Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 46

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  Chapter 46 Scarlet Moon (recommendation request)

" response!?"

Although Olivia knows that the spirit of vain only occasionally responds to believers, is this the same in this critical situation now?    Her heart sank uncontrollably: "Is this... a god?"

At this moment, a previous believer's sentence describing God suddenly appeared in her mind--' Spiritual God has no desires, no desires, no love, no hatred, overlooking the world, and doesn’t care about the rise and fall of ants...'

"I wait, I’m all just ants. The life and death of ants is for that kind of great existence. So, what's the point? Maybe... the previous response was just a certain personality mask of the terrifying existence, just a virtual personality, a face..."

" My lord... are you punishing me?"

Lin looked at this scene with a smile on her face: "No matter how you treat me, I still believe in you..."


Countless flesh and blood envelop her, seeming to give birth to embryos of life, blood vessels quickly spread to Lin's face, covering most of it like a mask, leaving only the space of one eye, still shrinking. ……

At this moment, Olivia suddenly felt that a certain terrifying existence... was here!

In Lin's one eye, a tear came out.



Aaron Sotos looked at this scene, not knowing what to say: "I'll be offline and have a meal Fan, my fanatic is about to die?"

He stared at the flesh and blood on Lin, knowing that the situation had reached an extremely dangerous moment.

"Fortunately, Olivia has already used the ceremony..."

Aaron quickly connected to the ceremony, and his mysterious energy gushed out like a tide and fell into Lin's body.

"Why is Lin so polluted?"

When the connection was established, Aaron felt a little chilly.

Lin's pollution and flesh and blood mutations are simply horrible to see, and even every inch of her flesh and blood seems to be filled with another powerful and crazy will!

"Fresh mother tree?"

Aaron's mysterious energy is constantly annihilating these wills. You can see the flesh mask on Lin's face, stopping the spreading trend at once.

But Aaron's heart is very solemn, and even feels a bit of horror!   Along with the elimination of pollution, he could feel that the crazy will began to rage.

Outside the window, in the sky, Scarlet Moon has become more scarlet, even... vaguely turned into a crazy and evil eye, hanging high in the sky, overlooking the world...

"The scarlet moon, the horror mother, the mother tree that bred thousands of flesh and blood!"

A period of honorable name appeared directly in Aaron's heart.

He even saw that on the surface of the fleshy ball in front of him, countless cysts were being born. There seemed to be countless embryos in them, even attracting surrounding spirits...

'If you go in, no Do you know if you will give birth to me so that you will have a real fleshy body in this world? Wrong...'

Aaron came back to his senses, and the consciousness is a shivered: "I have been slightly affected by pollution...Even if I can be born, 80% will be controlled by the Scarlet Moon. Die?"

"Get out of here!"

He used only one mysterious unit before, and he screamed at this time, and the previous reserve leaned out.

Two mysterious units...

Three mysterious units...

Ten mysterious units!


Finally, the huge ball of flesh splits, revealing the silhouette of Lin, and countless flesh and blood are curling up.

Lin seemed to see a fuzzy human form, with a warm hand touching the top of her head: "Leave!"

pa!    A mass of flesh and blood broke away from her, like a mollusk Usually crawling on the ground, eventually swallowing a chair, actively combining, and starting to shape...

One branch after another and roots grow out of the chair, just as if the result is normal, it is formed. A crimson cane.

It is red all over, like a knot of branches and tentacles. The tip of the stick is forked, and countless small branches form the crown of the tree, and it is like a vicious wooden dragon head.

"Don't look at the moon anymore."

Aaron said to Lindow.

If ordinary evil believers are only radiated with power by the terrifying existence of the source on the way, the former Lin is particularly suitable for physique. If it is contaminated by a little power, this time will be more serious. She will directly enter The sight of terrifying existence!

She has been paid attention to by the source of her own path! If it is placed in the cult that worships the Scarlet Moon, it will immediately be conferred as Saintess.

However, her later performance is probably a standard second-to-five son again. If she is paid attention again, she will not end well.

"Thank you for your salvation!"

Lin's head was sore, Aaron only expelled the pollution in her body, but did not seal her knowledge.

She knelt on the ground and thanked her sincerely.

"Pay attention to the dangerous knowledge in your mind!"

Aaron reminded him again.

The existence at the end of the road is the source of mysterious, even mysterious itself. They themselves represent the most profound knowledge of mysticism! The   Ordinary Church just pieced together an insignificant piece of information from their babble.

And Lin is equivalent to staring directly at the "Scarlet Moon", maybe the high-level mysterious knowledge he knows surpasses High Priest!

Of course, Aaron will not let go of this opportunity to gather wool.

He glanced at Olivia again, and by the way, he helped the other party expel some of the hidden pollution left by Scarlet Moon, which ended his response to ceremony.


At this time, Olivia gasped heavily and stared at Lin: "What dangerous thing did you do? Lin?!"

Lin smirked unconsciously, and took Olivia's hand: "Sister Olivia, I won't dare anymore."

"There is no future, if it weren't for my lord who just responded to the prayer, This time you, me, and everyone in this building must die!"

Olivia ill-humoredly said.

"I won't do it again."

Lin also replied with lingering fear, knowing that her path to woolen wool has come to an end.

Scarlet Moon has already remembered her, maybe the next time she will drop Divine Punishment directly!   "Oh...this time are you?"

Olivia sighed.

"Except for the swelling of her head, everything else is fine..." Lin closed her eyes, and a lot of taboo and terrifying knowledge emerged in her heart.

About how to advance after'Blood Spiller', that is the most insignificant.

And how to build a blood pool, use the girl’s blood to draw spirituality, and even make you young and immortal...

And how to use flesh and blood and skeleton to match ceremony and sacrifice , To create a formidable power terrifying trick.

Even...some more cruel and weird sacrifice ceremony...


Olivia's gaze swept away and fell on the blood-red cane. I couldn’t help but sighed again: "This is the first time I have seen the formation of a "crime"..."

Lin opened her eyes: "Sister Olivia, you said... it's a "crime" ?"

"Not only is it a horrible thing, it may even be a very scary one. After comes directly from...True God!"

Olivia sighed With a sound, I don’t know why, my eyes are unconsciously attracted by the cane. The scarlet lines are as perfect as works of art. The bifurcated arc makes people unconsciously fascinated...

(End of this chapter)

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