to me?"

I am enjoying this sacrifice in Aaron. When comparing his item with his mysterious unit, his expression suddenly moved and he felt the disappearance of the spirituality of'Red'.

"'s not disappearing, but..."

Aaron was a little bit eager to return to reality, feeling the difference, and was extremely excited.

But he forcibly restrained himself. After all, the only believer was still praying. At this time, he ran away, so he won’t get confused in the future.

"My lord...I want to rescue my big brother. I want to ask for your protection and help. I will definitely work hard to offer more sacrifices..."

Below , Lin was begging.

She knew that it would be useless to rescue the big brother. Ike had been contaminated by Dark Sun Order, and she was about the same as she was on the day. Maybe the situation could be better, but it is also limited.

You must be purified by the spirit of vain in order to regain your sense and true personality!

Moreover, Dark Sun Order is also a very powerful enemy, so rescue operations must be approved by the Lord.

"Save people, I will use my head to save?"

Listening to the prayer, Aaron secretly slandered: "I am a spirit on the street, if it is not the connection of ceremony, I can't even interfere with you...How to make a Dark Sun Order?"

After thinking about it, he followed the mysterious feeling of ceremony, and said directly in Lin's heart: "Now is not the time for the promise! "

Well, if you encounter something that is difficult to do, let it all be pushed to your destiny.

It's not that it is not saved, the time is not yet.

And after a while, maybe Ike will die, so there is no need to save him.

"My lord..."

Lin bit her lip and suddenly said: "I am too weak..."

She did not expect such a person The great existence will personally end up helping an ant, so it is still blaming itself: "My strength is still too weak, but I want to ask you to agree, I want to build a cult that worships you!"

She wants to increase her strength, in addition to strengthening herself, she can also pull people!   'The Order? I don’t know what path I can open...'

'However, it is possible for Lynn to pull people. No matter what path, I will never refuse to come...'

Aaron is happy to see it happen.

Although he is still relatively useless, it is still useful, that is, it can expel the pollution of terrifying existence.

'The Extraordinary of this world is too susceptible to the pollution and influence of the higher-level existence... I can keep them rational... With this convenience, no matter what path of the Extraordinary, I can pull in Under his command, I got more secret transmissions and knowledge by the way...'

Thinking of this, Aaron directly said: "Yes!"

Then, he actively disconnected, next Go back to the real world, and can’t wait to verify some guesses.


"All the glory belongs to the Lord!"

Feeling the Lord's departure, Lin finally prayed and left here respectfully.

For her, this is the Lord’s sanctuary, and possibly the headquarters of the future church.

"Oops... I forgot to ask the Lord what the name of the new church should be... and the images and symbols that He likes..."

Lin said with a bitter face: "However, the Lord shouldn't care about this little thing...Even the altar is very rough, without Divine Idol and special marks..."

She thought about it, and made up her mind: "The Lord is the only light in the last days. The new cult is called-'Light of Redemption'!"

(End of this chapter)

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