Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 49

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  Chapter 49 Manhunt   "A trifling wolf bandit , can you let me die?"

"And... how dare he kill a lord? This is a provocation to all nobles, and all nobles will chase them down to death!"

"It seems... there is indeed a huge A conspiracy."

Aaron thought of the hunch he had when he tried the spirituality of darkness last time, and suddenly felt that there was a trace of all this.

"Killing me is not profitable... I don't have many enemies, the remnants of the Davis Family clan, or..."

He looked in the direction of Sotos Castle, his eyes There is a sense of sorrow in it.


After a while, the threshing field is on.

Aaron is full of military uniforms, holding his saber, with a solemn expression.

"My Lord Baron?"

Looking at this scene, Eight Fingers wearing leather armor suddenly felt a little trance.

After the last war, he hasn't seen Aaron like this for a long time.

"The sheriff's team, plus the guards, are only more than 30 people, which is not enough!"

Aaron's face is solemn, loudly said: "Issuing a call-up order, every family An adult man can make up a hundred people!"

In fact, it was difficult for the small feudal lords in ancient times to raise many full-time soldiers.

For example, Sotos Castle, there are about a hundred people standing there, and now it occupies the entire green forest, only to expand to hundreds of people.

The guards in Aaron's former territory have been serving as veterans who are willing to migrate from the team he brought, plus some local recruits, and they are only at the level of more than 30 people.

But at this time, knowing that there is a huge conspiracy, it is natural to spare no effort!    Hundreds of militiamen are gathered. In the entire green forest, there are no robbers that can be forcibly eaten. If there are, they are not thieves, they must be a lord!    crafty plots and machinations The reason why crafty plots and machinations is crafty plots and machinations is that you can't see the light!

"Yes, my lord."

Although Eight Fingers was a little confused, he still passed the order.

Not very long, a group of grandiose people began to gather.

When I walked out of the manor, there was still a little spirituality of Aaron, and I felt a line of sight gaze.

He looked in one direction. He didn’t see who, but there was a house. He didn’t even think, and his whip pointed: "Go and surround it. Everyone was caught and thrown into jail. Wait for me. Come back again!"

"Eight Fingers, lead the way!"


Eight Fingers looked awe-inspiring, as if back in the army again, entire group grandiose, heading in a certain direction.


A valley.

The tall wild wolf is fondly stroking a crossbow arrow.

This crossbow arrow is well-made, it was only seen in the army in the past, and he has three of them!

Not only that, you can see that he has leather armor under his staff, and the weapons are also very sophisticated, fully reaching the level of elites in the regular army.

Under this kind of lethality, even if there are few people, it is completely enough to fight the Baron Guard!

Not to mention, it's an ambush!   Last night’s attack was originally a bait. He deliberately left blood stains on the road to guide the lord into the trap!    "Let’s pay attention. After the opponent enters the ambush, all three crossbows will be aimed at the noble lord!"

The wild wolf grinned: "After killing the opponent, we all have rewards. , Enough to buy a large area of ​​farmland in the south, and enjoy it after retirement!"

"Don't worry, boss!"

A one-eyed person also held a crossbow and excitedly said : "With this, those caravans in the past, don't we grab it if we want to grab it?"

"Also grab it. After finishing this ticket, we have to leave this ghost place."

The wild wolf is very awake, and even understands that he is not a wolf, but a vicious dog, and the owner will bite whoever bites him!    "But... it would be good to kill an aristocratic master."

He licked his lips, a bloodthirsty look appeared on his face.

"Boss, it's not good!"

A person came from a distance, their scout—Quickly Leg Rosen, while running, yelled: "That nobleman is here I'm here, but I brought more than a hundred people!"


The wild wolf exploded with a swear word: "That kid is really afraid of death!"

He thought for a while, and he was unwilling to say: "Give up the trap, we retreat! There is still a chance in the future!"

"Boss..." The one-eyed person was a little unwilling.

"We are hunters. We only made one trap, but ten prey came. Even if there are traps, it is useless. The remaining wild beast will tear you apart..." The wolf said in a daze. .

His mind is finally sober, knowing that his own person is not enough for the other party to kill.

Even if it is two for one or even three for one, the opponent can pile himself to death.

And, the other party is so alert, maybe he has discovered something.


Aaron led a large army and let the scouts lead the way, and he saw a small valley.

"My lord, the enemy is in the valley!"

Eight Fingers bowed and said: "There is a camp there."

"Send someone in and take a look In addition, let people search all around again."

Aaron is in Taniguchi, but not deep, indifferently said.

After a while, the Eight Fingers who came back became very ugly: "There is no one within the valley, but some arrangements were found outside the valley, which may be a trap..."

Here, his forehead could not help being covered with cold sweat.

If it hadn’t been for the Baron to summon so many people, he would enter with a team, maybe he would die here today!

"Where does the wolf escape?"

Aaron asked.

"It should be near the emerald collar of Knight Iman." Eight Fingers observed traces such as footprints and was quite authentic.

"It just so happens that Knight Iman still owes me a favor, let go of the raven, let him mobilize the militia to cooperate with the encirclement and suppression!" Caring about a Knight Iman, he directly ordered.

He is going to kill the opponent this time. If Knight Iman doesn't work well, he will use the pendulum method to perform divination again, and he will always catch the opponent!   ……

Three days later.

Knight Iman is worthy of being an old man in this territory. He has summoned many hunters to help. After all, Aaron was able to block the wolf thieves from a hillside.

"Your Excellency, do you want to attack?"

Looking at a small mountain surrounded by hundreds of militiamen, a person looking like an Orion asked.

They were sent by Knight Iman, and they had been told before to obey Baron Aaron's orders.

"Thanks to Knight Iman for his help, and the wolf thief is extremely cruel, and the attack has been damaged..."

Aaron looked at the wind direction and the vegetation and terrain of the small hill, sneered: "Let's pass on the order and set it on fire directly. Give me a fire here!" Hundreds of people worked together and quickly built the isolation zone, and then lit the torch and started setting fire to the mountain.

On the mountain.

"I am dead, and I have to fiercely bite a piece of their flesh!"

The wild wolf who was forced into things have reached a dead end howled unwillingly, suddenly his expression changed "This is..."

"Fire...the enemy set fire!"

The one-eyed person screamed, suddenly lost his weapon, and ran down the mountain.

He didn't want to be burned alive or smoked to death, it was too painful.

The wild wolf looked at this scene, only feeling that his last wish was directly shattered, and could not help howling in despair...

(End of this chapter)

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