Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 47

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  Chapter 47 Thieves

After some exploration, Olivia and Lin probably figured out this The usage of'tricky things'.

Its ability is quite powerful, mainly "activation"! It can activate and manipulate all life in several hundred meters, even non-lifeform.

For example... It activated that chair before, and let the chair'grow' the stick out.

At the same time, it also comes with some flesh and blood spells and healing capabilities.

It can be said that Lin even dared to fight High Priest if she was holding this scepter.

This is an extraordinary item that completely transcends their current level!

And, it seems to be the reason of being purified, its side effects are not particularly strong.

"Well, just call it-'scepter of flesh and blood'. I probably understand its side effects... It will gradually make the holder and the nearby people have a fetish plot, and it will become more It’s getting worse, it’s impossible to eliminate and’s useless to hold it through the gloves."

Lin forced herself to look away, resisting the desire to touch the scepter of flesh and blood, and said in a trembling voice.

"It's true... its side effects are not too strong. Compared to the effect, it can be ignored... It only needs to be determined and determined..."

Olivia coughed A cry: "Let's put it away as soon as possible..."

Lin found a long box, and when the box was closed, both of them exhaled.

"This is my lord's thing!"

Lin thought for a while and said in a serious tone.

Although the power of the Scarlet Moon is mainly in the scepter, the forge is still a spirit of vain!   "Yes, this is the gift of my lord!"

Olivia's face is full of joy and authentic.

"I want to sacrifice it to our lord, but our lord still doesn't accept our physical sacrifice..."

Lin faintly sighed.


Scarlet, blood...

Ancient trees, forks, hanging viscera...

The High Night Sky In the middle, a scarlet eye...

"hu hu..."

Aaron started from the bed, rubbed his ears, felt a ring of tinnitus, but it continued to fade. After taking a break, I feel much better.

"Is the influence of the Scarlet Moon?"

He muttered to himself: "Although the pollution has been washed away... but the mental impression and influence need to be overcome... "

"I can actually cross the Scarlet Moon. It seems that my potential mysterious personality is still high enough... Although, it's just in a dream."

this Time Lin’s adventures were a bit too reckless.

Even when Aaron recalled, he had a cold sweat, and almost all the believers were wiped out, returning to the previous state of solitary soul, unbound ghost.

He shook the bell and called Daly. After he got dressed, he went to the restaurant and had breakfast.

Today, Aaron's life is quite regular. After getting up early every day, he exercises and handles some official duties, and then in the afternoon, he has to take a nap.

Then I went out to inspect the territory in the afternoon. After dinner, I took a rest early. Even the nobles rarely talked about nightlife.

In general, it is to stay in the dream world as much as possible.

After all, there is the source of extraordinary and mysterious!   Compared to the extraordinary, what is the power of the ordinary?

Especially, after experiencing the mysterious power first-hand, Aaron no longer sees the small broken place of Upper Green Forest.

In this world, there is nothing like chasing extraordinary pleasure.

And as long as you walk on this road, even if you can't complete the immortality, there are not many regrets.

"At least...I'm doing something that interests me..."

Aaron finished the breakfast of fruit salad, pulled a napkin to wipe the corners of his mouth, and came to the office.

At this time, Eight Fingers was waiting at the door, obviously something happened.

"What's the matter?"

Aaron rubbed his brows, feeling that there seemed to be turmoil in his territory.

Although, it has been more than a month since the last Knight Iman incident.

Maybe as soon as people relax, time flies quickly.

Aaron felt eagerly at this moment that he didn't have enough time.

"It's the Blackstone collar. Recently, it seems that a group of bandits have rushed into Dave's garden. They broke into Dave's garden last night, wounded him, and took away a lot of vegetables and food..."

Eight Fingers bowed.

"The robber group that is running around?"

Aaron pondered for a moment: "Is it because the recent law and order wars everywhere in Upper Green Forest forced them to keep moving?"

In this era, there are so many people who cannot survive. It is not surprising that they are thieves.

Even, some farmers usually work in agriculture, and when they encounter suitable opportunities, they will change jobs and become robbers or thugs!   Everything is for survival!    Ordinary lords, encountering such criminal gangs that circulate across the border, are caught as long as they can, and if they can't be caught, they are driven to other people's territory.

Aaron's sense of responsibility is a little bit stronger, so there are special sheriffs and patrols.

"Eight Fingers..."

He looked at Eight Fingers with a smile on his face: "Can't you catch those little mice? I remember your previous career , It should be easy to integrate into them and get a lot of information, right?"

Eight Fingers used to be a thief, and it is indeed easy to get along with thieves, at least well-informed.

Speaking of this, Eight Fingers immediately replied with a wry smile: "When I followed the adults, I swear by the name of Grandmother, if I continue to mix with them, I will be captured by Winter Wolf! These strays The thieves are often more fierce than the local thieves. If they commit a crime, they hide in the mountains, or fled directly to other territories, so it is difficult to catch their tails... I vaguely inquired about the nickname of the leader of the thieves group. 'Wild Wolf' is a big thief who has been famous for a long time in Upper Green Forest. It is said that he still has contact with some savage villages..."

"In that case, I will ask Sanchez to bring ten people over to help you with a short outfit. Bow, leather armor..."

Aaron wrote a warrant and handed it to Eight Fingers: "Don't let me down, my sheriff!"

"Please rest assured, my lord! "

Eight Fingers beat their chest, turned and strode away.

Aaron looked at his back, nodded shook his head again, ready to go for daily exercise.


Outside the manor.

A wandering farmer saw Eight Fingers leave, and immediately hid in a house on the side, and secretly released a raven from the back window.

The night crow flew, came to the edge of the black stone collar, and fell into a black forest.

A thick palm directly grabbed it and took off the note: "Boss, there is a message from the letter crow, that lord does not seem to be ready to do it himself..."

His head is a brawny man two meters and five meters tall, sitting on a big rock like a Little Giant, with a deer leg bone in his mouth.

This brawny man has high noses and deep eyes. There are three claw marks on one cheek that seem to be left by wild beasts. Hearing this stands up: "It seems that we have not done enough damage... I will do it myself tonight. A profound lesson for that little kid, hahaha..."

Only a few people in the entire wolf thieves group know that they are actually being funded all the time. They are knives in the hands of some people.

At this point, there is an order on it to deal with Baron Blackstone!

(End of this chapter)

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