Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 52

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  Chapter 52 sneak attack (recommendation)

In the dark, the followers of [Dark Sun] are obvious Will get bonuses and have a site advantage.

Lin suddenly felt the suppression of her limited vision.

The situation at this time is already very unfavorable to her.

hu hu!

Lin felt that two strong winds assaults the senses ahead.

She didn't even think, a blood-colored wooden staff appeared in her hand at some point, and she slammed it.

pa! The   end of the stick seemed to hit someone, causing the guy to scream and fall to the ground, even screaming in horror.


Lin held the'scepter of flesh and blood' and hit the ground!   Boom! The   whole building began to tremble, as if it had its own life, and turned into a certain terrifying giant beast.

Another believer who attacked was swallowed by the soft ground, leaving no trace.

After activating the entire building, Lin is still in the dark, but she can see life fluctuations.

One of them is extremely large, with strong black fireworks!    "Is that... a crook? This level..."

The priest felt the violent danger and turned to run, but his legs had been swallowed firmly by the ground.

The original earth seems to be turned into a quagmire at this time!    Not only that, a piece of newspaper that had fallen on the ground in the room suddenly flew up, directly covering his face, and pressed so hard that he felt suffocated.

Both of his hands frantically tore the newspaper, but the original weak paper now looks like the skin of something, tenacious and full of life force.

This made him no longer able to concentrate, cast spells or other abilities.

pa! The   Darkness Domain was also lifted, and Ling Lin saw the hapless one she had drawn before.

The other party fell to the ground, his belly bulging, like a pregnant woman in October.

Not only that, there are also sarcomas one after another on the other party, which becomes hideous and terrifying.

But Lin just glanced at him and started the charge. The target was the prisoner who was under control! There   was a dark flame on the priest, who seemed to want to resist, but it was too late.

pu!   The end of the'scepter of flesh and blood' became extremely sharp and pierced directly into his heart.

Lin gave a low growl. From the end of the'scepter of flesh and blood', countless tentacles appeared to be born, which penetrated into the body of the priest, greedily drawing spirituality, flesh and blood...

not very long, there is only one skeleton left in the same place.

Boom!    The believer who fell to the ground screamed also exploded, crawling out of the densely packed insects, and was swallowed by the activated building.


Lin waved the scepter to remove the activation effect.

She looked at the'Scepter of Flesh', her face was full of obsession.

"This is the power of a powerful'trick'? I feel like holding it, even with High Priest, I can fight... this is... this is my baby!"

Lin's expression gradually became obsessed.

At this moment, a filament stuck to the scepter and pulled it violently.

The scepter flew out, fell into a black box, and slammed closed.

Lin became extremely lost in an instant, and there was even a little danger in her eyes.

Then, she closed her eyes: "Thank you, Olivia..."

"I feel that the trick is a bit terrifying. If you hold it for a long time, maybe your exclusive desire will It swelled to an incredible level, letting you kill anyone who might stop you from holding her..."

Olivia appeared aside and picked up the black box.

"I know...I am trying to restrain."

Lin closed her eyes: "However, this battle today has given me a lot... "Activation" is indeed A very powerful ability, it may belong to the level of High Priest...With the'scepter of flesh and blood', my revenge may be much earlier."

Olivia frowned, she felt Lin was still affected A little, but helpless.

She thought about it, opened the mouth and said: "You should pray to my lord."

Although the influence of the'scepter of flesh and blood' is a natural change, it is vain The Spirit may also have the ability to purify this aspect of pollution.

"Of course, after every battle, I will sacrifice the spoils of war to my lord."

Lin is the most devout believer, hearing this immediately began to pray:    "Wandering in the unknown vain spirit, absolutely neutral existence, Silent Observer!"

"Please listen to the prayers of believers, please lower your benevolent eyes!"

"Your followers have won another victory, please allow me to sacrifice the spoils of war to you!"


Lin didn’t know, at first she fought , Aaron was watching strongly.

"The spoils of war are indeed good. A spirituality of'Dark Chaser' may be able to sustain for two more days in reality before dissipating..."

In reality, Aaron His body is like a bucket with a leaky bottom, and spirituality is always overflowing, and if you cast a spell or ceremony, this process will be even faster.

In theory, more water can of course last longer...

"But I don’t need it at the moment. Maybe she can keep it first and wait until the right time. Make a sacrifice..."

"And, there is another guy..."

Aaron's gaze turned and looked towards outside the building, in a shadow.

It looks very ordinary there, but in his field of vision, you can see a monster lying prone!

Its body is like a black dog, burning with pitch-black flames, but its head is an old human with wrinkled skin and lots of tattoos.

At this moment, the dark eyes stared at Lin's direction without blinking.

"Dark beast...High Priest!"

"He is really Yin... Knowing that there is something wrong through divination, he sent a priest over, and his body is hidden In the shadows, directly use a team as a bait?"

"Neither Lin nor Olivia found out. If it weren't for me, he would really succeed."

Aaron couldn't help but Somewhat lucky.

Had it not been for the increased attention during this period, perhaps the next time it went online, you would see a Light of Redemption cult with heavy casualties!

He thought for a while and established a mysticism connection with Lin.

"Even my own mysterious energy unit must use this connection to interfere with reality... I don't know how long it will take to save the previous power that transforms the sun..."

Aaron was secretly sighed in his heart, consuming a little energy, and directly turned the field of vision he had seen into an image, and sent it to the minds of Lin and Olivia.

"This is..."

Lin's face suddenly tightened, and did not speak, looked towards Olivia next to her.

Olivia looks solemn and nodded.

"Praise my lord..."

She ended her prayers, and the two walked out of the building together.

They seemed unprepared and approached the shadow.

Suddenly, Olivia open seals the black box of the'scepter of flesh and blood', directly holding the handle of the stick, and pointing to the shadow: "Activate!"

next moment, That group of shadows squirmed, spreading out countless tentacles, grabbing towards the beast of darkness, as if it had its own life!    The activation of the'Scepter of Flesh and Flesh' can not only activate the real object, but also activate some conceptual objects, such as...shadow!   (End of this chapter)

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