Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 37

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  Chapter 37 Iman   Blackstone Manor.

"Olivia can't get out of the car. As a gifted person, her car doors are welded to death..."

With a slight smile, Aaron woke up.

He watched Olivia from wavering to steadfastness all the way, and he planned to assist Lin to develop'Light of Redemption'.

And, after returning to the'headquarters', I thanked myself for the ceremony, and by the way, I sacrificed a little spirituality and secret transmission of the'pupa'.

"'Pupa' is life and change... At the same time, it also has the unchanging characteristics."

Aaron looked at his skin, and when he moved his thoughts, he felt every change on the skin. A fluff becomes extremely sensitive, and can even capture the fine gas flow in the air to judge the movement of various objects within a certain range.

"In addition, using the characteristics of'pupa', it should be possible to harden the skin within a certain range... to obtain defensive power."

"Of course, close range Fired with a musket, still can't defend at a low stage... But Olivia was hit so many times at close range and did not die, but was seriously injured, which is enough to explain the problem, the defensive power is not bad!"

He hopes Holding my palm, I found that between my fingers, there were a translucent-silk thread?    "I'm... a spider man!"

Aaron roared, and as soon as he raised his hand, a silk thread ejected out, stuck to the clothes on the hanger, and pulled hard.

pa! The    silk thread is broken...

It is broken...

It is broken...

"After all, with dreams In terms of the world, I’m just a mortal who just started to awaken spirituality. I want to cut the monster with silk thread like Olivia, and there is still a long section of the road to walk..."

Aaron’s mouth A wry smile emerged: "And... the spirituality of the'pupa' is constantly dissipating, I even suspect that even if you use ceremony to promote in reality and fix the road, you will still be knocked down..."

"This world, it's really depressing..."

After he sighed, not very long, he recovered his peace, and the summon maid Daly came in, took care of dressing, and then asked about today's schedule at breakfast.

Basically, as a nobleman in this era, his daily life is very leisurely. It is normal to do nothing all day long and hang around hunting and banquets.

Occasionally, as a lord, visit the territory, or play the role of a judge, dealing with disputes between the lord, as a pastime.

Compared to other lords, Aaron should be considered a more diligent one.

At this time, the fat scholar Albert wearing a gray scholar robe said: "My Lord Baron, you have a visitor today, it is Knight Iman with jade collar..."

He is from Aaron The neighbor, originally loyal to the Davis Family, surrendered very early in the "Black Crow War" and was able to retain the fief.

Of course, the fiefdom is reserved, but this time Theodore's title will be broadcast, and he won't have his share.

"Is it the season to walk around and visit friends?"

Aaron muttered.

"Actually, it should have started long ago, but because of the various repercussions brought about by the war, especially the various minor disturbances in the Upper Green Forest, it has been delayed until now..."

Albert answered softly.

"A group of scum, the war is lost, what else do you want?"

Aaron sneered, these opponents include the remnants of the Davis Family clan and the landless nobles.

They were not reconciled to the defeat of the war, hiding in the mountains and forests, becoming actual bandits.

Of course, this is a public order issue.

Except for the straight collars of the Sotos Family, the lords of the districts are responsible for the rest.

"What's the reputation of Knight Iman?"

Aaron thought for a while and asked.

These surrenders had a very good relationship with the rebels. They were closely related by blood, and they might even be a family.

It is impossible to guarantee that there will be no shelter.

In their eyes, they don’t know what attitude they will have towards Aaron, the bloodliner of the Sotos Family, the culprit who led to the defeat of the war, and the occupier who took their territory.

"Knight Iman is a benevolent lord, with strong martial power, but also good at teaching students, his dísciple Mika, in the last competition, got good results."


Albert scholar said: "And... he is actively releasing goodwill to us."

"So, do you think he is a firm refuge?"

Aaron has a playful expression.

"Yes, after all, knowledgeable people can see that the Green Forest now belongs to the Sotos Family. As long as you understand the choice of interests, you will not go against this general trend... In other words In other words, those who go against this general trend will only be ruthlessly crushed to death."

Albert said.

"Then, I am looking forward to the meeting today."

Aaron closed his eyes and could feel Albert's even breathing and heartbeat. It could be seen that he should have said sincerely. Of these.

'This is also the ability of'pupa'? I retracted my previous judgment. Olivia is a stupid woman than Lin. With this ability, she would be fooled by a group of ordinary persons, trusting other people too much? Or after the ceremony, the spirituality is exhausted to the point where it can't be sensed? '


At this time, not far from the Blackstone Manor, a convoy is slowly moving forward, and the raised Ranger is holding a flag with a double horn on it. The axe pattern is just the original blue background, changed to dark green, which represents a certain change.

In the convoy, a carriage suddenly pulled the curtain, revealing a beautiful girl's face: "How long will it take to arrive?"

"Dear Miss Monica, also Please bear with me for the time being, we will definitely be there until the sun rises to the center."

A Knight ployed forward and answered the other party's question softly, looking down at the car curtain, with that pretty face. Disappeared, the expression on his face remained unchanged, but the rein was secretly tightened.

"The Blackstone collar is in front of you, stop to rest and let someone go and report the letter. It’s polite!"

Knight Iman is a middle age person in his forties, short Half of his hair was gray, but he was in good spirits. At this time, he waved his hand and ordered the convoy to stop.

The entire group stopped and rested, some fed the horses, some drank water.

The previous young Knight walked to the river to fetch water, looked around, and turned into a bush.

In the shadows, there is another farmer dressed up, but a man with delicate and smooth skin is waiting for him.

"Insight into everything!"

Knight spoke first.

"Insight into everything!'s nice to meet you, your loyalty to the Davis Family, we have been watching."

The man said with a smile, Aristocratic arrogance still remained in the tone.

"How's the plan going?"

"It's not going well. Although Knight Iman sympathizes with the Davis Family, he doesn't seem to want another war...he I have decided to fall back to the Sotos Family. This time I will go to the Blackstone collar, and I mean to marry Miss Monica..."

A trace of pain appeared in Mika's eyes.

"That damn Old Dog." The man cursed: "There is also the damn Aaron Sotos!"

He thought of his previous attempt to incite the Blackstone people to rebellion and overthrow' Outsiders' rule, but the gain is a shameful failure.

Last winter was originally the best opportunity, but that Aaron directly borrowed food, and then the ignorant civilians went with him, simply throwing his loyalty into the mud!

Then, this year, because of the bumper grain harvest and the reduced taxation, the people who are laid down don't want to change. Sure enough, they are a group of mud species, and they should be rotten in the mud for generations to come!

(End of this chapter)

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