Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 50

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  Chapter 50 Message (for collection)

"Sorry, Knight Iman, burn your forest, and There is compensation for the dispatch of militia, I will order someone to send it later..."

Because it was a large-scale operation, Knight Iman finally arrived.

Aaron stepped forward, apologetically.

The vegetation, animals, fish, and even the people on a territory... are the wealth of the local lord, and even the merchandise of the passing merchants falls on the ground, and it is also the lord’s thing.

Therefore, damages must be compensated.

"The Lord Baron is too polite, and you are also for the safety of my men."

Knight Iman first laughed, feeling a little disapproving in his heart.

According to his experience, the so-called thieves group is a group of people who have no food to eat, maybe a little crude weapon, dare to kill, but that's it.

Dispatch a group of soldiers at will, and it will surely be wiped out!

To make such a big battle, it is completely too careful.

Even, I am a little bit afraid of death.

But these words were only muttered in his heart, but his face was bare.


Soon, the flames swallowed the small mountain bag, and then there was nothing to burn, and it went out by itself.

After half a day, the temperature also dropped, and Eight Fingers volunteered to clean up the battlefield.

Knight Iman got off the horse, obviously with some interest.

Aaron is there to accompany him, all around the land is scorched, and with residual warmth.

not very long, I saw a tall corpse.

"It's been tested, it should be a wild wolf."

Eight Fingers is a little excited and authentic, but also a little scared: "And these..."

Knight Iman looked at the refined weapons and leather armor... his expression gradually changed. Finally, when he saw the wreckage of the three crossbow arrows, the wry smile on his face could not be concealed.

Crossbow arrows are military materials, or military materials that are strictly controlled. A wild wolf thief can never get it out.

This shady, just think about it and send cold shivers down one's spine.

He suddenly regretted it, why must he take a look.

"It seems that this Feral Wolf Gang is indeed well-equipped... It's time to write to father and check it carefully."

Aaron said resolutely and scanned Iman next to him. At a glance.

Let him come here to witness, and at this time, he is already a person on a boat and can be used as a help.

Knight Iman smiled bitterly. At this time, there was no other way but to say: "I will testify jointly..."

"In that case, leave the finishing touches to Knight Iman is gone, I'm a little sleepy, I have to go back and have a good sleep."

Aaron said with a smile.

Actually, it was the world in her dream recently that Lin also started to make trouble, so he had to follow it, just in case.

After all, with the existence of the'Light of Redemption' cult, he can continuously obtain sacrifices and obtain extraordinary powers from time to time in this life.


Sotos collar.

Elaine Villa.

A raven flew up and landed on the window.

Elaine took out the note, just glanced at it, her expression changed slightly, and she took it to the study.

In the study, Colin and Feil are sitting opposite each other. Obviously, it has been a while.

"There is news from Blackstone!"

Elaine handed the letterhead to Colin, hurried out of the study, and closed the door smoothly.

Boom!   Sure enough, next moment, there was the sound of falling objects in the study.

"Didn't you say that your people will succeed? How could it be?"

Colin lost self-control and grabbed Feil's collar, and asked hoarsely.

"There is no other way. Didn't you see? Your brother gathered hundreds of people... What can I do?"

Feil broke free, After finishing the collar, he said calmly: " should think about how to conceal the problem. After all, you gave me that batch of military supplies."

"You ...You did it on purpose, right?"

Colin roared: "Obviously it can be shipped abroad. The ordnance of the Kagash Kingdom is far more sophisticated than the Green Forest. Why do you want me to provide weapons?"


"My lord, you are misunderstanding me... Although the Kagash Kingdom has weapons, the Green Forest related cards and material transportation are all subject to strict inspection..."

Feil spread his hands:" We can use the wolf thieves group, which is already the biggest support of the Kingdom Intelligence Network..."

In fact, it is not particularly difficult to transport ordnance, but Feil is not to help Colin stabilize The title is here.

It is the most beautiful result to see him disagree with Aaron, or even go to war directly.

Colin's imposing manner stagnated, and then sat back in his chair decadently: "You said...what should I do?"

"Is it possible to cover up this matter? "

"Impossible!" Colin shook his head: "Once Father counts the warehouse ordnance, it can't be concealed..."

"Then you now go to Master Count. What will happen?" Feil continued to ask.

"I don't know..."

Colin's eyes were blank, but he shuddered.

He hopes that father will directly suppress this matter for him, but he feels unlikely.

If it is dealt with, the result is really unpredictable.

"Your Excellency Colin, you still have another chance!" Feil saw this, his eyes darkened suddenly: "Your younger brother is too good. If this goes on, your father will be shaken sooner or later. It's better to... …Start early!"

"What did you say?"

Colin suddenly got up and almost drew his sword to kill this man.

But in the end he didn't do anything, shouted: "Get out of here!"

Feil didn't panic at all, got up and left.

After walking out of the door, she and Elaine looked at each other again.

A smile appeared on Elaine's face, nodded.


After a while, Elaine walked into the study and saw Colin who was pouring a drink.

"My dear... I have good news to tell you."

A maternal smile appeared on Elaine's face and placed Colin's hand on her belly: "I'm pregnant!"

"Child? My child?"

Colin was a shivered, suddenly awake a lot, and his face was moved.

He couldn't help but lie down, put his head in Elaine's arms, and seemed to hear the child's heartbeat.

He has never done this kind of action in Sylvie.

not very long, Colin suddenly felt water dripping on his face.

He lifts the head and saw that Elaine's face was already full of tears.

"Why are you crying?"

Colin couldn't help asking.

"I'm afraid..." Elaine nestled gently with Colin: "And Mrs. Sylvie... She won't take me."

"Leave her alone," That's a prostitute! And that bastard, not my son, I can't wait to strangle him!"

Colin's face suddenly became ugly, with determination: "Trust me, Elaine... Everything will get better."

At this moment, the news of Elaine's pregnancy and the existence of Char became the last straw that crushed Colin's heart.

(End of this chapter)

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