Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 53

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  Chapter 53 Draw   Countless shadow tentacles, grabbing the dark beast with the head and dog.

The dark beast leaped lightly, and the ground under his feet shattered suddenly, bounced more than ten meters high, and landed on the top of a building.

As soon as those shadow tentacles come into contact with its body, they are immediately burned.

Even the shadow will be burned to death!    The beast of darkness is like a tiger king patrolling the territory, entrenched on the tall buildings, and the people of High Priest have loud words: "Lin... you really are loved by that existence, and even such a powerful scam. 'All directly given! You formed the cult? The previous believers died at your hands?"

"Old Guy, too much nonsense."

The blood in Lin's hands Gushing out, turning into a bow and arrow, a pale arrow directly emerged from her arm, seeming to be turned into bones.

Huh! The   bowstring quivered, and the white bone arrow flew out, with the determination of press forward!    "Binding!"

Olivia manipulates invisible silk threads all over High Priest. Those threads are not only the spirituality of the'pupa', but also like having her own life. Generally, actively searching for opponents while becoming more tenacious.

This is how she combined the ability of the'clandestine' with her own ability, which has the effect that one plus one is greater than two.

si si!

The invisible thread passed by, even the metal street lamp and the wall were smoothly cut apart.

They kept closing to the middle, squeezing the direction of High Priest's escape, forcing it to take that arrow!   pu! The    white bone arrow collided with the outstretched front paws of High Priest, piercing the epidermis with difficulty, and sank into the dark flesh and blood.

"Well... the "Dark Chaser" that is equivalent to 3rd Stage at most, if you don't have that trick, you won't be my opponent."

The pitch black flame suddenly became extremely strong, melting the white bone arrow, and High Priest was trying to find a direction to break through, obviously very afraid of those activated silk threads.

He stared at Olivia, his expression slightly changed: "[Cocoon] has teamed up with [Scarlet Moon]?"

"Continue to contain it, I will go up to melee." Lin didn't answer at all, there were crimson rays of light flashing in her eyes, her hands turned into daggers, and she rushed directly to the building.


Olivia could only look at Lin's back, without saying anything to discourage her.

Watching this scene, Aaron is helpless.

The two girls are always impossible to pray while fighting, or to maintain ceremony.

" this High Priest battle awareness so bad?"

He thought about it, and suddenly heart shivered with cold: "I always feel something is wrong..."

High Priest no matter what, it is also the completion of the solar eclipse ceremony, an extraordinary powerhouse beyond the ordinary! With    this kind of existence, even getting rid of the shackles of human beings in half a step, how could it be forced to this step by low-level Beyonders?   "Old Guy, die!"

Lin rushed to the rooftop and saw the High Priest, which was confined in a small area.

High Priest glanced back, a grinning smile appeared on his face, and the cunning wolf finally waited for his prey.

He leaped suddenly, entered the shadows, and his body suddenly disappeared!

——The shadow jumps!    This is the ability that High Priest has always hidden, and next moment, it jumped out of the shadow behind Olivia, and its sharp claws pierced Olivia's lower abdomen!

For it, Olivia, holding the'scepter of flesh and blood', is the enemy!   As long as this one is solved, the remaining Lin can pick up at will!    "pu!"

Olivia coughed blood out of her mouth, but the wound on her lower abdomen was healing fast, and there was a lot of flesh and blood growing in the wound.

This healing technique from the Scepter of Flesh clearly exceeded High Priest's expectations.

And Olivia took the opportunity to turn around and shook her stick violently!   Boom!   The sound of hitting the object came, and High Priest screamed and fell into the shadows, disappeared.


Lin jumped directly from a height of more than ten meters. When she landed, there was the sound of fractures in her legs, but she didn't care. The lower body turned into blood, and then turned into complete legs, rushing over.


Olivia tried to stare at her surroundings: "Beware of sneak attacks in the shadows!"

"I pray to my lord... …" Lin did not find the enemy and immediately prayed again.

Aaron shook his head, knowing that High Priest had left.

After all, the rod of Olivia before, also brought injury to the opponent, especially the kind of Life Energy from the flesh and blood tree, which is extremely poisonous to the Dark Sun cult!

'Maybe, High Priest can give birth to a little'dark beast'? '

Aaron thought with a little laughter, and immediately began to respond.

Olivia used the flesh and blood spell to heal herself instantly and succeeded in counterattack. Although it is a good one, this kind of treatment is also accompanied by pollution, so it still needs to be purified.


In the evening, Olivia and Lin returned to the department store branch.

"Sorry... if I'm a little more cautious today, maybe I can keep him..."

Olivia spoke first.

She felt that she had made some mistakes this time. Under the reminder of the Lord, she clearly took the initiative, but she could not keep the High Priest. Instead, she exposed her hole cards.

"It's none of your business, it's me too weak, and... the previous battle has had a great impact on me... I can't continue to use the'scepter of flesh and blood'..."

Lin calmly analyzed and said: "If the scepter is used by an extraordinary person of the'Red' element, the effect will be better!"

She paused: "I made some mistakes this time, I can Assure you, I will not take the initiative to find trouble with those Dark Sun heretic before being promoted again."

"My opinion is the opposite."

Olivia suddenly said: "Now it's just an opportunity... It's just the healing spell of the'Fleam Scepter', all with that level of pollution. The High Priest hit by it head-on will definitely be hit hard, and it won't be able to recover in a short time, it's the best. Chance!"

"You mean?" Lin's eyes lit up.

"Take this opportunity to raid Dark Sun Town, the headquarters of Dark Sun Order!" Olivia said: "It's better to kill High Priest directly!"

As for the complete destruction This cult?

Olivia didn't think so much.

After all, as long as [Dark Sun] still exists, even if the opponent is completely wiped out, the Dark Sun Order will inevitably resurrect in the near future. This is a foreseeable thing.


"I'm really looking for something."

Aaron covered his forehead with a helpless expression on his face.

"Although this plan is quite feasible, and Lin, who holds the'scepter of flesh and blood', even'Dark Chaser' can be easily killed, but there is always a feeling that there will be some variables... For example, In the end, these evil believers madly summon [Dark Sun] and get a response... They didn’t consider this aspect, do they think I will block them for them?"

"Sorry... if [Dark Sun] is true Is coming, I have nothing to do..."

(End of this chapter)

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