Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 51

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  Chapter 51 Priest The   world in the dream.


A team of black clothed persons entered the city vigilantly.

"Master Priest, in front of you is the camp that Mas once occupied..."

A black robed man recognized the road signs and buildings, and said seriously.

"Mas has not been in contact with the Order for a long time, and so are his men. It seems that this expedition team is completely destroyed..."

The human body called the priest It is shriveled, with pierced bones, but the eyes are bright, as if there are two black flames in it.

This is the logo of'Dark Chaser', which means that even if he is not as good as the original High Priest, he is not far behind.

Even, reaching the minimum standard for holding a'eclipse ceremony' and becoming a'dark beast'.

Such a person is also a high-level person in Dark Sun Order, a real great character!    "It seems that there is some danger hidden in this city, or... another cult..."

The black clothed person who spoke at the beginning was speculated.

Dark Sun Order's handling of heretic has always been simple and rude, that is, directly burned to death and sacrificed to the great eclipse lord!

Before, the missionary team sent by Dark Sun Order had conflicts with several esoteric groups, and they won each other.

In this stalemate situation, he also sent a team led by the priest to investigate the death of a team in a remote city, which puzzled him.

"Victor, are you wondering?"

Obviously the priest also saw the hesitation of the black clothed person, and said in a solemn voice: "This was ordered by High Priest himself. Command, he got enlightenment from the divination, there is something we want to pursue!"

"It turned out to be High Priest personally instructed."

The black clothed person immediately stood up in awe Respectfully.

I am obviously in awe of the extraordinary and refined High Priest that has completed the transition of life.

The priest looked at this scene, the flames in his eyes flashed, and it became darker: "Great achievement... Maybe... I can too! '

Before they came to a camp, it was the place where Mas and the others once imprisoned the scavengers. At this time, it was already desolate.

"Look for any clues first... My divination was disturbed."

The priest looked around, frowned, and suddenly snapped his fingers.

pa! In the    crisp sound, above the corner of the house, layer upon layer of things that looked like spider web, immediately burned with pitch black flames.


In a tall building not far away.


Olivia lowly cried, pressing her temples: "The people who came this time are very strong. One of them is obviously'Dark Chaser', which should be Dark Sun Order. High Priest, as a Tudor, High Priest did not appear..."

Next to Lin bit her lip, eyes shined: "This can be hit!"

Now , The entire Diat can be said to be under the control of Light of Redemption, this group of people entered, and naturally they were quickly discovered.

And, as a member of the Dark Sun Order was redeemed, the latest internal information about them was also known to Lin.

In the Dark Sun Order, both'unburned' and'Burning Sons' are still in the rank of'believers', and further up, it is the priests, who are the true high-levels of the church.

On top of several priests, it is High Priest, equivalent to Archbishop!   This priest is already the real senior of Dark Sun Order.

After the last accident, Lin also got a lot of benefits. Although most of the pollution power was discharged, she was sure to fight a 3rd Stage'Dark Chaser'.

"In terms of strength, we do have the advantage..."

Olivia thought for a while, but still a little worried: "But for the sake of safety, bring the'scepter of flesh and blood'. ……Remember, don’t use it unless necessary. Once you use it, end the battle as soon as possible…"

"Don’t worry, and one more fetish is nothing at worst."

The corners of Lin's mouth were slightly raised, her figure suddenly turned into a pool of blood, and she disappeared from the crack in the door.

In this scene, Olivia's eyes are still twitching: "Lin is also trying to teach some members who take the path of'Red', but I always feel that even at the same level, she is better than ordinary Chizhi Believers must be much stronger...If there is no Lord, she is probably the best beneficiary?"


In the stronghold.

The thin priest rubbed his eyebrows, always feeling that something was wrong.

Although the sense of being spied has disappeared after the spider silk was burned, a faint danger has become stronger!

Tick, tick!   Victor, who was searching for a stronghold, heard the sound of dripping water.

He opened a bathroom and saw the unclosed faucet. The water in the basin was overflowing.

"Really...Is the city's water supply system still running?"

Victor mumbled, watching the spreading water flood his boots and prepare In the past, turn off the tap.

At this moment, the water on the ground changed color in an instant, turning red like blood!

A human figure appeared, the right hand looked like a dagger, and it stabbed Victor's back directly, and his left hand covered Victor's mouth.

The elite of the Dark Sun Order, even unable to resist, just fell in a pool of blood, and even the flesh and blood on his body was melting...

"The first one !"

Lin stood up calmly and whispered.

This is a brand new ability that she awakened by using the knowledge gained after the last accident-mimicry! The   changing blood flow of'Blood Spiller' can simulate water flow and other liquids, and it is also highly corrosive! In the   middle of the building, the priest was praying, and suddenly stood up and rushed to a certain direction.


A door was directly opened by him with Fireball, and there was only one member's corpse where he entered.

"Damn it, the enemy attacked!"

He roared loudly to let the remaining members pay attention.

At this moment, in the pool of blood on the ground, another arm suddenly appeared, with a dagger at the top, submerged behind the priest.

pu! The   priest turned around, with a weird smile on his face.

Suddenly, his entire body was burning, like a ball of flame, exploding fiercely.

Black Flame incarnate!

This is also an ability of'Dark Chaser'. You can use flames to create your own dummy, which can explode after being attacked!

The huge shock wave made the floor of the room all split up and in pieces, the mirror on the wall shattered to the ground, and the high temperature was like a wave, constantly sweeping outward.

Lin's silhouette rolled out of the door and ran out of the door. She already had burn scars on her body, which could not even be eliminated by blood!    "It turned out to be you, the blasphemer-Lynn!"

The priest stood not far away, with two believers behind him, with a happy smile on his face: "This must be me The Lord gave me a gift."

His expression suddenly became calm, his hands clenched, and he whispered: "The Lord said... there must be darkness!"

The realm suddenly appeared, with him as the center, continuously spreading all around, swallowing all the light!   ——Darkness is coming!   (End of this chapter)

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