Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 55

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  Chapter 55 TransformationThe   dream world.

Dark Sun town.

As the headquarters of Dark Sun Order, it has undergone several expansions and transformations, and it is like a huge black fortress.

In fact, Dark Sun Order was originally created and chose here.

Nowadays, the strength of the cult has developed, and there are not a few believers who preach that they are going to occupy a large city outside.

Even High Priest is seriously considering relocation.


Outside the town.

Two black clothed priests walked side by side, their expressions relaxed.

After all, this is the headquarters of the Order, and the High Priest, who is beyond ordinary extraordinary, sits in person.

Except for Lin’s previous time, there has been almost no attack.

"It's better to guard the headquarters, did you hear that? The Mas who was sent to Diat before, that team is dead..."

A black clothed person A slightly horrified expression: "This world has changed more and more deformed... There was a priest who led the team before, but was strangely lost in the forest... May [Dark Sun] protect them."

" We have Spiritual God, High Priest, we must be fine... And Diat, hasn’t the other priest already been there?"

The other is a man with messy hair and thin cheeks. Hearing this said with a smile: "We have to complete the ceremony as soon as possible and step into the Burning Son, so that we can truly contribute to the Order."

"Yes, only when we become the second stage can we Avoid becoming the fate of fuelwood."

The black clothed person sighed, then quickly covered his mouth.

"You are crazy, don't talk about this..." The man with messy hair looked towards all around and found no one before he relaxed.

"Huh? Something is wrong..."

At this moment, he suddenly felt something wrong.

In the sky, I don't know when there will be more fine powder.

Under the dust invasion, his eyelids seemed to hang two stones, and his body began to limp unconsciously.

"The enemy... the enemy attack!"

The two evil believers fell together before they had time to send a signal.

"The hypnotic powder is really useful."

The silhouette flashed in the woods, and Lin and Olivia walked out and took the two prisoners away.


Inside a cave.

oh la la!

The cold water splashed on his face, awakening Adonis, looking at the two women in front of him, his eyes were full of horror.

He was tied to the ground by filaments, unable to move even spirituality, and could only make a wu wu sound.

Lin took a step forward and unplugged Seb from their mouths: "I’m Lin, what’s your name?"

Adonis was shivered in his heart, thinking of the horror before. legend.

At this time, I can only answer truthfully: "Adonis!"


"Very good, as long as you answer me honestly Questions, I will let you go." Lin began to ask with a smile.

After a while, she walked out of the cave and stood side by side with Olivia: "I heard High Priest sneaked back, and then announced the retreat and can start to act..."

Olivia smiled slightly "You seem to have promised to let them go?"

"I promised." Lin said: "But you didn't promise! Go, use your secret technique to peel off their human skin, we Wearing their skin, you can mix into Dark Sun Town."

The extraordinary person with the element of'pupa' possesses a strange ability to make a living person into a'pupa', and then take it. The outermost'cocoon clothes' disguised as the opponent.

Because this ability is extremely bloody, Olivia has never used it since she left the order.

But at this time, in order to eliminate High Priest, I still had to do it.

After a while,'Adonis' and'Or' walked out of the cave, no different from before.

They looked at each other and walked towards Dark Sun Town.


In fact, the difficulty of killing High Priest has also changed.

Solo killing in the wild, and breaking into the Dark Sun Order headquarters, being surrounded by countless fanatics, are completely two concepts.

So after thinking about it, Olivia and Lin decided to pretend to be mixed in.

"Praise Dark Sun!"

Around the town, there are Burning Sons patrolling, and when they see the two in disguise, they smile kindly.

Olivia's secret technique perfectly mimics the original two guys, even tall, short, fat and thin.

"Praise Dark Sun!"

Adonis, played by Olivia, said in a calm male voice: "We found an important piece of information outside and want to meet High Priest ."

"Can't the priest work?"

The Burning Son on patrol is frowned.

"This is about my lord's mortal enemy!"

Lin also spoke in a male voice. For her, who has mastered the changes in flesh and blood, it is very common for her to have a brand new voice.

She took out a piece of scarlet human skin, which was full of spirituality of'Red'.

"This feeling is indeed that believer..."

The expression of the Burning Son suddenly changed: "Although High Priest is retreating, I believe that he should meet Yours, come with me!"

Lin and Olivia looked at each other, both followed along.

The High Priest is located in the center of Dark Sun, a huge stone house in complete darkness.

It is towering and tall, with a huge spike shape at the top, pointing to the sky, like a small Gothic church.

The patrol of the Burning Son entered the church first, and then walked out not very long: "High Priest, let you in!"

"Let's go."

Olivia breathes deeply, walked into the church gate with Lin.


The interior space of the church is very large, with stained glass windows depicting strange patterns on all sides, and the color tone is rather dim.

In the middle of the church, there is a pitch-black altar surrounded by a circle of pitch-black skulls. In the middle of the altar, there is a black Sun Wheel mark.

Below the altar, there is a silhouette, kneeling and praying.

"High Priest, people have already brought it."

The Burning Son bent over and said respectfully.


High Priest stood with his back to the body suddenly, turned around, with a weird smile on his face: "Profanity, you are finally here."

Lin and Olivia’s The pupils shrink.

When they saw the appearance of High Priest, it became very strange. Two huge sarcomas appeared in the throat.

Not only that, but his belly is also big, just like a pregnant woman who has been pregnant for many years.

'Sure enough... the injury of the'Scepter of Flesh' has already injured High Priest...'

'But... how did he find us? '

Olivia thought to herself, and saw High Priest holding a small black skull in her hand: "Lin, do you still recognize your big brother?"

This A dark flame seemed to be burning inside the skull, and there was a little boy's evil spirit slowly walking out of it.


Beside Olivia, Lin in Alpi screamed, as if she had been shocked by some spirit.

'This is...making Lin's big brother's skull into a trick? Not only has the connection on the bloodline, can sense Lin, but can also launch an attack through this connection? '

Olivia's eyes were cold, and Adonis' human skin opened his mouth, growing bigger and bigger, like a deep well.

(End of this chapter)

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