Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 40

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  Chapter 40 Aftermath (seeking collection)

Blackstone collar, a residential house.

A large number of guards directly surrounded the place, and Knight Iman, wearing armor, rushed in and kicked the door open.

pa!    "Ah...sir!"

A woman at the side of the soup pot was so scared that she dropped the spoon in her hand to the ground, and a farmer next to him was kneeling. On the ground: "My"

Several children cried.

"There is no one behind!"

Eight Fingers also came in, looking at this scene, doubts appeared on his face: "Could it be... the information is wrong?!"

This seems to be a very ordinary family, and it is not part of the secret mastermind.

Knight Iman's expression was stern, and suddenly he stepped forward, took a spoonful of soup, put it in his mouth, tasted it, and a smile appeared on his face: "There is salt in the soup, and meat...what? At that time, ordinary farmers can eat so well? Or... Did you prepare it for others? Search it for me!"

The faces of the farmers suddenly appeared like dead gray, and then a group of soldiers He rushed in, smashing everything.

"There is a cellar!"

Eight Fingers searched every inch of the ground, and suddenly pulled up a ring, yelled.

After opening the cover, a downward passage is revealed.

Knight Iman looked grim, and rushed in first.

"This is really... to clear away the grievances, desperate."

Eight Fingers shook his head and followed behind.

not very long, the sound of weapons fighting in the cellar, and a few screams.

A man with blood on his face was dragged out by Eight Fingers like a dog to death: "The soft skin and tender meat, 80% is an aristocratic master! Knight Iman, you know Is he?"

"Jon Davis!"

Knight Iman nodded and said: "An offshoot of the Davis Family clan, the missing person in the Black Crow War..."


"Then, the case is solved."

A smile appeared on Eight Fingers's face.


The next day.

Aaron was eating breakfast while listening to Albert's report.

A gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall. As a lord, he has some subordinates, so why bother by himself? The spirituality time has passed...

even more how, there is a Knight Iman charging for him.

He just needs to stay in a safe villa and wait for the result quietly.

"After torture, Jon also confessed to an organization that was hiding and conspiring against us, and there was a list..."

Albert gave a list to Aaron.

Aaron took a sip of the broth and glanced casually: "It really is the remnant of the Davis Family... But they will only get weaker and weaker. It's nothing."

"About the follow-up of this matter..." Albert asked lately.

"Let Knight Iman execute Jon personally, then write a report of what happened and send it to Sotos Castle, that's it."

Aaron waved his hand.

The aftermath of this incident will pass soon.

And, there is an invisible benefit, that is, being involved in such a major event, Knight Iman was so devastated, he returned to his territory soon, and he had no intention of mentioning marriage.


Dream world.


The original department store, now the branch of the Light of Redemption Order.

Olivia, Lin and some ordinary persons are praying.

"Praise my Lord!"

"You are a vain spirit wandering in the unknown, an absolutely neutral existence, Silent Observer..."

"You It is a symbol of free will, the only redeemer in the last days, the supreme light..."

"Please listen to the prayers of believers, please lower your benevolent eyes..."


'Symbol of free will? When did I have another authority? Don't mess up...'

Aaron looked at this scene, eyelids twitched, and immediately connected the'contact'.

"My lord!"

Lin trembled, and a look of reverence appeared on her face.

And Olivia's body is constantly shaking.

After real contact with this great being, she can feel that the other party is absolutely equal to [Cocoon].

The kind of terrifying existence that is imperceptible and indescribable for human beings!   Moreover, the other party does not erode her rationality, but is as warm as the sun in the cold winter!   She was still a little bit suspicious and confused, but immediately disappeared without a trace.

"Is there already so many people?"

Aaron glanced at Lin's cult and found that there were already more than twenty people. Of course, there were still only two Beyonders.

Therefore, only these two people can sense his existence after the mysterious connection is concluded.

As for other mortals, they can only look at all this in confusion, or pray more religiously.

He listened to Lin's report quietly, affirmed her contribution to the development of the order, agreed to the'request' for setting up another permanent altar here, and then disconnected.

"My lord has looked away..."

Lynn stood up and announced loudly: "But he is watching us, watching everyone! He affirms our Pious, allow us to build a second place to worship Him..."

The ordinary members of Light of Redemption cheered, and Olivia also smiled.

Then, when the ordinary members began to collect materials and build the altar, the two high-levels of Light of Redemption came together.

"Do you feel it? That is my benevolent lord..."

Lin said softly.

"How kind and forgiving..." Olivia wiped the corner of her eyes: "I can't wait to get close to my lord..."

Compared to [Dark Sun], [ Cocoon] Waiting for existence, this one is indeed kind enough to be kind to human beings, this is too rare!    Lin’s small face is slightly frowned: “It’s a pity that I still haven’t been approved by my lord to give him the way...”

“As long as I insist on faith and sacrifice, there will always be Day, the Lord will give everything.” Olivia said firmly.

"You are wrong, I don't give a way, I really don't have it..."

Aaron was on the side, his mouth twitched.

However, he is also very curious about how the mysterious energy produced by his dream can be attributed to it.

"Speaking of which, use mysterious energy to strengthen my own consciousness, and now the effect is getting weaker and weaker... the benefit is not as good as that of sheltering believers, and then letting believers sacrifice spirituality to me the triangle trade …Spirituality is originally derived from mysterious energy, from me, why after the sacrifice, it can break the shackles of the world and send it to reality?"

Aaron had a doubt in his heart, but he also knew that this It's not a problem he can understand now.

"By the way, I can find a way to use mysterious in reality and use extraordinary methods, even if the loss is large, I recognize it..."

At this moment, a religious group The members ran up in panic and shouted: "Your Excellency Saintess, Bishop... something has happened!"

Aaron followed Lin and Olivia to another room and saw the wounded lying down.

On the opponent's arm, there is a layer of pitch-black, sticky flame, which is still burning, but strangely, the temperature is not too high, but it makes people feel cold.

The burned believer fainted, and Life Aura had been reduced to an extremely weak point.

"Barnard, what's going on with all this?"

Olivia looked at the whistleblower.

"We were ordered to go out to search for supplies and survivors, and then we met a group of people. They were wearing black priest robes with burn scars on their bodies. We wanted to get us into the church. Of course, we refused. , Just like that, there was a conflict..."

Barnard said ashamed.

He used to be a soldier, well trained, and one of the very best in Light of Redemption ordinary person.

With firearms, even if you encounter strange things, you can fight, but at this time, his forehead is dripping with cold sweat, which is obviously frightened.

"It's Dark Sun Order, their power has expanded here."

Lin gritted her teeth.

(End of this chapter)

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