Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 45

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  Chapter 45 Dangerous AttemptsThe   world in a dream.

Division of Light of Redemption.

"I don't agree!"

Olivia solemnly said: "Our cult is still very weak, not suitable for expedition to another mysterious association!"

"I understand, I'm just going to go alone!"

Lin bit her lip.

Since knowing the bad news of the big brother, she felt that she was empty in her heart. Instead, the flames of vengeance were burning.

If she hadn't been corroded so deeply by the existence on the moon, and she hadn't lost her sanity, she might take her big brother and run with her!

"Neither can you, you are the Saintess of our cult and an important battle strength."

Olivia's sigh seemed to be full of vicissitudes and helplessness: "We destroyed the Dark Sun Order The advance team, they will definitely continue to send people. Diat is a city favored by our Lord. We can't give it to evil believers. We need to fight for it. When the time comes, it's revenge!"

"even more how...If your big brother is still alive, naturally the sooner you can rescue the better, but now... we can wait until we grow stronger before we retaliate!"

"Powerful... revenge..." Lin seemed to have some focus in her pupils: "Thank you, Sister Olivia, I know what to do."

"Oh... I hope I can persuade her. Right."

Olivia looked at Lin's back and shook the head bitterly.

She deeply knows how difficult it is to advance the mysterious road!

There was no extraordinary power in this world before. If you want to be promoted, you need more profound knowledge of mysticism, more spirituality, and even blood sacrifice!   To obtain all of this, it is accompanied by great difficulties and dangers.

Especially, it is more difficult for them to walk on the mysterious road, but want to maintain their own reason and free will.


Boom!   Lin closed the door to her room.

"Olivia, thank you, but I can't wait."

She muttered to herself and opened the window.

After the flannel curtains are opened, you can see the depressed and dilapidated streets, and the crimson moonlight flows past like water.

Lin's expression was serious, and she began to pray: "Please wander in the unknown vain spirit, absolute neutral existence, Silent Observer..."

"...a symbol of free will , Is the only redeemer in the last days, the supreme light..."

She kept praying, but she didn't get a response.

This is normal. Similar existences rarely respond to believers, and even their responses often have extremely terrifying consequences.

Although false spirits are more kind, they are not always responsive to every prayer.

"It's too late..."

Lin looked out the window, above the velvet-like pitch-black sky, there was a crimson moon.

It is like the most exquisite ruby, and it is vivid and dripping, maintaining the most rounded'full moon' form.

"According to the calculation of the spiritual number... 12 o'clock tonight is the most active period for Scarlet Moon, and it is also the most suitable for believers to pray and communicate and gain strength."

In other words , Holding ceremony at this time makes it easier to attract the power of terrifying existence on the moon, and even the personal attention of the body!   Lin looked at the wall clock on the wall, the hands had reached 12 midnight.

"The easiest way for an extraordinary person to be promoted and to gain stronger power is to gain the blessing of the mysterious source on the road..."

" I don't believe in the moon, but I will pray to the moon for power..."

Lin is a physique who is easily inspired by the moon, otherwise she would not lose control before.

Her original plan was to pray to the "False Spirit" at the time of the spiritual count tonight, and then rely on the shelter of the other person to look directly at the great existence on the moon and gain mysterious Infusion and rapid improvement!   This is feasible, after all, she did it once before!    Of course, this process is extremely dangerous. If there is a'spirit of vain' who pays attention throughout the process, it may be much safer.

But the vain spirit did not respond to the prayer, and this kind of spiritual number may not be encountered once a year!    "I..."

Lin's body trembled, but she moved firmly, came to the window, stared at the moon in the sky, and knelt down.

I have to say that even though Aaron has kept her free will, the path of this world is inherently biased towards pollution and madness.

No matter how normal an Extraordinary person is, there is an extreme side to it!    Lin's eyes gradually dyed a blush, and her thinking continued to diverge, as if she came to the clouds, hugging the sky, and wanting to kiss the moon.

Under her gaze, Scarlet Moon suddenly gave birth to an ancient tree of flesh and blood.


"It's so beautiful......"

Lin stared at the flesh tree and felt a beauty beyond reason!    Every branch and every line of his tree seems to be divided by the golden ratio, even surpassing the narrow vision of mankind. Any race and any life will be intoxicated, just like seeing the most exquisite works of art in the world !   That is that transcends the concept!

The color of addiction on Lin's face is getting stronger.

At this time, there was a whisper in her ear. It was light at first, but quickly became harsh and sharp, like a woman whispering, and like countless women screaming wildly.


Lin’s ears exploded directly and she fell to the ground and screamed. At the edge of her ears, blood vessels swelled and squirmed like earthworms... She One by one, his hair stood up, and it was also becoming thicker, like a snake ball made up of countless black snakes.

"This time... the pollution... is completely different from last time!"

Lin's consciousness has gradually become fragmented, and only a single thought is still reverberating.

Countless madness is automatically arising from her mind. She wants to turn her into a bloodthirsty monster, to kill, conquer, and breed countless children...

"Ah !"

Strange calls echoed in the department store.

"Not good, it's Lynn!"

Olivia kicked the door of Lin's room in her pajamas. Watching this scene, her pupils shrank into needle-eyes.

She without the slightest hesitation, waving her hands, there are a lot of invisible silk threads in the air.

"Kill me!"

Most of Lin, who has already mutation, had bloodshot eyes in one of her eyes. She didn't resist Olivia's attack, and said hoarsely.

one after another silk thread, which binds her in place, but cannot restrain her mutation.

On the surface of her swelling body, a layer of black suddenly appeared. It was a virus-like worm, lying on the silk thread, gnawing quickly.

Even if Lin is actively suppressing, her instinct has already begun to attack!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Olivia quickly arranged ceremony:

"Wandering in the unknown, the spirit of vain, the existence of absolute neutrality, the Silent Observer... Your followers pray for you to lower your gaze, Drive out pollution for your believers!"

When the candle was dark, nothing happened.

Olivia’s heart sank immediately: "The Lord... There is no response..."

(End of this chapter)

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