Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 38

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  Chapter 38 Assassination (Happy National Day!)    "Mika, this time is up to you "

The shoulder of the man patted Mika: "Be sure to create conflicts between the two sides, it is best to directly provoke the flames of war... When the time comes, the entire Upper Green Forest will welcome the return of the original owner!"

"Well, when I become the new lord, I will marry Monica to you and make you the lord of the emerald collar!"

"I am willing to help you!"

Mika holds a boxing chest, and there is a flame of ambition in her eyes.

Indeed, it is the Davis Family that rules the Upper Green Forest!

Even if the man in front of him is just a collateral, but who caused the main line to die?

Not to mention, there are also the territory, Miss Monica...


Blackrock Manor, the gate.

To show his politeness, Aaron dressed in a tuxedo and stood at the gate to greet him.

not very long, a convoy appeared at the end of the road and kept approaching.

"My Lord Baron, you are so polite."

Knight Iman got off his horse and shook hands with Aaron.

"Welcome to my manor as a guest." Aaron responded politely.

Knight Iman helped a young lady down from the carriage again: "Let me introduce, the brightest pearl on the jade collar, my daughter-Monica!"

"Hello, beautiful lady."

"Good day, my lord." Monica looked at Aaron's handsome face, her cheeks couldn't help showing a flush, and she was not so resistant to the arrangement at home.

"This is my dísciple-Mika!"

Knight Iman continued to introduce a youngster.

"en. ”

Aaron became more reserved, and nodded passed.

Although the opponent seems to have a good martial arts, that's it.

What made him a little strange was that the other side's heartbeat and other physical signs came in the breeze, and he was a little too excited.

'His face is well hidden, but it's not count. As for this...'

He immediately paid more attention to his mind and felt the others in the team. The human state gave Eight Fingers a wink and led Knight Iman into the manor.

In the living room, the kitchen ladies brought sweet honey water and creamy pudding.

"You are welcome, and taste my invention."

Aaron scooped a spoonful of pudding into her mouth. This is Ginny's favorite dessert, but she dislikes the castle The cook can't do anything well.

"It's the deliciousness of Supreme."

Knight Iman took a sip and put down the spoon, but Monica next to her had bright eyes. While maintaining the grace of the lady, she danced the spoon quickly. His mother made a few winks to no avail.

Knight Iman was a little upset in his heart, but his face remained silent, and he exchanged happily with Aaron.

"I heard that Mrs. Baron had some magical potions in his hand that cured Mrs. Sylvie?"

With a little inquiry, he mentioned it unintentionally.

"Acquired from a trader may have a little effect, but more should be the credit of scholar and midwife..."

Aaron is very modest and authentic.

Iman rolled the eyes secretly and didn't believe it at all.

What kind of virtue is the business in the green forest, does he still know? If there was such a magical potion, it would have been blown to the sky long ago.

Aaron made 80% of this medicine. After all, this person had a reputation in this area before.

In this case, we should make a good relationship. After all, potions that can save lives are very precious things in this era.

Even if there is no medicine, he wants all kinds of farm tools and fertilizers that can double the yield per mu.

Thinking of this, Iman feels that his daughter is disappointing more and more.

After a short break, Aaron will take the lead and take Knight Iman and the others to tour his manor.

"This year's wheat output is good. The manor’s mill has been operating at full capacity. I am going to build another... In addition, the warehouse needs to be expanded."

Walking in the manor with Iman, Monica, and Mika.

Suddenly, there was a commotion behind.

"What's the matter?"

Aaron frowned, and then saw Eight Fingers and Sanchez trot over, glanced at Knight Iman, did not lower his voice and said: "In the entourage Suspicious people were found in the daggers, they are suspected of assassin!"

"This must be a misunderstanding!"

Knight Iman's expression changed drastically.

And Aaron suddenly turned around and looked at Mika.

The heartbeat of this youngster accelerated a lot.

'I have to say, some of the abilities of the'pupa' are still very useful. '

Aaron looked at Mika with a faint smile on his face: "Your name is... Mika, right?"

"Yes...Yes, Lord Baron."

Mika didn't know why this Aaron didn't find Knight Iman, but directly approached herself. Cold sweat was already oozing out of her forehead.

"Why are you here to assassinate me?"

At the next moment, Aaron sneered and said this sentence. He didn't bother to play evidence with others, in his territory Above, he is the law, and you can arrest, interrogate, and even kill people just by suspicion!    "What?"

Iman's expression changed again, and then I saw Mika's hideous expression, and he directly pulled out the cross sword from his waist.

Unfortunately, he was a step slower.

Aaron swept his wrist on his waist, and the light swift sword came to his hand, a progressive thrust.

pu!   Silver light flashed, the slender blade of the Swift Sword directly penetrated Mika's right chest and pierced the lung lobe.


Looking at the fallen Mika, Monica screamed.

Knight Iman looked at Aaron in shock. Mika is his proud dísciple, and has even surpassed him physically. It's just that he lacks a little experience, but he can also be among the best in the competition.

But at this time, he was brought down by the enemy.

Although there are other factors, Baron Aaron's martial arts is obviously not trivial.

"Knight Iman..."

Aaron took out a snow-white handkerchief, gently wiped the saber, and asked casually: " you know about it?"

Knight Iman couldn't help being covered with cold sweat, and instantly understood that he was involved in a huge conspiracy.

Looking at Mika's expressions and actions, he is really the chief messenger of assassin, and this will undoubtedly involve Knight himself.

At such a sensitive time, as a vassal, if you make such a thing, it may even lead to crusade!

"Swear by the faith of Grandmother, I never know about it!"

Knight Iman quickly made a decision. He half-kneeled on the ground and slowly drew out his sword. Together with the scabbard, both hands are dedicated to Aaron.

"Of course...I totally believe this."

Aaron didn't pick it up. It was an insult to disarm a Knight completely.

even more how, he had already confirmed Iman's state through the induction of hair, and he was basically certain that the other party was innocent.

"Eight Fingers, please ask Knight Iman and Miss Monica to go to the guest room to rest, and search for those who drop off, so as not to allow the conspiracy of the bandits who are in the convoy to succeed."

He smiled and said.

"Thank you for your kindness, your wisdom is the only thing I have seen in my life."

Knight Iman stood up and felt relieved. This lord still seems to trust him. .

(End of this chapter)

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