Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 35

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  Chapter 35 UglyIn the   department store, in another room, all the survivors gather together Place.

"I have confirmed, that woman won't know here."

Audder looked around, first opened the mouth and said, with a slightly hideous expression.

The original politeness, elegance, and disappearance in this brief moment.

However, it is normal that a gentleman cannot survive the end of this disaster. Only by resuscitating the animal nature and becoming a robber can he survive better.

"But...Miss Olivia helped us. Without her, we would have been finished in the last monster attack..."

A hot and sexy woman Hesitatingly said: "Today, she also protected us..."

"hmph, how can a stranger who joined halfway be trusted?"

Another youngster twitched disdainfully His lips, with greed in his eyes: "Obviously mastered the power of mysterious, but did not want to share it with us, and said that contact with mysterious is dangerous...she is too selfish."

"I object!"

An Old Mister stood up and said bitterly: "Gentlemen, ladies...what's wrong with you? Wake up, why do you treat those who help us with malice? The Holy Father told us..."

Boom!    Before the words were over, he had been knocked down from behind, and the shot was a big man with a pipe in his mouth: "Save it, priest...your lord is dead."

An old priest, a priest in a church before the cataclysm, is very respected.

But now, he is ruthlessly abandoned.

"Then... let's get started... We have already tested it. It takes a long time and preparations for the woman to start the ceremony, and she herself will be injured. At the same time, every time After the ceremony, she will be very tired..."

Odder raised his shotgun and grinned.

A lot of laughter echoed in the secret room, just like the roar of a hyena.


"It's really... ugly."

Aaron walked out of the department store and came to Lynn, based on her prayers to establish a mysterious Contact, start connecting.

If this kind of mysterious connection is not established, she will not be able to hear herself.

In an instant, Lin felt the trembling of her soul.

She knew that this was the god she believed in, and the Lord she prayed for responded to her prayer and could not help but excitedly said: "Praise my Lord!"

"In the building, There is a soul that needs to be saved."

Aaron said in an extremely calm tone, and then disconnected.

After all, if you have too much contact with people, God's compulsion is gone.

In the past, there was no way. Without help, maybe even the only microphone is gone.

"Follow the Oracle!"

Lin knelt on the ground, then got up, a trace of red light flashed in her eyes, turned into a pool of blood, and rushed to the building.

peng~ peng~!

In the huge department store building, several gunshots suddenly sounded.

Odder was holding a shotgun and blasted at the door of the room.

Then, he roughly kicked the door open and looked at the prey inside.

A group of hunters came in for the first time, with weapons in their hands and grinning smiles on their faces.

"Mr. Odder, Miss Elaine, you guys..."

Olivia looked at this scene with an incredible expression on her face: "Why?"

There was a big hole in her chest, and a lot of dark red blood was oozing out.

Obviously, the previous shooting has already injured her.

"Why? Ms. Olivia, why do you want to control the mysterious and don't want to share it?"

The youth who spoke before said with a malicious smile: "You definitely want to rule us with power , Become a dictator!"

"No...I don't..."

Olivia's eyes are full of sadness and miserableness, and the rich infectious power spreads, even making People feel regret unconsciously.

"Be careful, this bitch is affecting our minds!"

The big man with a pipe in his hand holds a silver revolver, and without the slightest hesitation, he pulls it Trigger: "Shoot first, then search!"

peng~ peng~!

Gunpowder smoke rose up and blood splashed.

Odder watched the sorcerer fall, with a heartfelt smile on his face.

If you continue to let the opponent stay, his leadership will be gone...

Now, he not only consolidates his position, but may even gain the opponent's ability.


Olivia fell to the ground, her expression suddenly became terrifying, half of her face was sad, half of her face was distorted, and her eyes were bloodshot, like Put on half a mask.

Her chest rose and fell sharply, but she did not speak, but turned into a faint sigh and closed her eyes.

"It's...what a despicable scene."

At this moment, the voice of a young girl suddenly came from behind everyone.

"Who is it?"

Odder suddenly turned around and saw a fourteen-five-year-old girl looking at them with contempt, and a sneer appeared in the corner of his mouth. sneer.

"Who are you?"

"Another survivor?"

The big man with a pipe said with a malicious smile: "Nice girl , She belongs to me!"

He smiled grinningly and stepped forward: "Follow me and I will protect you. You should know how rare this is."

Actually, he What I think is that I get tired of playing first, and then throw the opponent away, so I don't have to take up much food and water.

Next moment, a flash of red light flashes.

The big man looked at his wrist with a stagnant expression.

The palm of his hand holding the revolver fell to the ground, and a huge amount of blood gushed from his wrist.

"You... make me unable to complete the Lord's task... Damn it!" Lin said hoarsely.

These people have done evil things, the key is to make her unable to redeem that soul!   This is almost impossible to atone for tens of millions of deaths!    "What is it?"

Odder rubbed his eyes and found that the girl’s right hand had become a scarlet dagger somehow, with the end almost connected to the wrist. People have a strong visual impact.

"! She is a monster!"

He shot without the slightest hesitation, a lot of smoke came out of the shotgun, countless iron fell on Lin’s body, Leave honeycomb-like holes.

"I am'Red', I am a flowing scarlet!"

Lin chuckled, her body suddenly turned into a pool of blood, and marbles fell on the ground.

She is Blood Spiller, unlike the hapless Extraordinary, as long as the body is bloody, most of the physical damage can be exempted!

oh la la!

The blood flow was turbulent, and suddenly it turned into a scarlet human form, with both arms transformed into the shape of a machete, rushing into the crowd like a slaughterhouse.


After a while, Lin recovered the appearance of a girl, stepped over many stumps and severed arms, and entered the room.

Although she can't complete the Lord's mission, she may be able to give the other party a grave.

But after entering, her expression changed.

dong dong!

dong dong!

She heard the sound of heartbeat, saw and the others Gao-Cocoon?

At the bottom of the cocoon, there are a large number of silk-like threads that connect to the earth like roots, greedily drawing human blood.

With the absorption, the heartbeat in the cocoon is also expanding!

(End of this chapter)

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