Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 43

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  Chapter 43 Fools    "hu hu... the bloody ability, immune to physical attacks, It's really troublesome."

Mas sat next to Lin, breathing heavily: "But as the'Child of Burning', I not only control the flame of reality, but also the flame that burns Spirit Physique..."

"This time, thanks to the'trick' from High Priest!"

Mas picked up the black stone, and his face suddenly became a little scared and horrified.

The use of trickery requires a price!    He used the power of the high-level "Dark Chaser". What needs to be paid is the flesh and blood rich in spirituality of darkness!    "Fortunately, these two idiots are dead. Their flesh and blood are enough to meet the requirements of the'Light Devouring Stone'!" Formed into a big mouth full of sharp teeth, immediately moved the body of the believer pierced by the sharp blade and covered it on top of the stone.

Crunch, crunch!    The sour chewing sound sounded, and the body of the believer visibly reduced and disappeared in naked eye...

"Not enough..."

Mas backed away immediately , To carry the headless body.

It’s not that I don’t want to ask Rem and the others who are guarding the back door to help, but it’s still not good to be seen treating his subordinates this way.

He brought two corpses, watching the'Light Devouring Stone' swallowed up the flesh and blood on the corpses, and changed back to the previous appearance. He couldn't help but breathe out, and he was ready to go forward and reclaim this weird one. item.

At this moment, he suddenly yawned: "No...the air...why there are so many, green, red, black..."

Mas's thoughts became more and more blurred, and he bit his tongue suddenly, subconsciously trying to activate the weird item.

But it's too late.

In the void, I don't know when some invisible thread was added, which wrapped around his neck and strangled him violently.

pu!    Mas's headless body fell to the ground, the stones in his hands rolled out for a certain distance, but it was still motionless.

Step on!

The sound of footsteps vibrated, Olivia came over, picked up the'Light Devouring Stone', and checked Lin's state: "It's okay..."

He took out a metal vial and poured some medicine into Lin's mouth.


Lin struggled to wake up: "Where is the'Burning Son'?"

"He is dead, he is The two evil believers at the back door were also solved by me...Barnard was watching them. One of them, Calvin, was quite cooperative and directly explained that Mas was carrying a weird item, so I came to support you."

Olivia said.

Lin saw the corpse next to her and fell silent: "Do you want to recruit [Dark Sun] followers?"

"Yes, my lord may be able to awaken their free will , As long as the poisoning is not too deep..."

Olivia searched Mas's body again, and pulled out a few spirituality materials from the body, as well as a black classic.

""Speaking of Sunstrider"?"

She slowly recited the name of the classic, turned a few pages, and then closed her eyes: "Some mysticism in it Knowledge is very useful. After you learn it, you can sacrifice it to my lord... Well, be careful while reading it. It has a slight mental pollution..."

Lin looked towards Mas's corpse itself, biting Ya said: "I want to sacrifice the spirituality in his body to my lord!"


In the Blackstone Manor.

Aaron put his hand on the burning candle, silently feeling the temperature change... A warm feeling spread in the palm of his hand, warm but not burning, and there is no pain or burning sensation.

After a while, he withdrew his palm, carefully observed the jade-like palm, and found that there was no trace of scars on it.

"Is this the power of spirituality of darkness?"

Aaron muttered in a low voice, "It doesn't seem to be of much use, except to allow me to escape from the fire. Outside..."

After successfully blocking the Burning Son team, Olivia and Lin returned to the branch base of the department store, and they shared the spirituality of the Burning Son and the contents of the secret secret biography. Sacrifice to him.

If it wasn't for Olivia to stop him, Lin even wanted to sacrifice the'Light Devouring Stone' to Aaron.

But Aaron decided at the time that he would not accept even if the other party wanted to sacrifice.

After all, both spirituality and knowledge are intangibles.

Compared with tangible things, there are bound to be some differences, and this is an area that he has not tried yet.

"I don't know whether the so-called'criteria' and'weird item' can be blocked from the breakthrough world..."

Aaron murmured in a low voice.

According to Olivia, the so-called "criteria" is a combination of spirituality and real items, and they often possess many incredible abilities.

And most of them come from the successful or failed sacrificial activities of cult groups and secret organizations.

The other part comes from the death of powerhouse...

It can be said that the coincidence is so great that it is currently difficult to make.

More importantly, it is very dangerous!

Even if it is just carried, it will be continuously and slightly polluted and corroded!

Not to mention that every time you use it, the "criteria" will bring extremely strong negative effects, which need to be smoothed out by various methods.

Otherwise, the master must backlash!    "However, the price is high, and the ability is also great... That'Light Devouring Stone', equivalent to half a'Dark Chaser'... Dark Sun Order has killed so many people, and lost another one Important items, surely you will continue to track them down, right?"

Aaron felt a little helpless.

As the god of the Light of Redemption faith, he must personally guide the two women how to fight and how to hide.

And Lin obviously has a deep hatred with Dark Sun Order. Hearing the arrival of the enemy, she immediately began to retaliate. She was still a little helpless in the name of clearing the land of God.

"Even if Olivia is added, she may not be able to hold her...not to mention, Lynn learned the news of Ike's death..."

Actually, Aaron It has long been speculated that Ike will not end well.

However, this news is bound to stimulate Lin.

"I can only let her get revenge in the future... She is now, just send it when I go..."

Aaron rubbed his eyebrows.

"My Lord Baron, scholar Albert, please!"

At this time, Daly walked in again and asked for instructions.

"It seems that there is something else..."

Aaron waved his hand, Daly went down soon, not very long, the fat Albert came in and bowed: "My Lord Baron, regarding Knight Iman, the raven of Sotos Castle responded. Count approved your approach and issued an order to the lord of Upper Green Forest to arrest the people on the list..."

"This is what it should be, then..." Aaron looked at Albert who didn't want to leave, and asked with a smile.

"There is another undetermined news. Count intends to make you the godfather of Char."

(End of this chapter)

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