Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 33

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  Chapter 33 Chi

Blackstone Manor.

Aaron, who hung the title of'Baron Blackstone', returned to his territory.

Well, after the tournament this time, Theodore started the knightship distribution. Basically, the Knights of Lower Green Forest were upgraded to Level 1, and some even became viscounts.

However, they are all short names, and everyone's fiefdom has not increased in the slightest.

From Aaron's point of view, at least the baron name is better than Knight...

In addition, there is a strange phenomenon, Colin's son Char was conferred as Lord of Honor , But he himself is nothing... Aaron originally thought that he could earn an honorary title like Viscount Sotos. It seemed that Theodore was expressing some dissatisfaction with Colin, but he was very satisfied with the third generation heir.

This seems to correspond to some undercurrents, but Aaron doesn't care.

In the bedroom.

Aaron opened his eyes and felt the difference in his body.

It was the first time to accept ceremony and sacrifices in the world in a dream, especially the disappearance of the essence of'Red' at the end, which gave him a feeling of hard to describe.

"The essence of'Red' as a sacrifice is actually the essence and concentration of the spirituality of'Red'. In terms of weight... Maybe it is enough for an ordinary person to fully awaken spirituality and embark on an extraordinary path. "

"At that time, the sacrifice on the ceremony disappeared, and my consciousness felt that it might have come here...the real world, my body?"

Aaron His eyes lit up slightly, if that was the case, he might finally find the way to reality and extraordinary!    "Master!"

He rang the bell and asked Daly to come in and help dress, and couldn't wait to feel the difference in his body.

'It seems to be an illusion... But I feel that I am a bit more energetic today? '

Aaron looked at Daly in front of him, and there was no denying that his body reacted a little.

Daly also seemed to feel something, blushing to help Aaron tidy up his clothes.

'It's a bit troublesome...I feel the increase in desire...'Red'... is originally related to reproduction and vitality? '

Aaron is a little embarrassed:'It seems that you have to be careful in the future, you can't eat things randomly, and you can't receive sacrifices indiscriminately...'

"What do you want for breakfast?"


At this time, Daly asked.

"Steak,, another cup of deer blood!"

Aaron blurted out.

Daly's expression was a little surprised, but soon calmed down and walked out.


Inside the villa restaurant.

The veal, which is almost still raw, lies in the white porcelain plate, still bleeding blood.

Aaron normally The breakfast is basically vegetable salad, with bread and jam, the taste is relatively light, which is why Daly is surprised.

At this time, Daly stood by and watched Aaron pick up the knife and fork gracefully. The cold fork was only pressed slightly, causing the veal to seep a lot of blood again, as if struggling, shouting, resisting... …

But it was useless. The knife fell ruthlessly, separating the flesh and causing blood to gush, with the grace of a predator.

A handful of coarse salt and a handful of black pepper powder were sprinkled on the corpse of the cow, like a memorial to death...

In the end, the meat was sent into the mouth and seemed to fall into Bottomless Abyss...

"Well, the taste is unexpectedly good?"

Aaron took another sip of deer blood, and recalled in his heart: "Is this the pleasure of eating flesh and blood? "Red" is indeed in my body, it is affecting me!"

"Fortunately, my sanity can be restrained. This is probably because the existence on Scarlet Moon is not in this world? '

'As for Lin, she was very affected at first, equivalent to the half patron of the Flesh Mother Tree...Of course, it was also subconsciously... The Mother Tree probably didn't even know that she still existed. Otherwise, I should not be able to save her...'

'Dark Sun Order members belong to the kind of unnoticeable influence that is affected. Although at first is not as good as Lin, the influence will gradually deepen over time. Increasingly terrifying...'

'And Daly, what kind of expression is this... what's the matter with this fearful and hopeful look? '

'Is she affected by me? '

Aaron puts down his knife and fork: "Clean up!"

"Oh, yes!"

Daly, a shivered, seems to have finally come back to his senses, Stepping forward to clean the dining table, his breathing became heavy unconsciously.

"I'm going out to exercise!"

Aaron feels that his self-control is declining, and he dare not stay longer, otherwise a Daly is afraid that it will not be enough, so he immediately came to the villa for training. On the field, waving a huge cross sword.

In normal times, a few moves of this heavy sword will consume a lot of energy.

But now, Aaron feels different.

It's not that his physique or strength has improved, but every time he is about to reach his limit, a new force will flow out of his body.

It's as if there is an extra source of power in the body!

"This is the extraordinary of'Red'!"

Aaron's eyesight is bright: "Although...I don't like this path very much... But it is undeniable that everything is extraordinary, it is so Brilliant and charming..."

After a few hours of exercise, he was already sweating like rain, and he took a towel and wiped it off. Suddenly Aaron picked up a dagger and opened a small dagger on his arm. Mouth.

The blood flowed out quickly. He watched attentively and saw that the bleeding stopped automatically and even a tingling sensation came.

"Life Energy, promote wound healing?"

"It's just that there seems to be a loss..."

Aaron frowned, Lin sacrificed many The concentrated essence of spirituality of'Red' is enough to open the extraordinary door.

But when he got here, there seemed to be only a little bit left.

"This is... the loss of passing through the two worlds? But it doesn't matter. Let Lindo make sacrifices a few times. The accumulation is enough for me to open the extraordinary door, but... I don't I like the path of'Red'..."

"Well, next time I will let Lin sacrifice some other spirituality...but she will only collect the essence of'Red', everyone has their own field of specialisation, it seems that it is a good decision for her to form a multi-path cult."

After a while, Aaron stood up and shook his arm. The wound on his arm had long been disappeared, with only one Shallow white marks.

"Very good!"

He looked at the sky and felt a little hungry: "It's time for lunch... Is it still medium-cooked beef for lunch? No... I think Five points..."

Aaron felt the hunger and thirst in his body, and his expression gradually changed.

Facts have proved that he has changed more than this.

In the evening, looking at a piece of medium-rare steak, he couldn't eat it, and finally asked Daly to take it back to the kitchen and make it fully cooked.


The thick and moist taste of beef was not in the mouth, but Aaron sighed in the heart: "The spirituality is dissipating... so the influence on me is constantly weakening. ......"

"It must be observed."


The next day.

Aaron shook the bell to let Daly in.

He watched the maid’s various actions, and his heart was calm, with only endless regrets: "This world, is it really magic-free... Even the spirituality that I can hardly obtain in my body will Dissipating as time passes..."

(End of this chapter)

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