Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 54

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  Chapter 54 Incident   Sotos Castle.

Colin walked into the study and saw Theodore count with a gloomy face.

"Cough cough..."

He stared at the parchment scroll on his hand, two abnormal red patches appeared on his face, and he began to cough violently.

"Colin...what is going on?"

"Tell me, what is your relationship with the wolf bandit?"

Theodore roared , Throwing an investigation report on Colin's face.

A red mark immediately appeared on Colin's face, but he didn't care and spread his hands: "father, you have found this step, do you still need me to answer?"

"Then The batch of ordnance, really you provided it? Aaron, but your brother! The blood of your blood!"

Theodore's chest rises and falls sharply.

"haha...have you ever thought about me? I am your heir...but don't know when it will start, you admire him more than me!"

Colin also roared, and a certain emotion in his heart was vented.


Theodore's fingers trembled.

He really appreciates Aaron more and more recently, but he didn't want to abolish Colin and let Aaron be the heir.

Otherwise, it would not have been Colin who married Sylvie.

It's just that, facing the second son who had never been close before, and then sealed him early, I did feel a little optimistic and guilty.

After all... Distance produces beauty.

At the same time, letting Aaron be the godfather of Char, I just want to sharpen Colin and make him more motivated.

Good iron can only be used after continuous polishing!    Theodore doesn't know that some people are not really famous swords. Once the polishing exceeds the limit, it may cause the string of reason in his mind to break! Produce unpredictable consequences.

"Father, if you really love me, you should not check it. If you just suppress this, you can keep the attitude of the heir..."

Colin straightened his waist , Coldly said.

Theodore's expression was taken aback.

Indeed, from the point of view of the ruler, things do not look at good and evil, but only at benefits.

For example, if the confidant is taken down, it is often not because of those on the surface, but because of the problem of the position.

And if the confidant is wronged, even if the grievance is washed away later, he may not dare to continue to be by his side, because there was no resentment before, and there must be resentment at this time!

This is even more so when treating heirs. You must either resolutely trust or kill them directly. There is no second option!

Theodore didn't think so much, but instinctively felt that this thing was indeed a mistake by himself.

In other words, in the depths of his heart that he didn't notice, his handling of the heir was indeed shaken.

After all...Compared with Aaron, Colin is a bit worse.

If the second-generation heir is Aaron and the third generation is Char, it would be great...

Theodore pressed his lips, and his back seemed to become rickety and violent. Coughed for a while: "This incident is witnessed by outsiders, I haven't figured out how to deal with get out of here first!" Instead, Colin became extremely calm, gave a salute, and walked out. The study door.

Mrs. Sonia walked towards her face, with a smile on her face, impeccable etiquette, but there seemed to be some expectation in her eyes......


In the room of Colin return to house, I saw Feil who covered his face with a hood.

"How is it?"

Feil asked with a smile.

"Sir Father already has the intention to deal with me..."

Colin's face became gloomy: "No more delays, you must act now!"

"A coup d'etat?" Feil was expecting: "I can help in this regard..."

"The coup d'etat?"

Colin seems to have seen a madman:" The key figures of the Castle Guard, Turner Shawlien and Alfred, are my father’s confidants. Neither of us can win over the castle. How many people are you going to call to storm the castle? Even if the attack comes down, the whole Green Forest knows that I am upside down, all The lord will attack me, and then push my younger brother to the throne of count!"

"Then what are you going to do?" Feil had a good temper and asked with a smile.

"I definitely can't kill father, no matter from the perspective of family or interest...So the best way is to make him sicker and unable to govern, and then I will exercise the power of the lord!"


Colin said: "I need a medicine that can make you faint and unconscious, looks like the kind that is seriously ill..."

"Although it is difficult, it is true within the palace. There is such a collection, called the "Konjac Dream", which just meets your requirements, and I have one in my hand."

Feil said with a smile.

Colin glanced at Feil with fear, a smile appeared on his face: "Very good...I have bought scholar and can add some ingredients to the soup, um...Sonia is not at ease, just take advantage of this. Opportunity, put her under house arrest together."

Feil nodded, I feel that this Colin is not useless.

After so many years of succession, he can always win some people.

This is the cost after the coup!

With these, it is enough to control the situation in Sotos Castle.

Then, at the right time, he will kill the Green Forest count, and leak the truth of the matter, so that the Green Forest will fall into division!



The next day.

Ginny is in the garden, thinking about the serious question of how to add a meal in the evening.

Sean is beside her, chattering endlessly: "Listen to my mother, Colin is dead this time... Aaron has split up again, and I will be Master Count from now on."

Ginny rolled the eyes and ignored him.

After all, you can’t expect everyone to be smart. People are sentimental creatures who will always do strange things.

Not to mention, this big brother is still Aaron's "brat".

Step on!

At this moment, she saw a group of guards wearing cotton armor, suddenly pouring out from every corridor, guarding every intersection.

"Something happened." Ginny had a serious face.

crash-bang!   A group of guards poured in, and the leader turned out to be Colin!

"Sean, Ginny..." Colin said blankly: "Sir Father is seriously ill and fainted and can't handle affairs. I am currently acting as Green Forest count. You go back and stay with your mother. Let's go together."

With a wave of hands, the two guards stepped forward and grabbed Sean's arm.

"What are you going to do? I'm the son of count!"

Sean struggled violently, yelling constantly.

Colin took a step forward and kicked directly, kicking Sean into the air, bumping into the flowerbed, screaming again and again.

"Haha, I wanted to do this a long time ago, it's really nice!"

A smile was drawn from the corner of Colin's mouth, and he looked at Ginny again.

I saw this unearthly younger sister who was usually pale, with her head hanging down, like a frightened quail.

"hmph hmph... after all, it's just a little child, take it all away! I'm locked up with Sonia, I won't be allowed to come out without my order!"

Colin quickly dealt with it, Walking in the castle hall, followed by scholar and Feil, with a cheerful smile on their faces: "Where is Aaron? Father is seriously ill. Send him a message immediately and ask him to come and visit... And those lords, also let They come here!"

In his heart, he has decided to take this opportunity to get rid of all the guys in the way!   (End of this chapter)

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