Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 41

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  Chapter 41 is approaching   "Dark Sun Order? The troublesome guy is here."

Olivia sighed.

She knows how terrifying a real religious group is, not her own!    "Yes, we clashed with them. The other party's hands were first. Curtis was burned by the flames. I interfered with them with a gun and managed to escape."

Barnard The eye sockets are slightly red.

"This is the second stage of the element of'Dark', the ability of the Burning Sons. They can manipulate a strange flame, which burns slowly and continuously, and finally burns everything..."

Lin said with a cold face, saying what she had seen and heard: "Using ordinary medicine and water is useless, you must use the power of ceremony and spirituality to get rid of it!"

"If so If you do, I can give it a try."

Olivia was taught by the system in the previous Araki Cult. The study of ceremony magic is much more sophisticated than Lin.

"This is no longer the main problem... Those black dogs have already extended their paws here. I will never allow it. This is my lord's city!"

Lin bites Tooth road.

"Don't be impulsive, Lin, we need more information... But if there is only a second stage Burning Son and no powerhouse with a life transition, we might try..."


Olivia said with relief.

Most Beyonders, as long as they have not reached a certain stage, there are still vital points on their bodies that can be killed by weapons such as firearms.

And here is their home court!

"This place is far away from Dark Sun Order. High Priest and Dark Chaser will not pay too much attention to it. It should be almost the same if there can be a middle level of the Burning Son in charge..."

Aaron thought for a while, walked out of the department store building, he was going to investigate alone.

After all, the establishment of the cult is not easy. If it is destroyed, you must try one's luck if you want to find the right person.

"They can't find me anyway, I am the best watcher."

Aaron headed in one direction based on the information he had just heard.


The other end of the city.

Mas took out an expired can, pried open the cover, fished out the luncheon meat inside, took a bite, and threw it aside in disgust.

pa! The    metal can fell on the ground, and a little girl who looked like a scavenger, eyes shined, grabbed the can and drew back into the crowd.

In front of Mas, is a survivor stronghold, there are about 30 people, including a few old people and children.

Mas stared at the past, and a woman quickly hugged the girl in her arms.

No matter what else, the little girl began to dig out the luncheon meat with her hands. After taking a bite, she gave another piece to her mother's mouth.

"Not bad..."

Mas didn't pursue this matter, but he said with satisfaction in his heart: "They will be good firewood... Maybe another sublimation ceremony, I will You can be promoted to'Dark Chaser' and become a great character only under High Priest."

He stood up and looked at the frightened crowd with a gentle smile on his face: "Don’t be afraid, we Dark Sun Order is not an evil organization. On the contrary, we have brought salvation... and, extraordinary power!"

Looking at a few obviously moved men, Mas said more proudly: "Seeing just now Is the flame of eclipse? Join us, you can also get that kind of power!"

He became serious, loudly said: "My lord [Dark Sun], is the lord of solar eclipse, is immortal The day is the only salvation in the world!"

"Only when I abide by the dark ways, can I keep approaching Him!"

"And I will guide you to enter The door of'Dark'!"

After a sermon, Mas walked out of the refuge with satisfaction, and two Dark Sun followers quickly followed him.

"My lord's speech is almost as good as High Priest."

A red-haired Rem exclaimed: "I really want to see the firewood burning. Looks like... The adults may be able to attack Dark Chaser when they get their spirituality, and even try to complete their work..."

"The consumables for the eclipse ceremony are too terrifying..." Mas scolded, "Also Yes... I know what your thoughts are. Using meditation and Breathing Technique to stimulate spirituality is too slow. Do you want to get spirituality as soon as possible and get promoted from'unburned'?"

Mas looked at the two people in fear, He sneered in his heart, he had completely seen through them.

In Dark Sun Order, even the core "unburned" may become fuelwood.

However, when you reach the level of the Burning Child, it will be much better.

Look at the last time, even if it was the eclipse ceremony that High Priest got, there was no "Burning Son". In addition to them being unsuitable, it was also because they were the backbone of the sect and the middle class.

In the Dark Sun church, various secret techniques for plundering the spirituality of low-level Beyonders are never lacking.

This leads to the'unburned' being very insecure and doing everything possible to get promoted.

The strange thing is that even if the rules are so harsh,'unburned' rarely defect.

"Rem, the team just now claimed to belong to what Light of Redemption power, need to find out!"

Mas thought about it, and confessed a task: "Also Yes... Don’t forget what High Priest confessed to us, follow that'Lin', must catch her and sacrifice her!"

"Isn't it a girl?" Rem muttered, "Even if She is very difficult to deal with ......"

"Not only that, High Priest even suspects that she is the patron of our lord's enemy. Once we can dedicate her to our lord, maybe I can wait. God’s blessing!"

A cruel look flashed in Mas’ eyes. If he could, he wanted to sacrifice the other person himself. In that case, maybe no fuelwood is needed, and [Dark Sun] will promote him directly. Grade!

"My lord... the enemy?" Rem's voice trembled: "What kind of Evil God is that?"

"The moon is his incarnation, bloody is His realm...I can't tell his complete honorable name, I can only replace it with the'Mother Tree of Flesh'...Remember...Any believer in the Moon is our deadly enemy!"

Mas His attitude has never been more serious.


Aaron was by Mas’s side, and heard everything: "Sure enough, it’s just an expansion squad, but didn’t expect, and there is a mission to arrest Lin..."

He shook his head, and looked towards these evil believers: "It's a pity... there is no Ike, wait, maybe this kid was implicated since last time, maybe even if he sacrificed..."

"There are still these people, even if I redeem them and wash the pollution on them, I am afraid they will still worship and believe in [Dark Sun]-in short, the poisoning is deep and there is no salvation. !"

Aaron felt that, to some extent, Lin's groping prayers were correct.

I am indeed a symbol of reason and free will!   For those extraordinary who have not lost themselves, their gift is salvation, the brilliance of reason.

But for the believers who have completely handed over their faith to terrifying existence, they have already abandoned their free will and changed their hearts under the unnoticeable influence of the cult, and there is basically no possibility of redemption.

(End of this chapter)

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