Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 58

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Sotos Castle.

A luxuriously decorated room somewhere.

Outside the door, there are two soldiers wearing leather armor with cold expressions, staring at everyone passing by with vigilant eyes.

In the room, Mrs. Sonia put down the curtains and looked at her two children, sighed.

"It looks like Colin will be the ultimate winner!"

She smiled bitterly at Sean and said in a low voice: "If Theodore dies like this, Colin is undisputed The count of Lusen...unless we can find any evidence, but Theodore’s symptoms are indeed serious..."

"In the current situation, unless Aaron immediately rises up, there is still a chance to fight. But it may not be too big. After all, everyone knows that Colin is the heir."

"Although Theodore has changed his mind recently, it will take at least several years to prepare for the change of heir. What a pity... …"


Hearing this, Ginny looked sad, while Sean twisted his body uncomfortably.

"As for you, there is no chance."

Ms. Sonia's face showed a firm look: "If you want a better life, you must rely on the powerhouse to survive... "

"Mother, do you mean, shall we fall to Colin?"

Ginny said dullly.

"He also needs us. We help him to endorse and make sure Master Count becomes ill due to work and cannot afford to be sick... and can also help him deceive Aaron and other lords..."

Mrs. Sonia sneaked: "He wants to trick all the lords who oppose him, and then kill them all in one go... When I don't know his plan?"

In the castle for so many years, Sonia Madam still has a few people in her hands.

She turned to look towards Sean, with a serious expression: "Next time you see Colin, you must publicly announce that you renounce your inheritance rights. Maybe you can become a free Knight when you grow up. As for Ginny, have to be loyal to him. , Get close to him instead of Aaron before, do you understand?"

This kind of full turn may be common for political creatures, but for the two children, it is obviously unacceptable.

But Sonia's expression is serious: "In order to survive, you must do this!"

She can see very clearly that the castle at this time has become a huge trap and Copper Wall Iron Bastion, Aaron will almost certainly die!

After killing a brother, if Colin still has a reputation, he might be kind to Sean after the change.


At the same time, Colin is receiving lords from all over the world.

He looked sad, was embracing a lord, and then watched him go to the guest room.

When the other party's back disappeared, Colin took out a white handkerchief and wiped the place that the other party had touched before.

"The guys from Cape Storm always disgust me. They smell like wild boar..."

However, he must show a friendly attitude to face each A visiting lord.

Colin turned around and entered the dungeon of the castle.

In prison, a Knight was tied to a wooden frame in a large font, with blood stains on his body.

When lifts the head, it turned out to be Turner Shawlien.

Next to him, there is a brawny man with a big beard guarding him. He is muscular all over, holding a huge heavy hammer in his hand, just like a real killing machine.

"Murkdor from the wasteland, the champion of the tournament."

Colin looked at the brawny man, smiled and said: "I am more generous than my father, as long as you complete me The task given to you, you will get a fief and become the lord."

After taking down Turner Shawlien, another Knight Alfred who is responsible for the defense of the castle has already acknowledged allegiance to him.

Today's Colin, it can be said that the castle is completely in his hands, with hundreds of rigorously trained and well-equipped soldiers!

Such forces are enough to run rampant in the green forest.

" I am willing to help you, Master count."

Merkdo's voice is bloodthirsty: "My hammer can't wait to drink blood..."

Just then, a guard hurried over and reported a piece of news.

"Let's go."

Colin listened, and a smile of joy appeared on his face: "Go and meet my good younger brother!"


Aaron brought two attendants with him this time. One is called Ava and the other is Bill.

They rushed to the carriage and entered the town of Sotos, where the towering castle could already be seen.

The honest-looking Ava stopped the carriage and asked his companion: "It's already here...Should we wake up Lord Baron?"

"Wait a moment, maybe you forget Lord Baron hates being disturbed by others to rest."

Bill's slender cheeks and sharp eyes, looked at the bustling streets around him, and his face appeared envious: "This time to the castle, neither of us Know what reward you will get..."

In the carriage.

Aaron is sleeping soundly.

In the dream of the world, he pressed his eyebrows: "[Danger Perception] is also warning, hehe..."

Aaron didn’t pay much attention to it, hope Looking at the altar in front, conveying an idea from the past.

In the department store.

Lin and Olivia, who are praying at the altar, raised their heads at the same time, with solemn expressions on their faces: "My lord descends from Oracle. He needs a grand sacrifice. Go and prepare!"

"Light of Redemption is on!"

A group of believers moved quickly.

Olivia is looking at Lin: "What my lord means, you should understand..."

"The revenge this time is completely my lord’s blessing. Everything about me It's the Lord's... Sister, don't worry..." Lin showed a sweet smile.

' Flesh Scepter' is indeed an extremely powerful and weird item. After holding it, it can fight against High Priest.

But its negative effects are getting more and more serious. It is not a pity to lose it.

One hour later, in the prayers of many believers, Olivia and Lin put the'scepter of flesh and blood' and the'pure white ice' left after the death of High Priest on the altar together, silently Pray.

"Wandering in the unknown vain spirit, absolutely neutral existence, Silent Observer!"

"You are a symbol of free will, the only redeemer of the last days, the highest Light..."

"Please listen to the prayers of the believers. Please lower your benevolent eyes. Please open the door of the kingdom and accept the sacrifices of the believers!"


In the sound of prayer, they seemed to see the boundless mysterious, with countless rays of light converging to form a gate.

The door seems to contain everything, and it is as if you have seen all the ultimate at first sight. It is the ultimate answer!

As if the door of truth suddenly opened a gap, pure white rays of light poured out, encompassing the entire altar.

After a while, the rays of light disappeared, and there was nothing on the altar.

"The Lord has accepted our sacrifice, cheer."

Lin raised her little hand and announced loudly.

All the believers shouted enthusiastically...

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