Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 42

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  Chapter 42 Trap (recommendation)

"The strength of evil believers in this stronghold is indeed not strong... …Don’t remind them, let them plan freely and increase their actual combat experience."

Aaron drilled around in the Dark Sun stronghold, and knew the strength of the Dark Sun cultists in this stronghold. Immediately decided to watch the show on the side.


The next day.

Diat, Sycamore Street.

The tattered and rusty sign fell aside, and the breeze rolled up old newspapers.

'Red Hair' Rem was carrying out the investigation mission bored, suddenly eyes shined.

He saw that a girl about fourteen or five years old, holding a bag of food, walked into a certain building.

"This person... is Lin? Although the development is quite high, this face can't be wrong."

Rem didn't expect that he really ran into it. The wanted criminal of the order could not help showing excitement on his face.

"If she can be sacrificed to [Dark Sun], maybe my lord will directly promote me to become the'Child of Burning', or even'Dark Chaser'!"

He licked After licking his lips, greed appeared uncontrollably on his face.

But soon, Rem told himself: "No! This woman is a wicked woman, the favored one of the moon. She once caused the blood moon tragedy, and there are also many unburned deaths in her hands... Hurry up and notify Master Mas!"

Rem fell under his body and hid in the darkness.

He did not notice that there was an old spider web in the corner, which was shaking slightly at this time.

The invisible vibration spreads along with the silk thread into the building.

Olivia opened her closed eyes: "That person left. I can see that he is quite cautious... Next, probably those cult believers will come out in full, hoping that the trap we set will be effective... …"

"It's a pity... I thought he would kill him directly and give me some fun." Lin looked at her hand regretfully.

"There is no fun, and then there is a big battle."

Olivia's expression became firmer than ever.

Different from the weak and following her before, she already has faith at this time. This time, she is fighting for faith!

"I have probably figured out their battle strength, a burning son, three or four'unburned'... They absolutely can't think of it, I still have you."

A smile appeared on Lin's face.


"This is it?"

Mas looked at the building in front of him with a smirk on his face.

"Yes, the target has entered here and hasn't been out for a long time. It should be a stronghold." The red-haired Rem flattered.

"Very well, if this time succeeds, I will not forget you." Mas is very satisfied, and even feels that today is his lucky day.

Not only has it developed rapidly in the city, but it has also found important wanted criminals of the cult!    "Your Excellency, how should we carry out the arrest operation?"

An'unburned' asked, he was thin and slender, and he was still holding a revolver in his hand.

"Go to two people to guard the back door, and then we directly rushed in... In the face of absolute strength, that person has nowhere to hide."

Mas very confidently arranged.

After all the personnel were in place, a faint enthusiasm flashed in his eyes, and a fiery flame appeared in his hand, pushing forward.


The Fireball continued to expand in midair, like a grenade, exploding the door of the building.


The remaining three people rushed into the building, headed by the tall and thin man.

They ran across the aisle quickly and saw a room filled with food, and the door opened wide.

Dressed in a red skirt and disappeared around the corner.

"Find the target, chase it!"

Mas' spirituality is shaking, and it has been confirmed at this time that the other party is Lin!

The lanky unburned ran quickly, turned the corner, and saw Lin's back, raised the gun in her hand.

Lin didn't expose too many abilities in the town, so he didn't know that this girl had the skills to turn into blood.

After aiming, a smile appeared on the face of this'unburned', as if seeing the other party's back exploded and blood splashed.

pu! The   next moment, his expression solidified, his head flew directly, and the headless corpse fell to the ground.

"What's the matter?"

Mas stopped with another believer, and suddenly saw a transparent silk thread hanging in the air, above the silk thread at this time , And a drop of blood slipped down.

Another believer swallowed his saliva, and he could imagine the unlucky person moving at high speed with his neck hitting this silk thread.

"Damn...height...according to the height of this thin line, the little girl can run directly, and the adult just got stuck in the neck..."

Mas touched it Touching his throat, he also exuded some cold sweat: "It's really a cunning little thing."

He didn't dare to move at high speed anymore, slowed down, and bowed his head to bypass the trap.

pu!   At this moment, the door next to it suddenly exploded, and a bloody sharp blade pierced out suddenly.

Mas seemed to have eyes behind his back, and he quickly avoided, but another believer was stabbed in the chest and fell softly.

——Blood Weapon!   Lin opened the door blankly and walked out, keeping one hand in the shape of a dagger.

"After the person who killed me with a trap, he didn't run, but hid and attacked?"

Mas narrowed his eyes: "You have grown a lot...Lin !"

"How is Ike?"

Lin hissed.

"Long dead, not only dead, but his bones were also made into exhibits by High Priest!"

A hideous smile appeared on Mas's face, spitting out like poisonous Snake sap-like words.

At the moment Lin lost consciousness, he moved!

A dark flame was thrown out directly by him.


The dark flame exploded, even if Lin had dodged, she was still burned to her left arm.

Her arms instantly turned into blood, and the flames attached to them were cut apart together, forming a perfect arm again, but her expression was slightly pale, and she rushed up with a dagger.

"Damn it!"

Mas noticed Lin's attack before he could be happy, and the dagger drew it across his lower abdomen, making him avoid it in embarrassment.

"Little bitch!"

He cursed, and took out a black stone from his arms. On the surface of the stone, there were flame-like lines squirming: "You really have It’s the second stage, but why I still dare to chase you? It’s not because I brought a bunch of trash men, but because of it!” Mas said while throwing a black stone.

pa! In   an instant, Lin's vision disappeared.

No, it is not disappearing, but all the light around it seems to be absorbed by that stone!

'Darkness is coming'!   The ability belonging to the 3rd Stage-'Dark Chaser'!

The Dark Sun followers can get a good vision in the dark.


In the darkness, Lin’s muffled hum and several explosions sounded.

In the end, the darkness faded.

Lin softly fell to the ground.

(End of this chapter)

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