Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 34

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  Chapter 34 Cocoons (Book Friends Happy National Day!)    [It has been proved that the world is in the dream The correct ceremony that points to me can send the sacrifice to the real world. 】

[The spirituality in the real world is slowly disappearing...disappointment...]

[Try again, let Lin sacrifice another spirituality to portray rituals in reality, I summon myself...failed again, unable to establish a complete connection. 】


Boom!   Aaron broke the quill and slammed his fist on the desktop.

The frustration encountered this time is really a bit big.

If the extraordinary cannot be accommodated in reality, even if he has some abilities, he will definitely not achieve immortality.

Even, this little'micro ability' may allow him to live a good life, but he can't beat an army, so he feels insecure.

[No...I can’t give up! ]

[ should try a variety of different element paths! At the same time, I continue to use spirituality, even... try to awaken the ceremony......]

[Although spirituality can only stay in my body for a short period of time, if accumulated over a long period of time, maybe every time Permanently enhance the insignificant's little strength... After a long time, maybe it will make me physique extraordinary? ]

[However, there may be some conflicts between different elements and roads, which must be carefully planned and acted carefully. 】

After just a moment of frustration and lost self-control, Aaron reorganized his thoughts, put away the notebook, lay on the bed, and began to dream.


The barren city of Diat.

Lin walked in the dark streets, searching for survivors.

After the cataclysm, the doomsday came and the mad people turned into weird ones, while most of the others were caught off guard and died at the hands of weird ones.

Even so, there are still miracles in life!   Among the ruins of this city, apart from the monster, Lin is not alone!

"After the last time the essence of'Red' was sacrificed, the Lord liked this sacrifice very much..."

Lin thought to herself.

If a mortal wants to be extraordinary, he must first choose a path, then he must accumulate spirituality, and finally become a truly extraordinary person through ceremony.

She has now reached the second stage of the road of'Red'-'Blood Spiller'!   Master the ability to transform all or part of the body into a weapon.

In addition, you can also master a lot of spells and ceremony.

Of course, since she dared not listen to the muttering of the existence on the moon anymore, she lacked knowledge in this area.

At the same time, it can also activate the power of'Red' to accelerate development.

Lin, now, is letting herself grow at an extremely fast rate, and she is no different from an ordinary 14-five-year-old child.

"Light of Redemption needs more believers, and the Lord needs more sacrifices..."

She also saved a few people before, but they were all ordinary persons, she wanted It will take time to guide them on the extraordinary path.

Soon after, Lin discovered a new goal.

That is a large department store, the door is piled up with various furniture and debris to form a line of defense, and outside the door, there are several monsters lingering.

"If the guess is good, there should be survivors in there..."

Lin licked her lips, her body was about to go bloody.

At this time, she keenly noticed that something was wrong in the air.

A kind of subtle powder, flooding the surrounding area, made her feel drowsy.


Lin suddenly raised her head, in the sky there was nothing but the faintly discernible flapping of wings, which seemed to be directly transmitted into her skull.

"There is something different!"

Lin breathes deeply, praying in a low voice: "Wandering in the unknown, the spirit of vain, the existence of absolute neutrality, the Silent Observer... the only redeemer, the highest Supreme Light, my lord...I have encountered a strange situation, please grant me good luck and courage..."

In fact, she also knows that the Lord even has a fixed altar ceremony. Respond less, let alone such verbal prayers.

But this is a kind of piety.

The Lord may not care about mankind, but mankind must care about the Lord, He is the only light of reason!    "Hmm... Is the connection established faster now? Oral prayer is enough, which means that my connection with her mysticism is getting closer?"

Lin’s luck is good, this time, Aaron happened to be right by her side.

However, he is not prepared to respond.

"The connection between faith and mysticism...If it is close enough, can I have a breakthrough distance limit and I can hear prayer from a distance?"

He thought to himself:" My mysterious power can be given to believers through ceremony to perform various operations, but believers cannot purify the mysterious, and can only sacrifice spirituality to me... It seems that this path will not work either."

Aaron feels that his own mysterious energy may be the ultimate manifestation of spirituality.

But... the current utilization rate is too low.

"There are also fixed altars, and often not responding to prayers is also troublesome... see if I can get a smart feedback or message function?"

"But it requires a very high Mystic Knowledge, I can’t do it unless... Let Lin go to the fleece of the flesh-and-blood mother tree, fall into that state of obsessiveness, listen to the chattering, and then I will bring her back and let her repeat the knowledge she has learned..."

Aaron was a little excited, but soon after shook his head: "This believer is precious. If you do too much of that kind of thing, you will definitely be found out. Let the following believers do it..."

Flickering, he walked directly across the square and came to the front of the department store.

Both the monster and the powder passed directly through him, leaving no trace.

Aaron walked through the obstacles and came inside the department store. He saw a few unkempt survivors with shotguns in their hands, looking out warily.

In the center they guard, a woman wearing a gray robe, oval face and jade green eyes, is casting a spell.

"Please pray to the symbol of life and change, the controller of the invisible silk, the great [Cocoon]!"

"Please give me the dust of confusion!"


"Please give me the invisible silk!"


Outside the department store, Lin was surprised to see that those wandering strange strange things suddenly stopped. Live, like a statue.

Around the statue, there are extremely fine, silk-like threads connecting the earth and them.


Many silk threads shrank together, cutting the statue.

Those thin and transparent lines, like the sharpest blade, in a flash, cut the monster into many squares with smooth surfaces.

"Ms. Olivia, thank you so much."

The lady in the gray robe ended the ceremony, and a group of survivors gathered around to thank you.

"Nothing, Mr. Odder, in the world after this disaster, it is okay to help each other, can you give me a quiet room?"

Olivia shook her head. His face was slightly pale: "I want to take a good rest and don't send food and water."

"Of course!"

Holding a shotgun, it looks like he is in his forties. , The man with the hairy beard on his arm immediately agreed and sent Olivia to a quiet room.

pa!   Olivia closed the door, she immediately leaned her back against the door, and her body began to tremble violently.

Under the gray robes, one after another meatballs bulge, and they are constantly wandering, just like mice...


Olivia panted, finally unable to bear it, and fell to the ground, rolling all over.

Next to him, Aaron watched this scene calmly: "Is the use of ceremony forcibly polluted? But... it seems like a guy who can barely control his sanity, although... it's a bit difficult."

He looked out the door, his expression suddenly becoming a little secretive.

(End of this chapter)

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