Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 48

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  Chapter 48 Omens a   few days later.

On the square in front of the granary.

Aaron is doing daily exercise, and the slender cross sword is dancing in his hand as if there is no weight.

Since this period of time, I have been trying to accommodate spirituality. Although it eventually dissipates, it does seem to be very good for the body, and the speed of strength has increased again.

"Or, is it because I made the medicine before?"

Aaron is a bit unsure, but it is undoubtedly a good thing to be able to go further.

"My Lord Baron, something has happened!"

As Aaron was about to continue, Eight Fingers ran over, reporting ugly.

"oh?" Aaron put down the long sword, frowned.

"There was a homicide in the village, and the poor old Kru and his family died. It seems that the outsider should have done it..."

Eight Fingers said.

"Take me to see."

Aaron picked up his saber and let Eight Fingers lead the way.

In the village, outside a straw house, a group of people surrounded, pointing fingers, and a few guards guarded the door. Seeing Aaron coming over, they quickly saluted.

Aaron got into the straw house. The windows on the muddy walls were very small. The light inside the house was dim. You could also see the overturned wooden bowls and the pea porridge inside. There was also a dish of morsels scattered on the ground. Green and carrots.

A pool of dark red blood has stained the ground dark red.

"Old Crowe and his wife are dead, and his daughter...but his son was not at home last night and escaped."

Eight Fingers Explaining on the side: "There are many murderers who did heinous things to Old Kreu's daughter and wife, and robbed him of what he had only..."

Aaron sips Lips, did not speak, looking at a wall.

On the wall, there are three oblique traces, like the claw marks of a huge wild beast: "Is this a provocation?"

"Yes, this is a wild wolf's. Sign, we can be sure that the wolf thieves are doing this!" Eight Fingers wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

Lord Baron handed over the task to him and also allocated manpower. In the end, instead of catching the culprit, he let the culprit do the trick, which is his incompetence!   "A little thief, how dare to provoke a lord?"

Aaron knocked his eyebrows, looked thoughtful.

Well, he has no spirituality at this time, and [Danger Perception] is only available in a dream. Obviously, he can't get any enlightenment from the direction of mysticism.

But he has always been cautious and careful thinking, but he still feels a little wrong.

At this moment, a guard hurried over and said to Eight Fingers.

Eight Fingers's face was happy: "Master Baron, the other party finally revealed the traces last night. I let people follow them all the way, and they have caught their tails..."

'Coincidence ...More coincidences...Although this is more reasonable, but...'

Aaron muttered to himself, opened the mouth and said: "Go back to the manor first and reorganize the people..."

In any case, this group of thieves can be considered a bit of strength, not to be underestimated.


Inside the Blackstone Manor.

Aaron will summon the troops, hand out weapons and other things to Sanchez and others, go back to the bedroom first, and fall asleep.

"Well... If instant sleep is considered a skill, I am at least proficient in level..."

In the dream world, Aaron said to himself.

Next moment, he experienced the feeling of [Danger Perception].


"Although I have been strengthening my consciousness these days, this ability seems to have not improved much...Of course, it may be dangerously far away from me. Far..."

Aaron sighed.

If [Danger Perception] can be used in reality, he doesn't have to be so troublesome.

At this time, you can only go to the branch of Light of Redemption and wait for someone to pray or sacrifice.

Fortunately, the time ratio in the dream is different, and those believers are still pious, so it is not difficult to get in touch.

"Lord...please forgive my sin!"

Before the altar, Calvin in a black robe was praying.

He and Red-haired Rem were captured by Olivia in the previous battle, and after screening, the red-haired Rem who had done too much evil was killed directly, but he was in front of the altar of the "Void Spirit" Praying, received the Lord's'blessing', and obtained salvation.

At this moment, recalling what I had done in the cult before was like a nightmare.


Aaron walked around and found no other praying people. Olivia and Lin were also not there. They seemed to be busy doing something.

After receiving the'Scepter of Flesh and Flesh,' Lin often attacked the monsters in Diat City and accepted other survivors. It seemed that she wanted to integrate the city.

"Forget it, just him..."

Aaron spreads a thought.

In an instant, Calvin felt the gaze of the great being, tears filled his eyes, and he knelt down religiously.

He listened to something, and finally stood up, loudly said: "My lord needs a sacrifice, spirituality of darkness is the best sacrifice!"


Blackrock Manor.

Aaron woke up, felt the spirituality in his body, and smiled slightly: "With preparation, I am considered a half extraordinary..."

The reason why I want'Dark' 'The spirituality is because [Dark Sun] or the sun seems to hold the symbol of divination.

Although any spirituality can be used for ceremony and divination,'Dark' works best.

", it may be that the road representing the scarlet sun works best. After all, it is the source of all mysterious, the creator who lives in the sky..."

Aaron's thinking diverged At once, he took out a crystal ball and created a spirituality wall around it.

The rays of light in the room suddenly became dim, and in the candlelight, there seemed to be a hazy illusion in the crystal ball.

Today, he is also considered to be the knowledge and secret transmission of many schools of mysticism, and his knowledge is not trivial.

Just the method of divination, you can master the divination with psychic pendulum, crystal ball divination, spiritual number divination, dream divination and so on.

At this time, the crystal ball divination is used.

"The result of this operation!"

"The result of this operation!"

"The result of this operation!"

Aaron recites divination in a foreign language while feeling the rapid consumption of spirituality in his body.

In the next moment, there seemed to be a dim chatter in his ear.

The crystal ball in front of me was under the dim candle rays of light, and scenes flashed inside.

There are three side-by-side claw marks representing wild wolves, as well as burning flames and blood, which eventually turn into a deep darkness.

Aaron's expression is cold, and the ceremony is over calmly.

Sometimes divination does not get accurate results. On the contrary, many images are obtained. The duty of a fortuneteller is also to interpret these images.

"This incident is indeed related to wild wolves...Fire and blood represent a great danger... The final darkness means that I may fall into the abyss. Is this a fatal danger? "

Aaron sneered.

If he is not prepared, he is still just an ordinary person at this time, with a strong body at best and a better sword technique.

Unprepared to be ambushed, it is still possible to die!

(End of this chapter)

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