Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 39

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  Chapter 39 Divination   Because of an emergency, Knight Iman stayed in the guest room to avoid suspicion. The dinner was blown naturally.

Not only that, but Albert, Green, Eight Fingers and other territorial leaders all came to Aaron's study.

"This's not easy to deal with."

Albert frowned: "We can't completely confirm that Knight Iman is innocent... My lord, your safety needs the most thorough Guarantee... And, when a nobleman is involved, I think Sotos Castle should be notified immediately."

"And then? Things are going to make a big deal... The Shanglin people who sympathize with Iman are completely alienated and separated from us? It can be seen that this botched assassination method is impossible to succeed. Maybe they just want to frame Iman. After all, he has a good reputation in Upper Green Forest and can arouse widespread sympathy... and my father."

Aaron shook his head: "He may not care if Iman is innocent, but see this as an opportunity to directly deprive Knight Iman of his territory... After all, I still have a younger brother!"

In this regard, Mrs. Sonia will definitely promote it.

"So, we must solve the conspiracy as soon as possible, capture the real gangsters, and then... minimize the impact."

He concluded.

"Mika's situation is not good, I am afraid it is difficult to interrogate, and those assassins, there is no interrogation..." Albert frowned, hesitantly said.

"It doesn't matter, you guys go out first."

Aaron drove everyone out and took out a detailed map of the territory, as well as candles, incense, essential oils, and spirit pendulums. And other props.

He didn't bother to look for evidence to solve the case, just taking advantage of the spirituality of the'pupa' on his body was still there, and directly used mysticism to solve it!

"Fortune-telling to find people is not at the same level as ordinary wayfinding. It is a relatively high level mysterious ceremony."

"Also, it is easy to be disturbed and confronted. Whether it is the mysticism of the fortuneteller, whether there are other mysterious items on his body, or even the shelter of a high position, it may cause interference!"

For example, once Lin, she not only has an equivalent The rank of the Burning Child is even more polluted by the flesh-and-blood mother tree. This is also equivalent to a kind of gaze, which makes it very difficult to fortune her. The entire Dark Sun Order can only be done by High Priest.

But in the real world?    "Everyone is a mortal, my mysticism personality, even if it is not the world in my dream, alone is half an order higher than others... and unless the god of the banyan-[Grandmother Green Banyan Tree] It really exists, otherwise there will be no high-level existence to protect the secret mastermind...... So, the interference I receive is almost nothing!"

"As long as the ceremony can be run, the secret mastermind will definitely be found!"


Aaron quickly draws rituals on the table, injecting his spirituality.

Immediately, he lit a candle to create an airtight environment, and then added essential oils and incense to make himself enter a state similar to meditation faster.

hu hu!

In the closed study room, it seems that there is an invisible wall generated.

"Because there is no god in this world, I can't communicate with myself in my dreams, but the subject of ceremony prayers should use myself..."

Thinking of this, Aaron shakes   My spirituality, in the language of another world: "I invite... the Creator above the Creator!"

"The absolute observer behind the multiple veils!"

"Wandering in the unknown vain spirit, absolutely neutral existence, Silent Observer!"

"I beg you to grant me the ability to perceive destiny!"


Vaguely, Aaron seemed to hear his own echo, but he did not try to respond to the request.

After all, I tried a few times before and all failed.

He simply picked up the pendulum, placed it on the map, and let the pendulum start to rotate clockwise.

"Where is the real culprit behind the assassination!"

"Where is the real culprit behind the assassination!"

"Where is the real culprit behind the assassination!" ”

At the same time, Aaron meditated on what he wanted to divination.

One circle, two circles, three circles...

In the end, in a way that violates the laws of physics, the pendulum points diagonally to a certain place on the map, as if being Attracted by the invisible force there.

"It succeeded."

Aaron stared at the map, with a sneer on his face: "Hidden in my territory?"

He noted The location on the map is over, and the ceremony is over.

At the next moment, Aaron's eyes went dark and almost fainted.

"My spirituality has completely dried up...this is not a day yet, it dissipates faster, but it is reasonable."

"It's a pity,' The spirituality of chrysalis is still relatively easy to use."

"But what I want most is the ability to heal longevity and spiritual manipulation..."

Demon world, if you can choose extraordinary abilities, Aaron naturally tends to mental manipulation and longevity.

Control the ability of human beings. You can easily obtain a large number of manpower and wealth by using any high lord or even a king, and then you can hide behind the scenes and manipulate everything.

If there is enough time, ruling the world is not a delusion!    However, this rule of spirituality dissipates makes longevity and immortality a luxury, so Aaron prefers to find a way to charm humans and mind control.

There are some hidden dangers of chaos in various roads, and he still prefers pure ones.


Aaron picked up the tabletop, and suddenly looked at his pendulum. It was just a small piece of crystal strung on a thin wire. The quality of the crystal was not How good.

But at this time, this piece of crystal seems to be a little crystal clear and near-transparent.

"There is a sense of spirituality, although it is very vague and slight, it is almost nothing...Is this, I am affected by the ceremony and me?"

Aaron pondered:" Perhaps, this world is not spirituality dissipating, but concentration spreading? Just like a high-place water flow, it will continue to flow into low-lying places... The spirituality I brought into the world is like a drop of ink scattered into the sea, so Isn’t it the same?"

"This is a very interesting research topic."

He put the things away and called in the people outside: "I’ve determined, behind the scenes The main envoy is here!"

Aaron pointed to the map: "You go to prepare first, and also, invite Knight Iman."

Albert looked confused, he What did you miss?   Why did you stand for a while, and Lord Baron was sure that there was another murderer behind the scenes? Have you found the lair directly?

Eight Fingers and the others thought less, and directly followed the order to bring Knight Iman.

"Dear Lord Baron..."

Knight Iman's expression is slightly tired, but he still salutes meticulously.

"Knight Iman, I have found the real murderer. Would you like to arrest him and prove his innocence?"

Aaron said with a slight smile.

"Of course!"

Iman lifts the head, his eyes are full of surprises and flames: "I do!"

(End of this chapter)

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