Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 56

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  Chapter 56 Killing (for collection)

oh la la!

Adonis' human skin mouth opened wider and wider, falling off the surroundings, and Olivia's silhouette emerged directly.

"Ah, heresy!"

The Burning Son next to him was cred out in surprise, but before he had time to do it, his expression suddenly became indifferent, and he inserted a hand into his chest and drew A heart was burning with pitch black flame, still beating in peng peng.


The heart exploded, and the shock wave spread all around, only to eliminate a lot near the altar.


Countless glass bursts, making a crisp sound, and shards splashing all around!   "This Burning Child is crazy, he is killing us!"

Olivia dodged embarrassedly, looking at the High Priest.

Obviously, this is the pollution when the other party notified High Priest before.

This is the case with the Burning Son, and the situation of High Priest will only get worse!    "This is the sanctuary of our lord. The sacrifices swallowed by the black flame are all angels serving our lord!" As the High Priest announced, all around burned with pitch black flames.

And some translucent Soul Spirit, right in the flame, walked forward slowly, as if they could not feel the temperature of the flame at all.

If it was Lynn, she might recognize many people.

Xiu, Sauron... Those sacrifices are actually there!

And, turned into a manipulable undead!    "So blasphemy the Soul Spirit of the dead!"

Olivia yelled, not knowing when there was a revolver in her hand, and slammed the trigger.

Boom!   High Priest's head exploded, but in his shadow, the head still exists.

His rickety body exploded and turned into countless blood bombs. The pitch-black shadow was constantly squirming, and a human head jumped out of it, with a black dog body below his neck.

But at this time, densely packed tumors are also growing on the dog's body, which makes the scalp numb.

The pollution of the ‘scepter of flesh and blood’ is so severe...If we do not have the protection of our lord, I am afraid...'

Olivia's heart is chilled.

The essence of this world seems to be going crazy.

Even characters like High Priest can't be immune!

pu pu!

The flesh bomb fell in front of her, blocked by a half huge white cocoon.

Lin on the other side seems to have walked out of the previous mental shock, holding the'scepter of flesh and blood' in her hand, whether it was the explosion of the previous believer or the flesh bomb, it left her on her body After the terrible injury, she is quickly recovering: "I want you to die!"

She waved the'scepter of flesh and blood', and the darkness of all around was revitalized, eroding and suppressing the Nether Souls in the opposite direction. .

Those soul spirits with dull complexions were swallowed by darkness one after another.

The activation authority of the'Scepter of Flesh' is not only effective for flesh and blood life.

Even the dark beast transformed by High Priest had sarcomas exploded one by one, spreading bloody tentacles from it, trying to restrain High Priest in reverse.

Originally, the life transformed by High Priest was completely composed of fire and darkness, and was not too restrained by the'scepter of flesh and blood'.

But since the last time I was hit and contaminated, it has been different.

High Priest's original spirituality of'Dark' has been mixed with spirituality of'Red'.

Even here, it cannot be suppressed or stripped...

And at this time, it was completely detonated by Lin!

The dark beast's action to jump into the shadows suddenly became slow.

In the void, I don't know when there are countless more threads, winding it.

"Blankers, [Dark Sun] will not let you go."

The head of High Priest seems to have recovered a bit of sanity at this final time, loudly and loudly Called: "My lord... [Dark Sun]... Please come to your eyes, I will dedicate all of this to you!"

"It's too late."

Lin burst into blood all over her body, her body turned red at once, but her speed exploded.

She appeared in front of High Priest as if teleporting. The end of the scepter in her hand became extremely sharp and pierced into High Priest's body.


The High Priest dog dries out quickly, and the head utters the last word before it turns into white bones.

"Let's go!"

Olivia screamed and she felt the strong danger.

It does not directly come from High Priest, but from that altar, from the Sun Wheel above!


Outside the church, in the sky.

In that round of Dark Sun, what seemed to be attracted, the pitch-black corona fluctuated violently.

Above the town of Dark Sun, all the Dark Sun cultists shuddered and felt a glimpse directly from in the sky.

That is the incarnation of'Dark', the real [Dark Sun] gaze!

Chaos, crazy, but very powerful!


First, he was a believer, who turned into a torch in the scream.

Then there is the second, the third...

All believers are the fuel of [Dark Sun]!


Lin quickly backed away and saw the body of High Priest burning up.

In the dark flames, there seems to be a huge vertical eye, which is staring at her!   "This is... [Dark Sun]!"

Just a line of sight, Lin and Olivia almost melted.

At this critical moment, they quickly prayed: "Wandering in the unknown vain spirit, absolutely neutral existence, Silent Observer...Please send down your gifts and save us!"


"[Dark Sun] is coming?"

"No, it's just a line of sight, a line of sight..."

Aaron Sotos stared all the way Lin took revenge, and then sighed, mysterious power surged, pouring into the two women from the connection established in the dark.

"This [Dark Sun] gives me the same feeling as [Scarlet Moon], and it's irrational..."

He murmured.

If [Dark Sun] really comes, or the incarnation comes, he is still a little scared.

However, the current level is almost the same as when Lin was contaminated before. Aaron weighed the pros and cons and felt that he could still take action.


In the church.

Infinite rays of light appeared in front of Lin, and countless balls of light formed a gate.

Light!   Like the light of redemption, surging down from the void, extinguishing the dark flames.

pa! On the   altar, the mark representing [Dark Sun] is cracked, and it is turned into ashes automatically.

"hu hu...thank my lord for your blessing."

Olivia breathes deeply, looked towards the ashes burned towards High Priest: "There is something left..."


She walked over and found that among the ashes, there was actually a pure white stone.

"Spiritality crystallization?"

Olivia extend the hand finger touch, my fingertips suddenly felt a biting chill, as if I saw an extinguished flame in front of my eyes: "It turned out that the fire burned out. , Will there be ice that freezes everything?"

"Quickly, find something to hold it, and we will leave."

The two women ran out of the church quickly, looking at the one The torch, piles of ashes, run faster.


In Dark Sun town, all the believers burned and burned...

I don’t know how long time passed, on top of ashes. A little "dark beast" poked out his head.

This is a gift from [Dark Sun]!

If there is a life that can survive the doom of burning out the firewood, then he will become a true "dark beast"!   (End of this chapter)

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